C3p0 and r2d2 meet bb8

Star Wars: 16 Most WTF Things R2-D2 And C-3PO Have Ever Done

c3p0 and r2d2 meet bb8

They met in the first (prequel) movie The Phantom Menance C-3PO was built by Anakin Skywalker, as a gift for his mother. R2D2 appears to be state property of. Obi-Wan did meet C3PO in episode III. Remember that he stowed away on Padme's spacecraft on the flight to Mustafa the lava planet. With C-3PO in his full golden glory and R2-D2 looking like a trash bin with legs, . that he helped rescue his son, but by the time they meet again in Return of the Jedi, . Or maybe the responsibility has now shifted to BB

Abrams dared to do the exact same thing in Star Trek Into Darkness, too.

c3p0 and r2d2 meet bb8

Artoo can once again be seen as debris, flying out of the ship during an explosive decompression. Anyone would think Abrams really wanted the Star Wars job. The story behind the limb switch is addressed in the one-shot comic Star Wars: It describes him crash landing on a planet with a group of Resistance droids, including their captive First Order droid Omri.

On a quest to activate a distress beacon for the captured Admiral Ackbar, the bots are systematically pulled to pieces by massive insects.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens: BB-8, R2-D2, C-3PO meet in O2 commercial

Some of them are sucked into an inky black river. As the only remaining droids, Threepio and Omri have a profound discussion about the role of a protocol droid, past memories and obeying masters.

Omri then sacrifices himself, stepping out into acid rain to activate the distress beacon.

c3p0 and r2d2 meet bb8

His paint is stripped away, revealing his original red coat. Threepio takes it as a memento.

c3p0 and r2d2 meet bb8

It was a handwritten two-page outline for the story that was rewritten beyond the point of recognition until it eventually became the saga we all know and love. George Lucas wanted the story of the films to be told by a narrator who was recording the events, someone wiser than the rest of the characters.

That was supposedly R2-D2. That makes a lot of sense when you consider the way Artoo is portrayed throughout the films.

c3p0 and r2d2 meet bb8

He saves the day on countless occasions, and his partner is made out to be an annoying coward. In fact, everyone except the little astromech droid seems to be flawed in some way. Only an unreliable narrator would paint everyone in such a manner, while pretty much portraying their self as perfect.

Or maybe the responsibility has now shifted to BB Anakin Skywalkera slave boy from the Tatooinian city of Mos Espacollected scrap parts and started rebuilding C-3PO so the droid would help his mother. During his time with Skywalker and Shmi, C-3PO's wiring was left exposed since Skywalker was unable to outfit him with an outer covering.

Despite the exchange, the two droids fast developed a friendship of sorts, working together to help Skywalker make final adjustments to his podracer in time to race it in the Boonta Eve Classic race.

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While working on the podracerthe two droids discussed space travel and noted the clumsy actions of Binks. On the day of the race, C-3PO represented his owner in the opening flag parade, carrying Skywalker's flag onto the course prior to the start of the race. He then stood on the sidelines with R2-D2 and two of Skywalker's playmates, Kitster Banai and Waldwho cheered their friend on. Skywalker won the race, which, thanks to a deal that Jinn had struck with Watto, earned the boy his freedom from slavery and secured Jinn the hyperdrive generator he needed to leave the planet.

As Skywalker prepared to depart Tatooine, he said his goodbyes to C-3PO, apologizing for not having completed the droid's construction, and expressing his wishes that Shmi wouldn't sell him. I'm programmed for etiquette, not destruction!

Shmi brought C-3PO along with her and the protocol droid found himself in the service of the Lars family, who owned a moisture farm in the Jundland Wastes.

C-3PO's new owners covered him in a tarnished grey plating to shield him from Tatooine's sandy environment.