Olivia newton john meet and greet 2012

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olivia newton john meet and greet 2012

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What followed were months and months of excruciating, sleep-depriving, crying-out-loud pain.

olivia newton john meet and greet 2012

The crippling back pain would flare up at the worst times, but would occasionally die down — thank goodness! During a good period, a friend of mine, Joanne, who is a great tennis player, said the magic words. Despite the pain, I refused to cancel any of my shows because of a lifelong discipline instilled in me at the tender age of fifteen.

olivia newton john meet and greet 2012

No matter what — the show must go on! But would I be able to go on? Some nights, after the last curtain call, I would limp backstage and gingerly lie down on my dressing-room floor, crying in agony. It felt like I was being tortured with hot pokers, which were being stabbed into my side, causing searing pain to jolt up and down my left leg.

I only allowed myself exactly five minutes to rest and then my husband would pull me to my feet.

Olivia Newton John Meet and Greet - Olivia Newton-John: Summer Nights

The checklist was as follows: Wipe away the tears. Go back out there and do the meet and greet backstage for the fans. Somehow, I held it all together while I smiled and took a few pictures. It was the least I could do for this kind of loyalty.

My last show of before my diagnosis was a concert for those who served in the military and had been awarded a Purple Heart for their bravery. The pain was cruel, relentless and agonising, and I found it almost impossible to walk. This was no longer about just pulling myself up, but facing the fact that I could not do it any longer.

It showed some hotspots in my sacral area and she suggested a seated MRI. This revealed something rather suspicious pressing on the nerves in my sacrum.

olivia newton john meet and greet 2012

No one recommended a biopsy because of the sensitivity of the area. But in my heart, I knew.

Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta: Good Morning America (December 18, 2012)

Corinne and John insisted that I give this my immediate attention, so I postponed the rest of my tour, which was very difficult for me because of that work ethic I mentioned earlier.

But now I had no choice. I drove to the clinic in Georgia for two weeks of diagnostics and natural IV therapies. Within a week, my pain level went from a ten to a one, which was very encouraging. And then came the news.

olivia newton john meet and greet 2012

My ONCOblot test was in. This time it had metastasised into my sacrum. But Olivia is so much more than a pretty face and a mesmerising voice. Beneath her beguiling smile and gentle demeanour shines a strong spirit that conquered cancer, steered a steady career and supported compassionate causes long before they were cool.

Newton-John has had an action packed 68 years and shows no signs of slowing down.

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Recording, touring, acting and championing charities fully occupy her. From cancer to wellness Since thriving through breast cancer inNewton-John wanted to share the therapies and hope that helped her through her crisis. One way Newton-John garnered funds was through a three-week walk along the Great Wall of China, symbolising the road to recovery from cancer.

Patients at the ONJ Centre have access to state-of-the-art world-class cancer treatments, holistic therapies and expert specialists guiding them through their journey. While my recovery will never be complete, it has come so much further than I would have believed possible thanks to this amazing place and the superheroes that reside in it. This place is a priceless lifeline to so many of us.

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Ever the optimist, Newton-John considers herself a thriver rather than a survivor. I have horses, chickens, a dog and a cat Her Liv Breast self-exam kit enhances your touch fold so you can feel lumps easily for early detection, she says. She spearheaded National Tree Day in Australia, which has instigated the planting of over 10 million trees since Newton-John also co-founded One Tree Per Child with Jon Dee, an international school initiative encouraging every child under 10 to plant a tree.

I had a sister-in-law who made me very aware of trees.

Travolta, Newton-John team up again for video

I have horses, chickens, a dog and a cat … they keep me active. ONJ swears by her certified organic skincare range, Retreatment Organics, owned by Gaia and produced locally. Shunning plastic surgery, Newton-John embraces this pleasurable life stage.

Newton-John and Easterling were friends for 15 years before they became romantically involved inmarrying in in a private Incan ceremony in Peru.

I feel very blessed. It is an amazing love story.