Brienne and podrick meet hot pie got

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brienne and podrick meet hot pie got

Who would have known that Arya's run-in with Hot Pie would give her He evidently kept up with it, as Brienne and Podrick came upon the inn. At a meeting, he implores Ser Alliser Thorne (Owen Teale) to block the Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) and Podrick (Daniel Portman) eat at an inn and When Brienne inquires about Sansa Stark, Hot Pie nervously ends their conversation. Game of Thrones' fans know when making a meat pie you can't give up looking one he gave to Brienne and Podrick to deliver to Arya Stark.

Jaime allows Loras to speak to Brienne, and he is convinced of her innocence.

brienne and podrick meet hot pie got

Jaime releases Brienne and gives her a sword forged from Ned Stark's Valyrian steel sword Ice; Jaime asks her to name the sword "Oathkeeper". Jaime asks Brienne to find Sansa and fulfill his oath to Catelyn. During her journey through the Riverlands she finds Ser Hyle Hunt who she knew from Renly's camp and hires Nimble Dick Crabb as a guide he is killed when Brienne encounters some of the Brave Companions. Brienne eventually arrives at the inn at the crossroads, where she meets Arya's former traveling companion Gendrynow helping shelter a group of orphans.

brienne and podrick meet hot pie got

The inn is attacked by another group of Brave Companions and Brienne is forced to intervene to protect the children. She is grievously wounded by the outlaw Biter before the Brotherhood Without Banners arrives to kill the Companions. The Brotherhood takes Brienne, Podrick, and Ser Hyle Hunt who had been following them captive and presents them to their leader Lady Stoneheart, whom Brienne is horrified to realise is a reanimated Catelyn Stark.

Stoneheart accuses Brienne of serving the Lannisters and forces her to choose between killing Jaime or being hanged. When Brienne refuses to choose Stoneheart orders her and her group hanged. Seeing Podrick dying, Brienne agrees to kill Jaime in order to spare their lives. Catelyn Stark arrives at Renly's camp soon after and successfully negotiates an alliance between Robb Stark and Renly, but Renly is promptly killed by a shadow demon with the face of Renly's brother and rival Stannis, who has discovered he is the rightful heir to House Baratheon, but who Renly intended to kill the next day.

Brienne kills two of Renly's kingsguard when she is accused of the murder, and Catelyn counsels her to flee with her back to Robb's camp in the Westerlands, with Brienne swearing allegiance to Catelyn. Jaime dissuades the soldiers from raping Brienne by claiming that her father will handsomely reward them for returning Brienne unharmed, but their leader Locke cuts off Jaime's sword hand when he tries to bargain for his own release. Roose Bolton has Jaime released, but keeps Brienne prisoner for abetting treason.

Locke tries to ransom Brienne but is offended by Selwyn Tarth's paltry ransom and instead throws Brienne into a pit with a bear and only a wooden sword to defend herself. When Jaime learns that Brienne has been left at Locke's mercy, he returns to Harrenhal and finds Brienne in trouble, jumping in to save her by coming in between her and the bear, Jaime then forces Locke's men to pull up both her and himself.

Brienne of Tarth

They then complete their journey to King's Landing. Season 4[ edit ] Brienne cannot return Sansa to Catelyn Stark, as she has been murdered by the Freys, and Jaime argues that Sansa now married to Tyrion is safer staying in King's Landing.

Brienne speaks with Margaery Tyrell and explains that she did not kill Renly, then attends King Joffrey Baratheon's wedding to Margaery Tyrell, and witnesses his death by poisoning.

Cersei confronts Brienne and implies that Brienne loves Jaime. After his brother Tyrion is accused of the murder, Jaime gives Brienne a Valyrian steel sword which Brienne names "Oathkeeper" in support of her mission to find Sansa and take her to safety. He also gives her Tyrion's former squire, Podrick Payne, whose life is in danger after being coerced into offering false testimony against Tyrion.

On their way through the Riverlands, the two meet Arya Stark's former travelling companion Hot Pie; after learning from him that Arya is alive, they decide to travel to the Vale, as they suspect she is being sheltered by her aunt Lysa Arryn. When Arya refuses to go with Brienne, Brienne and the Hound fight, culminating in Brienne forcing him off a cliff and dealing him an apparently deadly wound, though Arya escapes in the confusion.

Sansa refuses and Brienne, realizing that she is in danger from Baelish, flees with his guards in pursuit, but undeterred she follows Sansa to the ancestral Stark stronghold of Winterfellwhere she has been wed to Roose's sadistic son Ramsay.

Staying in the nearby town, Brienne manages to have a message smuggled into Winterfell instructing Sansa how to signal if she is in need of help. Though the woman who relays this message is tortured, she dies before revealing who sent it. Sansa eventually manages to escape the room where Ramsay has kept her captive, while the Boltons are preparing to battle Stannis' approaching forces.

However, Brienne has left to find and kill Stannis having sworn to avenge his brother Renly's death before she can see Sansa's signal. Brienne finds Stannis gravely wounded in the aftermath of the battle and, after he confesses to his role in Renly's death, she executes him, telling him she is doing so in the name of the rightful king Renly.

Season 6[ edit ] Brienne follows a group of Bolton soldiers sent to recapture Sansa, who had fled Winterfell along with Ramsay's slave Theon Greyjoyand kills the soldiers before offering her services again to Sansa, who accepts. Brienne reveals to Sansa that Arya is still alive, though her whereabouts are unknown. At Castle Black she encounters Stannis' former advisors Davos Seaworth and Melisandre and mockingly informs them that she killed Stannis and still blames them for their part in Renly's death.

Also, a wilding, Tormund Giantsbanetakes a liking to Brienne, which she finds bothersome. Brienne claims Davos can't be trusted due to his former support for Stannis and then abandoning him, even though Davos only left on Stannis' orders.

Brienne arrives at Riverrun to find it besieged by the Frey and Lannister armies, led by Jaime. Jaime permits Brienne to enter Riverrun to talk to the Blackfish, who is sympathetic to Sansa's cause but refuses to abandon his home. Soon after, the Blackfish's nephew Lord Edmure Tully is coerced into ordering the Tully troops to stand down. As the Lannisters begin pouring into the castle, the Blackfish helps Brienne and Podrick escape.

Podrick in a Pleasure house

Jaime sees them sailing away, and he and Brienne exchange a mournful farewell. Season 7[ edit ] Despite Brienne's failure to secure House Tully's support, the Stark loyalists are successful in ousting House Bolton, albeit only with the intervention of the Knights of the Vale and Littlefinger.

Podrick states that he still wants to squire for Brienne even through she points out that she is not a knight. Brienne quickly leaves the inn with Podrick after realizing the pair are not safe. They have to fight off pursuers. Podrick makes the point that both girls denied Brienne's offer for safety. Brienne argues that Sansa is not safe with Littlefinger. The two continue their quest. Episode 3 The pair follow Sansa to Moat Cailin.

Brienne knows what her next destination is Winterfell and does not worry if they lose sight of her. He tells her that he was happy squiring for Tyrion.

He is also happy to squire under her as he admires Brienne. Brienne tells him that she will teach him how to use a sword and ride a horse but sets the expectation he won't become a knight under her.

Brienne tells Pod her history with Renly. Episode 5 The pair arrive at an inn outside Winterfell. Brienne argues she is still in danger whether she knows it or not. Brienne finds a Stark sympathizer at the inn and has him deliver a message to Sansa.

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Episode 7 Brienne continues her vigil and awaits their signal from Sansa a light in the tower at Winterfell. He rushes to tell Brienne. After she hears the news, Brienne abandons her watch. Podrick manages to kill one of the pursuers. Sansa accepts Brienne into her service. Episode 2 The party is traveling north towards the Wall. Brienne tells Sansa about her encounter with Arya. Theon leaves claiming that Sansa is safer under the protection of Brienne and Pod.

Episode 4 The party arrives at Castle Black.

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Episode 5 Podrick attends a war council to discuss how Castle Black can be defended. Sansa and tasks Brienne and Podrick to secure help from Riverrun. Episode 8 Brienne and Pod arrive at Riverrun.

While Brienne is talking to Jaime, Podrick is put into a choke hold by none other than Bronn. Bronn offers to give him a lesson in fighting dirty, something that he would not learn under Brienne. Pod fetches a maester to send a letter back to Sansa with he news. Brienne and Pod are later seen fleeing Riverrun in a rowboat when it is taken over by the Lannisters. Season 7 Episode 1 Brienne and Podrick are seen sparring in Winterfell courtyard. Podrick is losing to her, however he gets a shot in when Brienne is distracted by Tormund.

Brienne proceeds to knock Pod to the ground. And that is the story of Podrick Payne. I hope that you enjoyed his recap.