Meet the candidates 2012 univision chicago

meet the candidates 2012 univision chicago

September 19, Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney participates in a Univision “Meet the. “Meet The Candidates” Broadcasts Reach More Than 4 Million Viewers Each Night. MIAMI, SEPTEMBER 21, – Univision Communications, Inc., the leading 2 broadcast program among Adults in Chicago, San. The "Meet the Candidate" series, airing Wednesday and Thursday, saw more tune September 21, pm PT by Michael O'Connell Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix and San Francisco more than doubled.

And you know that one out of three, not even 25 percent, finishes high school.

Candidates For Illinois Governor To Meet In First Debate This Week

And this is the question: First of all, I want to say, Mr. So I would like to know, what do you attribute the dropout rate among Hispanics in the United States — 15 percent — and what plans do you have to change that? Well, first of all, one of my most important plans is to make sure that people like you can continue your studies and help solve the problem. Now, one of the things we know is going to make a big difference is early childhood education.

Get a great principal in there, hire wonderful teachers, and we will provide you additional help. Now, for those of you who care deeply about education — because education was a gateway of opportunity for me, for Michelle, and for many of the people sitting here — this should be a vital decision that guides you in this upcoming election. Teachers have to inspire. Principals have to lead.

Some kids are sitting on the floor until they eventually get reassigned. They lose two weeks of instruction time just because the classrooms are so overcrowded. There are schools, particular in Latino communities, all across this country where kids are still studying in trailers.

Now, if we truly believe that education is the key not only for opportunity but also for making sure we can compete in this 21st century economy that is not a tolerable situation. And I put forward specific plans, with the budget behind it, to deal with these issues. President, we have time, but we have many more questions. So we decided to have our own meeting. Q We have an education question. This is a Facebook question: What is your plan to solve the present education crisis?

What happened in Chicago could also happen in California and other states very soon. Are you concerned about that? Now, when I first came into office, one of the most important things that we had to do was to help states and local communities not lay off teachers.

meet the candidates 2012 univision chicago

And that was part of what the Recovery Act was all about — was providing states with help. This is, again, why the difference between the two candidates in this election is so important.

And as far as teachers go, I think they work as hard as anybody, but we also want to make sure that they are having high standards of performance, especially in math and science. President, I had the opportunity to watch our conversation with Mitt Romney yesterday, but previously in a video he has said that he was not concerned about the 47 percent of the population in the United States.

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But yesterday he said that he wanted to be the President of percent of Americans. For you, which is the two is the true Mitt Romney? I truly believe that. But I will say this. People want a hand up, not a handout. Are there people who abuse the system?

President, I am a student at the journalism school at UM. This is my question to you. What would you recommend to Latina women such as me in order to be successful in my search for employment in the United States? Because I ask you the tough questions. The most important thing you can do, the best investment you can make to make sure you have a good job is to get a college education.

meet the candidates 2012 univision chicago

And the good news is that because of some of the battles that were fought before you were born and, in some cases, before I was born, opportunity is opening up for more and more people — for women, for Latinas, Latinos, for African Americans.

So you can go as far as your dreams will take you. President, we have a question that is very important for us and also our neighbors in Mexico. Can you consider the 65, a failure and the policy should change? Well, obviously, there has been an extraordinary battle within Mexico to try to gain control over territories that, in some cases, have been just terrorized by these drug cartels. Now, what I will be saying to the new President of Mexico when he takes office is that we want to continue that cooperation, and we recognize this is a threat on both sides of the border.

Well, what we need to do is to weaken the grip of these drug cartels, and there are a couple of things we can do. Number one, the United States can focus on drug treatment and prevention, and helping people deal with addiction, making sure that young people are not getting hooked on drugs.

If we can reduce demand, that means less cash flowing into these drug cartels. And we have actually beefed up our investment and support of prevention, because we have to treat this as a public health problem here in the United States, not just a law enforcement problem. The other thing that we try to do is to work much more aggressively in preventing the flow of guns and cash down into Mexico.

And so interdiction has to work both ways. But ultimately, Mexico is also going to have to come to terms with the fact that in some communities and in some cities, law enforcement has been outgunned or compromised by the strength of these drug cartels.

And that includes not just police, by the way, it also means the judiciary, their prosecutors — that if they capture drug kingpins that they actually stay in jail. But we want to be partners with them throughout this process. President, you told me during an interview that you — Eric Holder or you did not authorize the Fast and Furious operation that allowed 2, weapons from the United States to Mexico, and they were in drug-trafficking hands.

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I think that up to Mexicans might have died, and also American agent, Brian Terry. When Eric Holder found out about it, he discontinued it. We assigned an inspector general to do a thorough report that was just issued, confirming that, in fact, Eric Holder did not know about this, that he took prompt action and the people who did initiate this were held accountable.

Part 1: Race for Illinois governor: The Democrats Debate

And the strategy that was pursued, obviously, out of Arizona, was completely wrongheaded. Those folks who were responsible have been held accountable. The question now is how do we move forward with a strategy that will actually work. And we are going to have to work with Mexican law enforcement to accomplish this.

Q But if you have nothing to hide then why are you not releasing papers to this? And so the challenge that we have is that at any given moment in the federal government, there may be people who do dumb things. Q Very briefly, talking about the same question — you know we have just one minute left. Maria Elena, understand that not only have we had multiple hearings in Congress, but the inspector general is put in place specifically to be independent from the Attorney General.

I mean, it was tough on the Justice Department. So it was, I think, independent, honest. It was a clear assessment of what had gone wrong in that situation. And we are happy to continue to provide the information that is relevant to this. But one of the things that happens in Washington is, very quickly these issues become political distractions as opposed to us actually solving the problems that we need to solve.

And this issue of guns flowing south is a hard issue to solve. I study political science and journalism at University of Miami. As many students do, I depend on financial aid that the government gives me to be able to attend university, including the Pell Grant.

meet the candidates 2012 univision chicago

This is my question. Are you going here at the University of Miami? Is President Shalala here somewhere? Under that program, those who graduated from high school and passed our graduation exam, those who passed it in the top quarter of their high school got a four-year tuition free ride to the Massachusetts institutions of higher learning that are public.

I think the Republican budget called for a Pell Grants being capped out at their current high level. My inclination would be to have them go with the rate of inflation. And my view is we have to hold down the rate of tuition increases and fee increases in higher education. You know that Hispanics, we have a serious problem with unemployment — Facebook sent us a question.

Can you answer with something specific? How are you going to create 12 million new jobs? There are two million more Hispanics living in poverty today than when the President took office. But let me describe what they are. Number one, we have an enormous advantage with our energy resources. Taking full advantage of oil, coal, natural gas, nuclear and renewables will create about four million jobs by itself.

We have to make sure that our people have the skills to succeed. I want to get our training programs to do that, and I want to make sure our kids in school get the kind of skills they need for the jobs of tomorrow. Our schools are not performing at the level they should. I want to put the kids and the teachers first. We have to have a pro-small business agenda.

Taxes, regulations, health care, all those things encouraging small business. Small business, of course, Hispanic Americans lead in creating small businesses over the population at large. Governor, as we know, student loan debt has reached a record high of over 1 trillion dollars. Good afternoon, Governor Romney.

meet the candidates 2012 univision chicago

What specific steps will you take to — as President — to ease the debt burden of a million young people, and promote a better future for higher education? The best thing I can do for you and for other young people graduating from University of Miami is make sure that when you get out of the University of Miami, you have a job, all right.

And so my agenda is making sure that this economy, once again, is creating the kind of jobs that make sure that people coming out of college can get good jobs. They started their careers and that provides them the income growth that they can start a family, they can build a future. On Facebook, Margarita Martinez asks: Well, first of all, I would repeal all of Obamacare and replace it with I think the kinds of reforms we really need.

And I have experience in healthcare reform. This was during my primary.

meet the candidates 2012 univision chicago

Some will copy what we did; others will find better solutions. But the nature of the American experiment has been letting states build plans and ideas that work for each of them, share those ideas with one another. The government is going to ultimately have a board that tells you what kind of care you can receive.

That, in my opinion, is not the right way to go in healthcare. The approach that I would propose is one which will give individuals choice as opposed to government choice.

It will keep the cost of healthcare from going through the roof as it has been, and I believe it will allow people to continue to have the relationship with their doctor and their provider that they want.

Thank you for being with us and accepting to speak with us during this important conversation for Hispanics. We thank you and President Obama for being with us during these conversations. I think there is a question about our neighbors south of the border in Mexico. He will inherit a drug war that has taken more than 65, lives in the past six years.

If he was right here in front of you — not as a joke — if he was sitting over here. The fact that there is a drug world, narco-crime and terrorism, and that these cartels are terrorizing the people of Mexico, and some of that violence spills over our border.

And so the President of the United States, and I would say this to him, that the President of the United States must make a priority of helping reduce demand in this country, and communicating to our young people, and older people, that when they use these illegal drugs, they are contributing to the deaths of people around the world. But I would want him and his government to know that we stand ready to help in this effort because we understand. This is a shared concern. Our economies can thrive together.

That has to be a priority again for the President of the United States. Of course, the U. Declaration of Independence says that we have all been created equal. However, you have said openly that you oppose same sex marriages and you want to change the Constitution to ban them.

But I have grandchildren. And I love my children and I love my grandchildren. And I would, of course, want them to be happy. My view is this, that individuals should be able to pursue a relationship of love and respect, and raise a family as they would choose. I can see rights, such as hospital visitation rights, and similar types of things, being provided to those individuals. But marriage for me continues to be a relationship between a man and a woman.

Romney Talks Education, Gay Marriage at 'Meet the Candidate' Event - ABC News

Governor, in the Republican Party Platform … during your convention … there were calls for English to be the official language of the United States.

You are here tonight with us in Spanish so we imagine that you also support the idea that there is an important role for Spanish in this country. What role should Spanish play in America? Well, you know, English is the language of government in this country. But I take some inspiration from the comments of Governor Luis Fortuno, who is an extraordinary governor of Puerto Rico.

English is the language of opportunity. Governor, this is our last question from the audience, Carida Tabares. Carida, the microphone is all yours. I was a teacher for twelve years, a Chemistry teacher. At the end of this year, I stopped teaching. This is my question for you: Are you going to go back to teaching again, or are you going to take a different profession, another profession?

We need you in teaching. How are we going to lead the world as a nation if our kids coming out of high school are scoring in the bottom quartile, or bottom third of performance around the world?

And people wonder, why is that? And you know, we know the answer to that. This is not a mystery. We have all these different school systems around the world, and even within our own country. And we can compare and learn how it is that we could elevate the quality of education. And the answer as to the single most important thing you can do to improve the education of a child is to hire high-quality teachers, and promote them, and pay them, and make sure that the very best and brightest come into teaching.

They choose among the best and brightest. I want to pay the best teachers more. And teaching is a profession. And in Massachusetts, we rank number one in all four.