The irish us economic relationship 2012 olympics

the irish us economic relationship 2012 olympics

(Member of the USA Water Polo team at the London Olympics, Olympic silver medallist) In Table 1 we explore the relationship between medal .. . Algeria. 1. 0. 1. Colombia. 3. 2. 1. Ireland. Too often, relations between the English and the Irish suffer because One Irish visitor to the Lake District during the Olympics recalled. The story of the Ireland US economic relationship is one that continues to thrive. .. Total Sales (Goods and Services) of U.S. Foreign.

The unique set of ties that connect our two countries is sustained by the kinship that many Americans feel with Ireland on account of their descent from Irish immigrants who in generations past came to the United States in search of a better life.

They and their descendants have helped shape America and contributed to making it the country it is today. Looking back, we can be proud of their lives and their legacy.

London 2012 legacy continues to provide a positive economic impact six years on

For their part, Irish people tend to feel a special connection with the US on account of the historical bonds and cultural affinities between us. Our people like to visit the United States for business and pleasure while one in ten Americans who visit Europe each year come to Ireland.

There were almost 2 million arrivals in Ireland from North America in the first 11 months of These people-to-people contact will serve to refresh and renew traditional family links across the Atlantic. These past few months, I have also become familiar with the story of Ireland's economic engagement with the United States.

While there have always been important commercial connections between our two countries, these began to accelerate in the s when, with active encouragement from our side as part of the opening up of the Irish economy to international trade and investment, American companies started to set up manufacturing bases in Ireland.

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Encouraged by the successful track record of US companies in Ireland, more and more businesses have been attracted to our shores in recent decades. Today, there are some US firms with investments in Ireland.

Discovering Ireland's economic links with the United States

Between them, they employ somepeople, or approximately 7. One of the basic questions to ponder about the medal table is to what extent Olympic glory is determined by the wealth, economic power and population size of the countries.

Built to Last: The Ireland - U.S. Economic Relationship

But while these rankings are fun, they give us little idea about the relationships between economic power and population size, on the one hand, and Olympic success, on the other. Obviously, there are no deterministic links, but there could still be systematic relationships.

the irish us economic relationship 2012 olympics

Data I pulled from the Internet the total number of medals won at the Olympic games and assigned each country a score in the following way: Different transformations of medals into points are of course possible.

To measure wealth and economic power, I got the GDP at purchasing power parity estimates for provided by the International Monetary Fund, complemented by data from the CIA Factbook both sets of numbers available here.

the irish us economic relationship 2012 olympics

For population size, I used the Wikipedia list available here. Each country is represented by a dot ok, by a snowflakeand some countries are labeled. Clearly, and not very surprisingly, countries with higher GDP have won more medals in Rio.

What is surprising however, is that the relationship is not too far from linear: The other thing to note from the plot is that the relationship is between medal points and total GDP, thus not GDP per capita.

London legacy continues to provide a positive economic impact six years on | UK Sport

In fact, GDP per capita, which measures the relative wealth of a country, has a much weaker relationship with Olympic success with a number of very wealthy, and mostly very small, countries getting zero medals. The correlation of Olympic medal points with GDP is 0.

the irish us economic relationship 2012 olympics

So it is absolute and not relative wealth that matters more for Olympic glory. This would seem to make sense as it is not money but people who compete at the games, and you need a large pool of contenders to have a chance.

Olympic medals and population size The following plot shows how the number of Rio medal points earned by each country varies with population size. Overall, the relationship is positive, but it is not quite linear, and it is not very consistent the correlation is 0.