Bratz meet barbie and ken

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bratz meet barbie and ken

When I was a kid, I had a pile of dolls, and I loved each and every one of them. I gave each of them names, biographies, and stories. I'd even make them tiny me. Bratz were introduced in , and Barbie has been feeling the heat ever since. the newly stylish Ken before any of the saucy upstarts could get hold of him. but Barbie's headed somewhere where she can meet and greet her devoted fans . On the subject of Bratz vs. Barbie .Let's just discuss My Scene dolls right quick . they were popping too! It was bratz meet

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  • They set the perfect example for kids.

They had no noses. Their legs cut off mid-shin because their feet were included in their shoes. Their heads were about four times the width of their necks.

bratz meet barbie and ken

Were children asking for nose removal surgeries? Did they want to ditch their legs? Did they want a head so heavy that it would break their necks? Children were well aware of how nightmarish the anatomy of a Bratz doll was.

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Parents however, totally missed that point. My heart goes out to any children whose experience of Bratz dolls was spoiled or denied to them by overly concerned parents because the dolls really had no negative impact on my life. While at this point Barbie still dressed like she was off to the country club, Bratz dolls were dressing like contemporary popstars.

Meet the Bratz

The designers behind Bratz seem to have had a real vision. There are currently only two designers at Bratz HQ, one of which has to go unnamed due to an ongoing legal situation.

bratz meet barbie and ken

Somehow, years later, these designers ended up working for MGA making tiny Bratz sized outfits. The designers have made a few creations as stunts but cite a recreation of Frida Kahlo that they made as their favourite.

The nameless designer behind it said: Frida really ties into Bratz.

bratz meet barbie and ken

This Christmas, their creator, an Iranian-born entrepreneur called Isaac Larian, says, "They are outselling Barbie, doll for doll. Barbie, much like Coca-Cola or the Big Mac, has been a symbol of the supremacy of American suburban values since her birth in There are more Barbies in the world than there are people in India. The brand is still huge but the doll is languishing on the shelf in early middle age, outstripped by streetwalker lookalikes whose motto, according to Bratz packaging, is simply "style it, strut it".

bratz meet barbie and ken

What kind of message were these characters giving out? It can be like seeing your parents having sex. This overexposure to sexuality at a young age can lead to sexual dysfunction later in life. Tess's friend, Leah Zeiger, 7, says the winter outfit is cool. We're sick of fat, plastic Barbies I want to be a teenager, too.

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The one thing everyone agrees about Bratz is that they mark a generational shift from Barbie, with her Stepford-wife smile and endlessly debated role in feminist theory. Should she date Ken? Should she be sold with cooking tools? Was it a major breakthrough when Barbie came with working suits, briefcases and mobile phones?

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These are not the kind of questions that worry Larian, 49, who cannot disguise his enthusiasm for the dolls that have made him a billionaire. The Iranian revolution dissuaded him from returning to Iran; instead he took a business degree, set up a company called Micro Games America now MGA Entertainmentwhich he still wholly owns, and began importing electronic toys. His first coup came inwhen he won the licence to import Nintendo from Japan; his second was more than a decade later.

He was bantering with a buyer from Wal-Mart when he asked what kind of toy the world's biggest retailer would go for. I thought of my own kids, the games they liked to play, the clothes they liked to wear, what they actually looked like, and within a year we had Bratz on the shelves," he says.

Here's why Bratz dolls were far superior to Barbies

We did some market research and a question we asked kids was how old they thought Bratz were, and how old Barbie was. Barbie, they believed, was 35 to And for all the "attitude" that appeals to fashion-conscious seven-year-olds, when the outfits are peeled from the Bratz they really are just shapeless little girls.

bratz meet barbie and ken

I love nothing better than to play with my toys with my children, and they tell me the truth without hesitation.