2012 winterfest swim meet results

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2012 winterfest swim meet results

Information for Swim Team Season has been posted. Results for LC Results for 12 and Under LC Silver Bronze 7//15/12 have been posted. We have .. Lane Timing and Session Information for Winterfest has been posted. Arena Pro Swim Series at Indianapolis. + individual results Caitlin Lehmann Memorial Meet. + individual results . Winterfest + individual results. MARYLAND WINTERFEST INVITATIONAL. MEET Teresa Crone, [email protected] for meet entries only. COACHES ONLY!.

Sawicki grabbed a first place in the W 50 Back, three seconds and a third place finish. Shen took a first in the W Back and two second place awards. MCSC athletes scored 51 top-3 finishes. Owen Mordue let the water roll off his back as he swam to a club record in the M IM. Crowe marked off personal records in twelve swims over the course of prelims and finals at the meet including a five second drop for seventh place in the M Fly. MCSC swimmers scored best times at the meet.

Over the course of preliminaries and finals, Lucus improved his personal records in all ten of his swims, including a fourth place in the M 50 Breast. Curry swam two events and improved in five, making use of splits in the IM and for the extra improvements.

2012 winterfest swim meet results

MCSC swimmers set personal records in events at the meet. Fifty-one athletes improved in all of their swims, many setting extra best times through splits. Twenty-four swimmers set best times in their three events.

The MCSC swimmers set personal records in swims at the meet. MCSC Mens relay teams captured second and third place in relays. MCSC athletes earned 39 new Gold and Senior Championship time standards, punching their tickets for entry in the two season ending championship meets being held in March. MCSC athletes set fourteen new individual club records and ten new relay records all on the way to personal record swims.

Emily Wang cranked out nine best times in all of her events.

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There were personal best times set. Tommy Stauder unwrapped a second improvement in the MIM, followed closely by Joe Lake who rifled through the Free in a second improvement. They were followed up by 24 teammates scoring 34 new Silver times. With athletes collecting derby's as heat winners, Charlie Farrell and Cesar Maxwell led a contingent of swimmers to collect more personal records than entered events.

Both Farrell and Maxwell earned six personal records in only four events by swimming to best times in shorter splits as they competed in the long distance events. MCSC athletes secured more than personal best times.

Six athletes earned seven new Gold times, qualifying them for the NJ Short Course championship meets being held in March Swimmers set personal records. Ayush Chakraborty recorded the biggest drop, slashing seconds from his M IM and breaking through 3-minutes to finish 2: Cora Webber cruised to six first place finishes, followed by Emily Wang with five.

Grace Miller and Annie Webber turned in four first place results each. Dennis DeLargy and Sean Giordano each posted three. Aditya Singh grabbed three new Gold times. Daniel Batrachenko and Kieran Lucus scored two each.

MCSC athletes also snatched fifty-six new Silver cuts, giving them entry in the final qualifier for the championship meets. Katelyn Melendez improved her W 50 Breast by 13 seconds. There were a total of personal records at the meet. Emily Skilton and Nicky Lane earned the first new Gold times of the year. Gold times qualify swimmers for the NJ Championships being held in March Silver times earn berths in the final qualifier for the championships.

Liz Duffy took home two new Silver times. Twenty nine MCSC athletes competed and collected personal records at the meet. Giordano set three MCSC records and earned two second place finishes as well. Miller snatched five new Zone cuts, a team record and finished third in the W Free. Skilton made a Sectional cut, two Zone times and a team record.

Wang earned three new Zone cuts and three team records. The MCSC swimmers set sixteen new club records and five relay records. The MCSC boys finished tenth in scoring out of forty-one scoring teams.

Aditya Singh made the most of the meet, feasting on his events and improving times in all six. The MCSC athletes set personal records in events. Eight swimmers improved in five of their six events. Five set club records across eight events.

Four captured Zone time standards. Xie paced the trio with a time of They each also brought home Gold in the Free portion of the race and were joined by Isabella DiPasquale as she turned in a new Gold time of Miranda Doller and Grace Miller each cut time in seven of their events. The Summer Blast meet was held at Newark Academy, a last chance for some swimmers to pick up Silver times before the championship meets in July.

Vales improved times in seven events while Bailey and Maxwell earned six personal records each. One day wonder Cole Polemeni swam one day of the meet and improved times in all four of his events. Vales set two new Silver cut times and Bailey one. Roma Razden high-fived as well, with two of the five improved times dropping more than eleven seconds. Fourteen of seventeen athletes scored best times, 48 in all. Emily Wang added three, Maya Carragher improved on one of her own and in the exciting M Breaststroke, Sean Giordano played leapfrog at the meet, topping Leon Xie's record setting performance.

Aditya Singh improved in six of seven events, grabbing a personal best out of a relay. Going in football this season and doing it with a bunch of great guys! I have also played basketball and ran track for four years and I absolutely love it. I hope to be a contributor on my team next year. Bentley has a tradition of winning and I want to help continue that in the coming years.

Business Management and a minor in Sports Management. Always listen to your coaches because they are the reason I am able to play at the next level. I want to thank all my coaches for always being there when we needed you. I also want to thank my parents for always supporting me and helping me with the recruiting process. Krauth for always finding me in the hallway and talking to me about how the latest track meet went. It means a lot!

I started playing in first grade. I wanted to play baseball, but since the World Cup was coming to Japan, my dad thought I would make more friends playing soccer. I played every day and played for a couple of teams. I started playing competitively in fifth grade when I was drafted to the regional all-star team. I also tried out for and was selected for a club team in sixth grade.

2012 winterfest swim meet results

Individually, the proudest moment was when I received the most valuable player award. It was a big deal for me because it meant that my teammates trusted me and valued me as an individual player. As a team, I was truly amazed at how we came together and played well even though we were from such diverse backgrounds and soccer styles.

I hope that I can have a positive impact on the team, and play alongside great teammates just like at ASIJ.

Waukee Swim Team 2018

My parents hope that the coach is impressed enough to give me a full scholarship. Take every practice seriously, and always show your gratitude to the people who support you. I have been in the water, whether it be playing at the beach or swimming lessons with my mom, since I was a baby. There was no particular reason that I started swimming—it seemed fun, I wanted to be able to swim fast in the water, and all my friends were doing it albeit most of them were on the A-Team.

I have two proudest moments. The first one was when the Mustangs varsity team won the Kanto Championship in my sophomore year. Winning is always great, but there is no feeling that quite equals winning alongside your team. We were like family. My second proudest moment was when I was awarded MVP in my sophomore year. I was made captain that year, and I was really proud to have been able to join the ranks of other great swimmers as MVP.

It was really only possible, however, with the support of my awesome teammates. On the whole however, the majority of my time was concentrated around my academics and swimming.

I would definitely like to branch out and try new things in college. It will take a lot of hard work and training, but I would definitely like to compete on the national stage during my swimming career. Select what you need in your life—time for training, supportive friends and family, solid mentors.

2012 winterfest swim meet results

Only then will you live a healthy life and achieve your goals. I have had the privilege of having amazing coaches and mentors who have supported and guided me throughout my swimming career. I cannot thank them enough. I also have amazing parents who have provided me with all the opportunity as well as loving support that I could ask for.

Ever since I was born, I always watched his games and practices. Winning the Far East Baseball Tournament during my freshman year. Any swimmer who fails to positively check-in using the above procedure by the required time will be scratched from the event. Events 7, 8, 9, 10 will be entered. Events will be seeded from fastest to slowest. A positive check-in of no later than 7: Heat sheets will be posted no later than 10AM. The Preliminaries of Events 1, 2, 3, and 4 will be swum during the Friday afternoon session.

2012 winterfest swim meet results

Finals for these events will be swum at the end of Saturday Finals. A swimmer who fails to return to the scratch table to declare scratch or swim will be seeded into the event.

2012 winterfest swim meet results

It is strongly encouraged that all swimmers placing within the top 30 of a preliminary event scratch if there is no intention of returning to Finals.

Failure to compete in Preliminaries and Timed Finals: In all events where preliminary heats are necessary or which are swum as Timed Finals, any swimmer who fails to compete in an individual event in which he has been entered shall count as an individual event.

No further penalties will apply. Failure to compete in Finals: Any swimmer qualifying for any heat of Finals who fails to compete and who has not been scratched will be barred from their next individual event.

Coaches of travel teams who will not be participating in Finals on Sunday evening must notify the meet director at the start of the Sunday Preliminary sessions. Individual swimmers of these teams who qualify for Finals are still required to follow the Scratch Procedure listed above.

The top eight placed teams for combined scoring will receive plaques. Coaches must pick up all individual and team awards promptly at the end of the meet from the awards room.

When 16 competitors qualify for Finals of a championship meet, the scoring will be as below. When only the top 8 competitors return for evening Finals or no evening Final is offered 10 and undersscoring will only be per top 8.

Relays will score through 16 th place. Only 1 relay per team will score in an event. Top 8 when appropriate: All coaches must contact to be added to the distribution list associated with the Winterfest Invitational. All coaches attending the meet must be listed on the entries form.

All coaches shall have completed the online YMCA coach registration for the current season. The host team will require timers from teams in proportion to the size of their entries for each session.


The timer volunteer sheet is required and must be ed to by December 26, Travel teams on a parent chaperone trip with limited volunteers please indicate that information on the timer volunteer form with an estimated number of chaperones attending the meet. Stop watches will be provided by the host team. Officials are requested to sign up through the attached link by December 22, Any questions can be directed to David Jones at Any official working four 4 or more sessions will receive a Winterfest Officials shirt.

There will be no clerk of course for the meet. Coaches are responsible for ensuring that their swimmers get to the starting blocks in time for their respective events. Meet Programs will be available for purchase for all Prelim sessions.