Quartzsite swap meet 2012 electoral votes

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quartzsite swap meet 2012 electoral votes

Quartzsite, Arizona - On August 13, , I received a completed copy of the . Well, today's regular meeting of the Quartzsite clown council .. deal with scary Jerry and the neo cabal to swap Ms Graft for Chief Dilbert. . Mike Jewitt seems to be Alex Taft's lapdog, 'cause he's voting against the "neo cabal". Solar Arizona, LLC, Met Towers Type II, Wind, South of White Hills, .. in winter with its gem shows, swap meets and 'naked bookseller. . A few weeks before the March election, Jones, 45, was bent over a When voters went to the polls March 8, they chose not to recall the council members. . (57). Quartzsite, Arizona - Rock and Gem Show Events Calendar - Swap Meet Swap meets in the winter time not to be misses with everything from rocks to.

While I brought this matter to the attention of DPS, to my knowledge they declined any further investigation of the incident. Foster likely would never have filed anything against you, for you would not have been misusing your office in violation of the law. Ed Foster, along with others, continues to this day in his attempt to discredit, and have me criminally charged, as the Chief of Police for the Quartzsite Police Department.

Quartzsite refuses to seat winning mayor

His latest false allegations and complaints created an investigation and finding period that lasted nearly fourteen months resulting in an unknown loss and waste of the tax payer's dollar, not to mention the undue hardship that was created to the community, the Town, the Department, Sgt.

Frausto, myself and our families. You state that Mr. It only says inadequate evidence, and no reasonable expectation of conviction. I submit that had Detective White not perjured himself with the summaries he wrote, and had adequately investigated, the investigation would have taken a very bad turn for you. On behalf of the Quartzsite Police Department, myself and all those affected, I wish to thank the Town and community members of Quartzsite that have provided their continued support and stood behind us over the course of these false allegations and complaints.

I will continue with my dedication to the Town of Quartzsite as Chief of Police, to serve and protect and to provide the best possible police services to the community. Again, I wish to thank everyone for their support. The only people you are serving and protecting is the thugs who manage to delay the proper election of those who oppose them. I would again plead with all to go to www.

They signed a letter of complaint against Chief Gilbert, for which they got fired. After you listen to a couple of the interviews, ask yourself the same question I have: Discussion ensued between the three, and Yeomans asked Frausto if Jones could sign the citation.

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Jones informed the officers that his wife had filed a lawsuit against Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, Town Manager Alexandra Taft, and the incorporated town for police harassment days earlier, and that Taft had been served several hours before the meeting. Jones was released, he signed the citation, and did not return to the meeting.

During the meeting, QPD officers brought Mrs.

quartzsite swap meet 2012 electoral votes

Jones her husbands wallet, and repeatedly tried to lure her outside to speak with her husband "before he went to jail" but she refused to speak, or leave with them. When the meeting ended, Mrs.

Quartzsite refuses to seat winning mayor

Jones tried unsuccessfully to reach her attorney by phone. She then handed her belongings to Mayor Ed Foster and told him "Don't bail me out". Reportedly, as Jones tried to leave the room, she was handcuffed by Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert, who had arrived on the scene and was blocking her exit. When she asked what she was under arrest for, Gilbert responded "I'll tell you later".

quartzsite swap meet 2012 electoral votes

Jones called out to the crowd "Hey everybody! Happy New Year Quartzsite!

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As we enter the new year, and the old year fades behind us, I encourage everyone to embrace the peace of the season. This past year has brought many shades of sadness and challenges, but together we can move forward in the hopes of a better future for our community and beyond. It's natural for us to look back upon the previous year, along with all our successes and learning experiences. When I reflect upon our community, I see that our volunteers are the heart of Quartzsite.

Without Volunteers, our community would not be the beautiful place I call home. For a small town, the incredible amount of participation from volunteers is totally amazing!

No where else can you see the level of volunteerism as in Quartzsite, Arizona!

quartzsite swap meet 2012 electoral votes