Relationship horoscope for 2012

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relationship horoscope for 2012

Leo horoscope, yearly horoscope Leo, Leo zodiac sign, predictions, Leo Sun Sign, Leo Horoscope Love and Relationships Horoscope Leo What's going on for your sign in ? visiting Libra, the sign of marriage and committed relationships. What's Your Horoscope?. Libra Love and Relationships Horoscope. Uranus will have the final say in and it'll energize Libra's house of couple until , announcing changes.

Kids would bring lots of joy and pleasure in your day to day activities. Single individuals have excellent chances to come across the love of their life in this year.

relationship horoscope for 2012

Your family will also give you support you in the financial front. Travel Horoscope Leo In the yeartravel natives will be going for a long journey. In the professional life a probability of transfer is not indicated very strongly.

Natives might get transferred but to some place of their choice only. There might be some instability due to probability of transfer which would get cancelled by putting efforts.

Natives might get an opportunity to get training or to go abroad for higher studies. One need not disrupt their diet or other normal routines while they are traveling.

The routine can certainly be maintained while on travel by being disciplined. Natives will enjoy outdoor activities along with their loving family members or friends.

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Journey will be imminent and people will be eager to have a piece of you. Plan your trip after discussing with parents. Get a Travel Report Health Horoscope Leo Your health and working efficiency will be better in this year as compared to the previous years. The auspicious stars will help natives to maintain their health which might get affected slightly due to excessive work load. Minor ailments like stomach disorders, knee pain, bile disorders or diabetes might disturb people intermittently.

Eat and drink good quality of food and drinks so that junk food leaves no negative effect on your health.

relationship horoscope for 2012

The health of aged individuals would require care and concern especially during the winter season. Try to control your sugar levels as much as possible for you. Regular exercising must be maintained right through the year. Herbal remedies bring immense relief from all the ailments. It is better to check your sugar level timely. Recommended Remedies for you during year 1.

Give sweets to sisters and daughters.

Leo 2012 LoveScope

Corrupt governments have fallen, and we've seen the capture and execution of Osama bin Laden and Muammar Gaddafi. Inwe can no longer prioritize profit at the expense of the planet and humanity.

Love has taken a more serious and less romantic turn in the past three years, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Since Octobertough teacher Saturn has been visiting Libra, the sign of marriage and committed relationships.

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Saturn forces us to slow down and evaluate our choices, and to learn what a long-term commitment really requires.

While it may not have been the most exciting or romantic time, our cultural notions of love are becoming more realistic. Stern Saturn gave Kim -- and the rest of the world -- a wakeup call about rushing into marriage. Relationships take hard work a Saturn specialtybut the long-term payoff is a union that's built to last. Libra is the planet of justice, and during this Saturn cycle, same-sex marriage was legalized in many states. We can expect to see more marriage equality activism happening while Saturn visits Libra through Oct.

relationship horoscope for 2012

That could change in While lucky Jupiter visits practical Taurus until June 11, we should strive toward healthy habits and consistent routines, like eating, sleeping and rising at the same time each day. Taurus is an earth sign, so this would be a great year to eat locally, plant a community garden or join a food cooperative.

relationship horoscope for 2012

In June, Jupiter moves into Gemini, ruler of transportation. Urban areas will build more bike lanes and walkways, encouraging us to stay active and fit. This is the perfect year for bicycles, skateboards, scooters, roller skates When structured Saturn enters Scorpio from Oct. Scorpio rules immortality, and we'll see new findings on longevity. As our population lives longer, we may also need to deal with economic or resource shortages, and to create new structures that make "old age" a better experience.

The age of retirement will continue to rise.

relationship horoscope for 2012

Scorpio rules both birth and death. Sexual and reproductive health may become major issues during this time, and we may see hospitals closing or restructuring.

With energizing Mars in Virgo, the health sign, until July 3, we could see new strides in medicine, science and the impact of diet on our lifespan. Saturn is the tough teacher, and Scorpio rules sex, addictions and blood. No surprise this disease was spread mostly through unprotected sex, blood transfusions and infected needles. Hopefully we've learned important lessons from that terrible time, and that this Saturn cycle will bring us the more evolved version of Scorpio energy.

Perhaps we'll see a cure for AIDS, cancer and other fatal diseases. Family All for one, and one for all. For the last couple years, we've been gradually shifting toward a more cooperative lifestyle. Saturn in Libra, the sign of partnership, is helping us to build new structures and share resources.

Saturn is here until Oct. We may see a rise in communal living situations as families crave more connection on tighter schedules and budgets. This could, for example, mean housing developments with a shared dining hall or restaurant courtyard, multi-family homes with round-robin childcare, flexible office space with on-site daycare, and even premium home schooling offered by unemployed teachers.

Pulling together and adding everyone's talents to the mix can solve a lot of shortages, helping us maintain quality of life on a budget. Much has been written aboutespecially Hollywood tales of "the end of the world. The legend is really about a bigger energetic shift, which has been taking place in the past few years. Thanks to the Internet and social media, people have access to new ideas at lightning speed -- and geography is no longer the barrier to connecting that it once was.