Arnav and khushi meet again in heaven

arnav and khushi meet again in heaven

Arnav was sitting at the back with Khushi consoling her. . It was around 10 pm when they reached They met Nani and Ratna, the children. "Everyone meet my wife Mrs Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada and my daughter Arshi Singh And All heads turned towards the back of the living room, where Akash was For heaven's sake who in this whole wide world kidnaps his own wife?. Read Chapter 2 from the story Arshi SS: Match made in Kailash (Previously titled Fevicol Se) by So meet her back on earth and have a happy honeymoon. +.

So he had stayed silent all these years, had been the friend she needed and had watched her relation growing with Arjun. For himself he had his own share of flings, just to convince Khushi that he was a happy and contended person in his personal life. But when Khushi had requested him to have her first time with him, he had been angry and surprised. Hiding his feelings for her had always been a torturous job for him and this request had just intensified that torture.

How would he able to live after knowing what it felt to be close to her, to feel her skin under his, to have her softness under his hardness. It would be impossible to hold himself back after it. He also feared he wouldn't be able to hide his love for her during their love making. His secret would be out and he knew she would be shattered.

He would lose the friendship he had been so carefully saving. So he had blatantly refused her request. He had told her this was impossible.

They were best friends and not friends-with-benefits. As for Khushi, she had been hurt and felt reduced the moment Arnav had replied with a plain no. She had expected him to help her like every time, be there like he had always been. Why couldn't he just understand that she can't let her first time to be with some other person?

She needed a man she trusts and loves. And Arnav was the only one. She trusted him more than herself. She loved him more herself. As a friend I mean. She corrected with a slight blush reaching her face. Yes, Arnav was the only person who can have her virginity.

Thus she had kept her request continuous. And finally he had given into her tears. She had told him that she can't lose Arjun. She loved him with her body and soul and if he leaves her, she would die.

arnav and khushi meet again in heaven

That had made Arnav give up. He just couldn't see her unhappy for any reason. If she wants him to be her first, he will give her that. He will be her first and she will be his last. And so they had gone ahead with her proposition. As per her calculation, she had expected her fear to be wiped off after doing it with Arnav but that certainly wasn't the case.

The next morning, she had felt the sun more bright, the air more freshening, the trees more green and her heartbeats more erratic.

arnav and khushi meet again in heaven

Maybe this was the effect of knowing the fact that she was finally ready to belong to her Arjun, she had told herself. Then we shifted to his bedroom and he laid me down on his bed and then he came over. I am in a hurry, don't have much time to hear all of it" told Arnav, looking sideways while his fingers clenched into a fist and his jaw solidified.

Does this reminds him of their night? Because that was what going on in her mind while Arjun was kissing her. He placed his hands. I recoiled away from his touch.

It wasn't anything like us being together. We were beautiful and he was Disgusting" "I know I shouldn't be feeling this way. I shouldn't be comparing but all I could think of in that moment was you.

I don't know what's happening with me Arnav. I shoved him away and hurried out the place. What do you think Arnav? Have to meet Dad" said Arnav, getting up from the couch while his face was a mask of indifference.

I thought you'd help me" She said in a retired voice, breaking into severe sobs, hiding her face in her palms. Neither Arjun, nor you, not even my parents.

arnav and khushi meet again in heaven

That's why they left me alone in this world. Now you're leaving too and eventually Arjun will leave me too" She continued to sob while Arnav stood rooted to his place, clenching and unclenching his fists.

Why life was being this cruel to him? Taking back the place next to her, he placed a hand on her shoulder. It was impossible for him to stay distanced with his Khushi when she was in pain. The close contact between their bodies was making her conscious. Was this because of their last night venture? The thought made her think of the night again. It was a heavenly feeling altogether. His hot lips and hands running all over her body, touching her most intimately, caressing her skin.

All of it had led to her some different world where existed no Arjun, just her and Arnav. Will you love him two? Khushi closed her eyes as the overwhelming feel threatened to over flood her senses. Now she could feel his hot breath fanning her lips, adding fuel to her heating skin.

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His touch was smouldering; his touch was a reminder of the consuming passion which raged between them the previous night.

What has she done to herself and him? The flashes of last nights were now working like a drug to her senses. A loud gasp reached his ears as the realisation dawned on Khushi. As she realised the meaning of his words and the kiss, he brought his hand on her nape and deepened the kiss, nibbling her lips feverishly and urgently.

The sweet torture on her lips would have continued till eternity had Arnav not felt the hot moisture wetting his cheeks. He immediately pulled back from the kiss to notice her tear stained cheeks and the raw hurt shimmering in her eyes. He swore, jumping off the couch and running a hand through his hair. How could he lose his self-control and that too at this moment? When she needed him, as a friend? When initially she had accepted this proposal, her husband was totally against it, considering how frequently she will have to keep visiting this place, leaving him alone in India.

While she waits for the cab to pick her and take her back to Hotel where is staying with her team, she recollects that heated discussion between her and Arnav which happened a month ago. Khushi rolls her eyes. I need to go. Arnav blocks her way when she tries to reach the closet. They both have just returned from work and are extremely tired. This is my Job. I have to ensure the Event is best. You are my Client. She knows he is not going to back out.

If you were so adamant to send me away from you, why did you expand your Business in San Fransisco? She does not reply to that but her eyes approve it. He nods impassively and heads to the bathroom. Khushi feels bad for hurting his sentiments. But this is something they both have to adjust too. She knocks the bathroom door.

When you go abroad for your work, did I ever stop you? He is Shirtless and Khushi already feels her body sensing it. And I hardly go out for a day or two, unlike you. You can fly and return at any time. I am not the CEO of this company. I have to fly with my entire team with whatever travel plans my company makes. Khushi knows he is angry and she does not want to infuriate him more.

She steps in the Bathroom, almost hovering over him. She slides her arm lazily over his chest. He stops her by holding her wrist. She shuts the bathroom door by her leg and pins her husband to the wall behind. Khushi smiles wolfishly at him. All his anger is gone and he carries her in his arms. A car stops right before her but it is not the cab she is waiting for. Aman Mathur gets down the car and heads to her.

Khushi is shocked to see Aman in San Fransisco. What are you doing here? During that lovely shower a month ago, Arnav had tried to convince her again, for not going to San Fransisco. He gave her all those temptations which she could hardly resist. And since then, Arnav chose to act very formal with her. She knew she had hurt him but he has to understand. If she has committed to something, she will fulfil it with all her mind and heart.

And she knows he will understand, though he might take his own time. So, their conversations were restricted to only formal messages about work status and all the rest of the homely updates she got from Daadi and Arushi.

His smile makes her believe he is up to something. I could reach him. She gets in the car. As Aman drives, Khushi decides to enquire more about her husband. He skips it a lot. I have to keep reminding him.

Part 21: Intimacies

She knows why he is doing this, to show her that he needs her all the time to look after him. That gets a blush on her face. She misses him too, in fact more than he could ever understand. Does she think she can stay here happily? Every day and night that she is spending here from past 2 weeks is not less than a decade for her. This is the first time that she has stayed for such a long time away from him.

Otherwise, the rest of her trips were not more than a week. While she is lost in her own world, Aman drives and parks the car in few minutes to another Hotel.

Khushi comes out of her stance. Khushi is not very happy with this idea. He takes the key from the Receptionist and gives it to Khushi. Her husband really has unique ways to torture her. She heads for the elevator and waits for it to come. When the elevator door opens, a young couple inside, stops kissing and head out.

Khushi feels extremely jealous. By the way, this scene also reminds her one such holiday she had thoroughly enjoyed with Arnav Singh Raizada. Arnav had lied to her about having a Business conference and took her to Maldives.

He had falsely made some papers to show that her presence is needed there to discuss the event which might have to be held, in case the client is ready for the Fashion Show.

It was only when they reached Maldives, she got to know there was no such client and no event to be organized.

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He just wanted to take her on a surprise vacation. It was one of those moment when after sun-bathing on the beach, they both were returning back to their room, and were in the Elevator when one such honeymoon couple were kissing each other.

Khushi had shied seeing them but Arnav showed no signs of uneasiness and the moment that couple were out of the elevator on the 4th floor, and the elevator doors closed, Arnav had kissed her passionately, without any warning.

That was one such kiss she would never forget in her life. Sometimes seeing others, you too get motivated, that was his state of mind that day. With those memories in mind, Khushi gets out of the elevator on the 15th floor, scanning for the respective room.

arnav and khushi meet again in heaven

She finds the corner room to her left and hurries to open the door and check what gift her husband has sent for her. But instead of this gift, she would have loved if he had come all the way himself. She unlocks the door and gets inside. The room has semi lights and its enough for her to see the glowing candles everywhere inside.

Where is her gift? As she gets further in, she finds a small note on the bed. She picks it up and reads it to herself.

arnav and khushi meet again in heaven

Yes, these little distances between them reminds their love for each other. Her husband is here. Arnav leans on her shoulder placing a gentle peck there. She leans back on his shoulder, putting her entire weight on him, entwining her fingers with his. He is still holding her on waist and breathing hard. Arnav Singh Raizada grins a lot these days. How could you leave him there alone with Daadi and others?