Bolin and mako meet their family members

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bolin and mako meet their family members

It's also the perfect time for her parents to come and visit. Out of the corner of his eye, Mako can see Bolin waving and bowing for his fangirls. In AG, Yin excitedly greeted her grandsons, Bolin and Mako, after they arrived included a photograph of a young Mako and Bolin along with their parents. After meeting Asami and Korra, Yin asked Mako why he was not dating either of. but curious how Sokka is standing next to Toph with his hand on her shoulder and Suki is aaaalll the way on the other side.I think the artist here is trying mad.

This brought him into sharp conflict with Korra, a native of the Southern Water Tribe. Once Mako revealed Korra's plans to ask the United Forces fleet to help the Southern Water Tribe in their civil war with their northern counterparts to the president, Mako and Korra's romantic relationship abruptly ended in a bitter argument. However, they were double-crossed by the gangsters. During the operation, Asami's company's warehouse was raided, effectively bankrupting her company.

While consoling the distraught Asami, Asami kissed Mako. Before he could proceed in his investigation, incriminating evidence concerning the bombing of the Southern Water Tribe center was found in his apartment. Mako was subsequently arrested. To the chagrin of everyone present, Mako failed to remind Korra of their breakup and that he was dating Asami. This ended Mako's romantic involvement with Asami.

After the battle, Korra revealed to Mako that she sensed the two broke up before her encounter with the evil spirit and the two agreed to end their romantic involvement.

Initially they enjoyed limited success as they were able to successfully recruit one person, Kai, a young orphan whose life was not unlike Mako's childhood. The group would successfully liberate the captive airbenders who all agreed to join the Air Nation. In an emotionally poignant moment, Mako elected to give his scarf, which was his murdered father's scarf, to his grandmother, believing his parents would have wanted her to have it.

The firebender fared poorly against Ming-Hua and the brothers were captured. After Zaheer murdered the Earth Queen, ushering a period of anarchy in the capital, Zaheer allowed every prisoner to escape except Mako and Bolin. Zaheer informed the two that they would be freed, but only after they agreed to relay a message to Korra.

Zaheer and other members of the Red Lotus planned to travel to the Northern Air Temple to eliminate the newly reborn Air Nation unless Korra surrendered to him.

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When it became apparent that the Red Lotus double-crossed the group; Mako was able to radio Korra about the deception. He and Bolin attempted to battle Ghazan and Ming-Hua, but Ghazan utilized his lavabending to trap the brothers.

Thanks to a miraculous act of lavabending from Bolin and the timely appearance of Kai on his baby bison, Lefty, they were able to escape the doomed Northern Air Temple. Utilizing his lightning-bending abilities, Mako electrocuted Ming-Hua, killing the waterbender in the process. Mako then assisted Bolin who was engaged in battle with Ghazan at a cave. When it became apparent that Ghazan was no match for the two, the lavabender collapsed the entire cave on the three.

Ghazan died in the process while the brothers safely escaped. He spent a large amount of his time in this capacity, helping the young prince get through some turbulent times, particularly when Kuvira refused to hand power to Wu. When the businesswoman revealed that she had been worried when Korra informed her that she could no longer go into the Avatar State, Mako asked when Korra had told her that.

He inquired what was going on between them, learning that Korra had written to Asami during her absence. This annoyed Mako, who was miffed that he was kept out of the loop. After Wu was kidnapped, the three set out to rescue the prince. The three were successful in rescuing Wu, though in the process, Mako and Korra clashed repeatedly.

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When Asami remarked that their rescue mission reminded her of their old times, minus the "getting on each other's nerves part", Mako good-naturedly replied that arguing with Korra was normal for him. Wu would eventually be moved to the Asami's mansion, where he would share residence with Mako's extended family [31] Later, Mako suggested that they "toughen up" the prince, so that he would be able to protect himself in the future.

Soon however the conversation turned to Mako's past as he told Wu, his grandmother and his cousin Tu about his complicated romantic history with Korra and Asami.

However, they were unsuccessful in their attempts. A team would then enter Kuvira's machine through the hole and destroy the massive machine from its inside.

The plan was generally successful as he managed to enter inside the hole with Suyin, Lin, Bolin, and Korra. After defeating the soldiers, the two was unable to shut the engine down. Mako ordered Bolin to remove the cataleptic engineers and leave the room explaining that he planned to utilize his lightning-bending to destroy the engine room.

Bolin's relationships

Bolin realized that doing so could cost Mako his life and raised serious reservations. Mako brushed off Bolin's concerns and promised him that he would escape safely, telling him he loved him.

In the process of implementing his plan Mako was struck by a bolt of energy, rendering him unconscious. He was saved by Bolin who had returned and carried Mako to relative safety.

Outside the wedding party, Mako and Korra had a conversation in which the latter thanked Mako for his help. Mako and Korra reaffirmed their close friendship. The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars In part one of the graphic novel continuation of the series, Mako is now a police officer in Chief Lin Beifong 's triad task force, with Bolin serving as his temporary partner. Mako and Bolin reunite with Korra and Asami, who have returned from their vacation in the Spirit World.

Mako goes after their leader Tokuga but loses the fight when Tokuga exploits Mako's injured arm. Bolin comes to Mako's rescue but Tokuga is able to get away. In the aftermath of the battle, Korra kisses Asami out of relief, leading to Mako, Bolin, Jinora and Opal discovering their relationship.

Outside of The Legend of Korra[ edit ] Together with his brother Bolin, Mako starred in "Republic City Hustle", the first of three character-focused shorts Nickelodeon released in advance of the September premiere of the second season.

bolin and mako meet their family members

In this short, a younger Mako and Bolin are shown living on the street, where they "enter the crime-ridden underworld of Republic City. Mako decided to help her find out who was responsible by setting up a sting operation with the Triple Threat Triad.

While on the ship, Mako told Asami about he and Korra's split. The firebender soon overheard triad members talking about the operation being a setup, and the two escaped from the ship, barely outrunning triad members in pursuit. They rushed to a warehouse where Asami was keeping all of Future Industries inventory, only to find it had all been stolen.

Mako tried to comfort his downbeat friend, who was ready to give up on everything. Touched by Mako's concern for her and her company, Asami kissed him. Mako quickly pulled away, clearly confused, while Asami apologized. Mako later found out through Two Toed Ping that Varrick was responsible for the act, and rushed to Future Industries to inform Asami, only to find out that she had closed a deal with the industrialist that allowed him to buy majority control of the company, thus saving her and Future Industries.

The firebender reluctantly backed away upon hearing the news. However, Asami was shocked when Mako was arrested on the charges of robbing the Future Industries' warehouse, and was unable to believe it. Upon this act of affection, Asami glared at Mako, angered by his infidelity. Korra "Korra showed me the importance of putting others before myself and whenever I think of her, she continues to inspire me.

When Mako first met Korra, he thought she was just another one of Bolin's "crazy fangirls" and practically ignored her. When Bolin went missing, Mako was reluctant at first to accept Korra's help in searching for him, but he eventually complied. The two got along quite well and when Korra asked about the fate of his parents, Mako felt comfortable to tell her the truth. Later, they fell asleep against each other, and felt embarrassed when they woke up. However, when infiltrating into an Equalist rallyKorra put her arm around Mako's to look more casual, which he only allowed because she stated that they would attract less attention that way.

He also allowed Korra to wear his scarf, which was the only thing he had left of his father. He took it back when he realized that Bolin meant the question for himself, saying that she was not girlfriend material and he should not date a teammate. That night, Korra confessed her feelings for him after they won the game by saying that she thought they were "meant for each other".

Unsure, Mako gently rejected her and told her that he did not feel the same way and he was with Asami. However, when his girlfriend walked in and he took her to the side, he darted a sad look while eyeing Korra and Bolin glumly after she had accepted to go on a "romantic date" with the earthbender. Mako and Korra irritated with one another after their argument over Mako's feelings for Korra.

After the end of Korra and Bolin's date, Mako confronted Korra and accused her of playing games with Bolin only to get back at him. Both of them glared at one another and stormed away. After a particularly rocky match due to their uneasiness with each other, he went out to talk to Korra and confessed his true feelings by saying while she was "infuriating and drove him crazy", he still thought she was "pretty amazing".

However, despite admitting that he had deep feelings for Korra, he also had such feelings for Asami, leaving him confused and unsure of how to handle this. Korra immediately followed this statement by impulsively kissing him; he was stunned, but kissed her back with equal enjoyment. This moment was disrupted by a heartbroken Bolin, who fled from the scene crying. This led to a quick, heated argument between Korra and Mako.

After the pro-bending match, they acknowledged that taking their relationship further was causing friction between them and everyone else, agreeing to for now just maintain a casual friendship, despite their mutual affection for each other. After being saved by Chief Beifong from falling to her death from the arena ceiling, he was the first to run over to hug her and told her he was "so glad" she was okay.

Mako and Korra's relationship hit another snag when Korra began suspecting Asami's father, Hiroshi Satoof working with the Equalists. Mako threatened to break off his friendship with Korra if she did not drop her investigation against the Satos. When Korra refused to drop her claim and stated that she was sorry, Mako gave her an angry look and walked away with Asami. When Korra went with TenzinLin Beifong, and members of the Metalbending Police Force to look for Hiroshi's secret factoryhe wanted to go with her, but was told to remain with Bolin and Asami, and was watched by a metalbending officer.

Before Korra disappeared down the tunnel, she cast a sad look back at Mako. He looked down out of guilt and shame because of accusing her of formulating lies and threatening to end their friendship earlier. Mako heard the platinum wall close, and with Bolin, he cleverly tricked the metalbender cop watching the three of them by sneezing out fire. The three made their way underground to save the investigating party. Mako and Bolin found Korra and the others unconscious, about to be taken to Amon on Hiroshi's orders.

The brothers attempt to get them to safety. While Bolin went to get Tenzin, Mako made his way to Korra, hoisted her onto his back, and started to help his brother drag Chief Beifong, but they were discovered by Hiroshi and some Equalists. It was only when Asami intervened, electrocuting her father with a glove which allowed them to escape to the police airship.

On board the airship, making their way to the Republic City coast, Mako apologized to Korra and admitted that she was right. Korra accepted the apology and invited Mako, Bolin, and Asami to live on Air Temple Island in addition to advising him to comfort his girlfriend in her time of need, despite her feelings for him.

bolin and mako meet their family members

Mako tried to comfort her by telling her, Aang did not learn all the elements right away and that he, Bolin, and Asami had her back. The four later formed Team Avatar and started to patrol Republic City's streets in order to fight crime.

Before getting into the car when another police report aired from the Satomobile radio, Mako let Korra in first and smiled at each other in the car, much to Asami's displeasure.

Later, when Mako, Bolin, and Asami were put into the police vehicle after defying Tarrlok; Mako darted Korra a sad look, which Korra returned with a sad expression, saying, "Tenzin will get you out". Immediately upon finding her, Mako beginning to express his concern for Korra and her safety. When Mako learned that Korra was missing, he grew angry and refused to believe that she was gone and led the expedition to find her.

After coming to his senses, he became very determined to find her, almost beating up an Equalist in order to obtain a lead to Korra's whereabouts. When Naga returned with Korra on her back, Mako pushed Lin and Tenzin out of the way, demanding that they should "give her some space". Asami watched with a sad look as Mako carried Korra in his arms and told her how worried he was about her and how relieved he was that she was okay. Korra responded by telling him that she was okay, smiled, and rested her head against his chest while he carefully carried her atop Oogi.

He laid her down, and gently brushed her face and the mark on her cheek to reassure her that she was safe. Korra responded to Mako's touch by relaxing and closing her eyes. He held her hand and curled his fingers around it softly, waiting for her to wake up.

Asami witnessed this with an angry and hurt expression, though her presence was unknown to Mako. He later asked Asami to boil some water for Korra and she responded to Mako by telling him to heat it up himself because he was a firebender.

This led to an argument and Asami storming out of the kitchen. He told her that they had to keep moving, and wrapped his arm around her.

They walked together into the water pipeline, seeming oblivious to Asami, who appeared to have little emotion showing, and left her trailing behind everyone else. Mako and Korra sharing a moment. After attending an Equalist rally disguised as chi blockers, Korra, frustrated by one of Hiroshi Sato 's accusations, stated that they should "go back up there and knock some heads!

Later that night, Korra was sitting awake by Naga when Mako sat down next to her, asking if she could not sleep either. She replied by telling him that she had a pit in her stomach, presumably from nervousness. The two continued to talk, and after Korra reminisced on the past, contemplating that a few months earlier she was in the South Pole practicing for her firebending test, and now she was in the middle of an "all-out war".

Mako responded by telling her that "we didn't even know each other then, and now [he couldn't] imagine [his] life without [her] in it".