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abbott and costello meet frankenstein on tv

horror comedy with Abbott and Costello and a cast of horror characters. Share this Rating. Title: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (27 Oct ). Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (27 Oct ) on IMDb / Want to. Find out when and where you can watch Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein on tv with the full listings schedule at

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Create New In a very real way, the entire movie can be seen as one for the classic Universal monsters. This was the movie that inspired Quentin Tarantino to make movies. Watching it as a little kid made him a cinephile for life. At one point when they've escaped Dracula 's castle, the vampire goes after Lou to bring him back with his powers of Mind Control.

Lou actually holds out for a few moments before giving in and skipping merrily to his intended doom. Hey, it's not much, but how many people ever beat Dracula's powers of control, even temporarily?

Doubling as two Crowning Comic Momentswhen being chased through the castle by the MonsterLou jerks a black tablecloth off a table, leaving the lights standing.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein on tv

He does a double take before boastfully showing it to the audience and retreating behind a door. The Monster opens it and Lou comes out, using the tablecloth to make like Dracula: Dracula, running from the Wolf Man, turns into a bat and flies off a balcony.

Detaching itself from the continuity of the previous Universal Horror films, this movie centers around the cowardly Wilbur Costello and his no-nonsense buddy Chick Abbott who work as baggage clerks. One day they receive an order to take two boxes, which have just come from London to the States, to McDougal's House of Horrors.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein on tv

Dracula arranged this little charade to come abroad in hopes of getting a new brain for, and thus restoring, the Monster. He is working with scientist Sandra Mornay Lenore Aubert to accomplish this task, and she has found the perfect candidate for the "donation": Too bad that he happens to turn into a werewolf at most inappropriate times One of the favorite films of Quentin Tarantinowho's noted that its successful genre-blending helped inspire his own style.

Here's something to laugh at: At one point Chick and Wilbur slam a door in the face of Frankenstein's Monster and try barricading it. Alas, they forgot that it opened the other way and get a very nasty surprise. Dracula, especially in his "Dr.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein on tv

Of Universal Horrorwhile at the same time remaining within the very loose canon of the ss series. Done by Walter Lantzof Woody Woodpecker fame. At one point while fleeing from the Monster, Wilbur pulls off a successful Tablecloth Yankwhich leads to him briefly grinning at the audience with a pleased "ta-daa! McDougal, who is bitten by the Wolf Man, but lives.

After spending the last three movies trying to find a permanent way to die, Larry Talbot has finally given up and decided that since he can't die or be cured, he'll spend his days hunting other monsters, hoping to balance out the murders he'll inevitably commit by taking out Dracula and his ilk.

The Monster breaking through a door. When Wilbur finds the secret room with the Monster and Dracula in it, he doesn't notice anything at first because of this.

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein Bloopers

Wilbur cracking "wolf" jokes is this to Talbot. Larry's transformation occurs just in time to fight off Dracula. Almost every scene involving a monster had to be removed before the Australian film board would allow its release. The Monster breaks his operating table bonds in the climax. Vincent Price voices the final line of the film: I'm The Invisible Man. Chairman of the Brawl: Chick attempts to hit Dracula with a chair in the climax, but hits Sandra instead. Later Dracula picks up one when he is fighting Wolf Man.

The scene where Costello is unknowingly sitting on the monster's lap had to be re-shot many times because Glenn Strange couldn't stop cracking up. Even in the finished version, you can see him starting to smile as he gets up to chase Costello. Outtakes showing Strange laughing have survived. The movie ends with the Invisible Man appearing.

abbott and costello meet frankenstein on tv

Our heroes are portrayed as skeletons in the animated opening sequence. The Monster throws Sandra through a window in the climax.

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Frankenstein's diary makes an appearance yet again. Sandra, Dracula and the Wolf Man. The Monster and Sandra are this to Dracula. Larry Talbot's reaction to Chick putting on a Wolf Man mask at the costume ball.

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Exactly What It Says on the Tin: The story of this film is that a famous comedic duo encounters a lumbering reanimated monster. If you have to ask which ones, you've not been paying attention. Both Wilbur and Chick faint when they see Dracula turning from a bat to man in front of their eyes. Glenn Strange suffered a leg injury during production likely one reason he spends a lot of time shown sitting or lying down in this film.

For the scene in which the Monster throws Sandra out the window, Lon Chaney who had previously played the Monster in The Ghost of Frankenstein put on the make-up and the suit and did the shot in his place. Did we mention this is Abbott and Costello? The Wolf Man does this in the climax.

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When Dracula joins the costume party where our protagonists have gone, he is dressed as a Classical Movie Vampire. A Slapstick Monster Mash. When Wilbur and Chick search the basement, the door closes behind them. It may not have been intended this way, but this ended up being the final entry in the "main" Universal Horror series that had begun in with the original Dracula and Frankenstein films.

Talbot gets one possibly unintentional when, as the Wolf Man, he leaps off the balcony to stop Dracula from getting away. Being Larry Talbot, he probably survived. They even live in the same apartment together. Lou, of all people, does this to the Monster when they first meet. Dracula hypnotizes Sandra with his eyes to ensure her obedience.

Then later bites her and drinks her blood to make absolutely sure.