And sesshomaru meet

When did inuyasha and sesshomaru first meet

and sesshomaru meet

The Inuyasha manga and anime characters are created by Rumiko Takahashi. Most of the . Sesshomaru initially targets Inuyasha due to his obsession with possessing the Tessaiga, but he later shifts his focus He first meets Inuyasha as an opponent in battle, but becomes a reluctant, occasional ally despite maintaining a. This Pin was discovered by CRYSYAL. Discover (and save) your own Pins on Pinterest. Whenever they would meet, Kagura flirted with him, and Sesshomaru never necessarily rejected her as he did with Sarah. Plus he saved her.

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and sesshomaru meet

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He also scarified Tokijin, forcing it to hit the armor even when it was obvious that the sword couldn't take it. He was that determined to kill Moryomaru in defense of Kagura's honor. He was that enraged.

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I got a question for ya'll: I'll answer for you. You haven't, because Sesshomaru doesn't display his emotions. He's only really done it three times: And one of those people was Kagura. Back to Kagura's death.

Inuyasha: Sesshomaru meets Kikyo

Sesshomaru came to Kagura as she sat dying, and admitted that he knew that it was her in the meadow, not Naraku. He then tried to save her with the Tenseiga. If this isn't proof that he didn't care for her, I don't know what is. Kagura was in shock that Sesshomaru came for her and only her. Her last thought was expressing happiness that she got to see Sesshomaru one last time. She smiled at him as she died.

This is proof of her love for Sesshomaru.

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As for Sesshomaru, the fact that he came to her aid knowing she wasn't Naraku says much. I mean, look at how he's looking at her: For Sesshomaru, that's pretty expressive. Kagura had him feeling some type of way.

and sesshomaru meet

I know most of ya'll wish Sesshy would look at ya'll like that. Shit I do too. Even after death, Kagura still affected Sesshomaru.