Csra swap meet 2012

Connecticut Street Rod Association

csra swap meet 2012

It marks the beginning and the end of the season in the Northeast, where the winter chill forces all but the hardiest of classic car road warriors. Every Spring and Fall the Connecticut Street Rod Association host a swap meet in the parking lot of the Lake Compounce Amusement Park. CSRA Inc. (CSRA) SEC Filing K Annual report for the fiscal year ending Friday, adjusted EBITDA, and adjusted EPS met or exceeded consensus estimates, and we .. Since DCAA has not completed its audits of incurred costs for fiscal and .. The Company also uses a total return swap program to hedge market.

Further, overexpression of hrpG in an rsmA mutant restored its pathogenicity and ability to cause HR.

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This work provides mechanistic insights for the first time into RsmA-mediated regulation of T3SS gene expression by acting as a positive regulator of hrpG at the post-transcription level. Introduction Pathogenic bacteria belonging to the genus Xanthomonas cause diseases in many economically important plants throughout the world.

The virulence of these bacteria depends on a type 3 protein secretion system T3SS [1][2][3]. Genes encoding the T3SS are referred to as Hypersensitive Response and Pathogenicity hrp genes because hrp mutants lost the abilities to trigger the HR in non-host plants and pathogenesis in host plants [8].

In Xanthomonads, the hrp gene cluster contains at least 22 genes, nine of which are highly conserved and therefore have been termed hrc hrp conserved genes [4]. The expression of the hrp cluster of genes in Xanthomonas has been shown to be activated in planta and in the minimal medium XVM2 by the transcriptional regulators HrpG and HrpX [9][10].

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HrpG is a response regulator belonging to the OmpR family of two-component system response regulators that contains an N-terminal response receiver RR domain and a C-terminal DNA-binding motif [10][11].

Recently, a putative cognate sensor histidine kinase was reported for HrpG in Xanthomonas campestris, but further studies are needed to identify the activation signal and whether homologs of this sensor kinase are functional in other Xanthomonas species [1][7][12].

Phosphorylated HrpG is predicted to activate the expression of hrpX, which encodes an AraC-type regulator [11].

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S1and a set of genes involved in the virulence of Xanthomonads [4][9][13][14]. Likewise, HrpG and HrpX homologs have been reported to mediate the expression of genes in the hrp cluster of the plant pathogenic bacteria Ralstonia solanacearum and the animal pathogen Burkholderia pseudomallei [15][16]. Further studies in Xanthomonads indicate that the post-transcriptional regulator RsmA repressor of secondary metabolism positively regulates pathogenicity [19][20].

RsmA belongs to a conserved family of RNA-binding proteins that were initially identified as repressors of carbon metabolism carbon storage regulator [CsrA] [21][22]. While T3SS genes have been shown to be regulated by RsmA homologs in many animal and plant pathogenic bacteria, the mechanistic understanding of RsmA-mediated regulation of T3SS genes in Xanthomonads remained unknown. By directly binding to the target mRNAs, RsmA can either down- or up-regulate the expression of target genes or inhibit translation by blocking the access of the ribosome to the Shine-Dalgarno sequence of the specific mRNA [25][36][37].

In animal and plant pathogenic bacteria including Escherichia coli, S. However, rsmB homologs have not been identified in Xanthomonas spp. The sequence alignment of Xanthomonas RsmA with homologous proteins exhibited many highly conserved residues in its primary structure [19].

One notable exception is the presence of nine additional residues in the carboxy-terminal region of RsmA of Xanthomonas spp. S2A [30][47][48]. Deletion of the extended C-terminal of RsmAsm seems to affect its cellular concentration, but enhances its relative RNA binding activity.

This difference could be caused by the extended C-terminal sequence in the Xanthomonas RsmA. Furthermore, comprehensive alanine-scanning mutagenesis and structural studies of RsmA homologs identified the residues Leu2, Leu4, Arg6, Arg7, Val40, Val42, Arg44 and Ile47, but not the motif GxxG as hypothesized in previous reports [33][34][48][51]as required for interactions with mRNA targets [33][34].

csra swap meet 2012

As the determinate structures of RsmA homologs in E. The deletion of rsmA was confirmed by PCR, and the complementation with wild-type rsmA restored the virulence in the host plants Fig.

Under this shelf registration process, the selling stockholders may, from time to time, offer and sell the shares described in this prospectus in one or more offerings.

This prospectus provides you with a general description of the shares the selling stockholders may offer. Each time the selling stockholders sell our shares using this prospectus, to the extent necessary, we will provide a prospectus supplement that will contain specific information about the terms of that offering, including the number of shares being offered, the manner of distribution, the identity of any underwriters or other counterparties and other specific terms related to the offering.

The prospectus supplement may also add, update or change information contained in this prospectus. To the extent that any statement made in an accompanying prospectus supplement is inconsistent with statements made in this prospectus, the statements made in this prospectus will be deemed modified or superseded by those made in the accompanying prospectus supplement.


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csra swap meet 2012

It does not contain all of the information that you should consider before deciding to purchase shares of our common stock. The share repurchases may be executed through various means, including, without limitation, open market transactions, privately negotiated transactions or otherwise. The Share Repurchase Program does not 1 obligate us to purchase any shares, and expires in three years.

The authorization for the Share Repurchase Program may be terminated, increased or decreased by our Board in its discretion at any time. The size of these expected cost synergies is partly a function of the significant steps both CSC and SRA have already taken over the past three years to become cost-competitive, with a focus on next generation IT services and solutions.

csra swap meet 2012

We believe these further cost reductions and operating efficiencies will better position us to compete for U. With more than five decades of government partnership, we believe we make best practices succeed in government contexts. With public sector customers that include nearly every agency within the U. Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, we deliver comprehensive offerings from concept through sustainment.

Following consummation of the Mergers, with the inclusion of SRA, we employ approximately 19, employees. We operate in two industry verticals, which are also our reportable segments: Our horizontal delivery organization is Delivery and Operations, which provides capabilities and solutions across our customer base.

csra swap meet 2012

We believe we differentiate ourselves by combining our technical expertise in applications and IT infrastructure solutions with our deep public sector mission knowledge and experience in order to engage our customers at the highest levels with thought leadership that drives change. Our Business Strategy In the U. The success of our business will depend on our ability to deliver solutions that generate real and measurable business results in terms of mission value and cost efficiency.

Targeting specific growth areas in the government and rapidly adapting next-generation solutions tailored to the public sector environment will be key.

csra swap meet 2012

To address the market trends within our competitive environment, we have developed a strategy that comprises three elements, Get Fit, Grow, and Lead: