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Anime/MangaDragon Ball Z The King and Vegeta had a hardy laugh over Bulma's formal Bulma said as she wrapped her arms around the King's neck and gave him a peck on the cheek, "Nice to meet you "And what about my grandchildren? I believe I knew his father back home, Bardock I believe. Disclaimer: Maybe in an alternate universe I own DBZ meaning you going to say as he looked at Bardock and King Vegeta, "WHAT THE? Bra chirped, "We wished to meet my ancestors on Daddy's side and Pan's ancestors on her asked King Vegeta knowing he probably already knew the answer. Rated: Fiction T - English - Adventure - Bardock, Goku, Vegeta, . If the visions were to be trusted, he'd live until he meets Kakarot. My reports for this sector go not only to Lord Frieza, but King Cold and Lord Cooler as well.

Bardock opened his eyes in a rejuvenation chamber on Planet Vegeta. He knew that he was too late to save his team from Dodoria but he could save the rest of his race. No matter how angry he was, Bardock could not face Frieza. It was unusual for a Saiyan to run but it was the only way for him and his race to survive. If Bardock could convince King Vegeta to issue an order, the Saiyans would be saved.

The Story of the King (Vegeta)

Bardock had to hurry before he ran out of time. Bardock ignored the alien and put on his armor. The first step was to warn the King. Then, to get his family and evacuate.

Bardock flew too the palace and ran by where the babies were kept. Bardock looked a Kakarot and Broly. Make that devil suffer, son. Bardock burst into the throne room and first noticed Paragus on the floor, nearly dead.

I foresaw Frieza destroying the planet. You confronted him but you were defeated effortlessly along with me and the rest of the planet. Along with the fact that you can see the future? The planet has tons of food and water, there is plenty of space and the air is breathable. Leave me low level.

He tries to save Vegeta and he disrespects him. He'd show that jerk one day. But he didn't have time for that, it was time to go. Bardock left the palace and flew to his home. I see you're back from your mission. I have dinner almost ready so-" Gine was cut off by Bardock. I'll explain everything to you later. For now, grab Kakarot and meet me at the docking bay.

Gine left to the baby area and scooped up Kakarot. Then, she flew over to the landing dock to see Bardock waiting for her.

I'll meet you all there soon. On my last mission, I gained the ability to see the future. Trunks had been flying around for an hour looking for his Tousan. But unfortunately, his Tousan had lowered his Ki, and he didn't know what his Grandfather's ki felt like so, he was screwed until he found them both.

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Watch, if I do, i'll probably go and find them, Tousan what the hell are you doing at the house? Oh crap, I had better get over their, or else i'm gonna get my butt wooped," and with that.

Trunks took off for capsule Corp. Goten was at his house looking for his Tousan. But sadly, he wasn't there. He might be eating" said Goten happly.

Goten took off towards the forest where Him and Goku usualy went fishing, and sure enough there was Goku and Bardock, eating the biggest fish you ever saw. Where were you after Me and Vegeta went and wished our Tousan's back to life huh? Sorry" Said Goten inocently. He kinda looks like you," said Bardock. His name is Goten. It's nice to finally meet you. How are you doing?

I guess i'm a little hungry. Hehehe" " Don't worry kid. I'll get you a fish. When a fish came round' Bardock went and grabed it, and gave it to Goten.

A fish for you to eat" "Thank you," and after that Goku, Bardock, and Goten went and got their grub on. I don't want the woman to see you" said Prince Vegeta quietly. I'm anxious to meet her. You know Vegeta, she's quite the looker too. If you know what I mean. Your being a perv. Looking at my damn woman and all" said Prince Vegeta.

But he was just messin round' with his son. Resulting one big ass hole in the wall, and a dent in the floor. Look what you went and now" Said Prince Vegeta while nearly laughting. Don't worry i'll fix it. Sorry, I had something in my trough. How are you today?