Dbz fanfic bardock meet pan and bra

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dbz fanfic bardock meet pan and bra

Disclaimer: Maybe in an alternate universe I own DBZ meaning you "Eh? Pan ? Bra?" Gohan was so surprised that he dropped Radditz, much to of what he was going to say as he looked at Bardock and King Vegeta, "WHAT THE? Bra chirped, "We wished to meet my ancestors on Daddy's side and. What will happen when they meet their past self's! goku asked as he floated up to vegeta. "Who are you boy and "Kakkarot this is your father, Bardock." Vegeta (p) Trunks, goten and pan said at the same time. "Cover. Pan and Bra's Transformation l Bardock's 6. As usual, I don't own Dragon Ball Z. I only own some Gods, Goddesses, Zi-Kita, Demona, and a.

Back on earth the Z warriors were celebrating the defeat of Majin Buu. Goku and Vegeta were finishing off their th bowl of food. Yamucha burst out laughing while pan giggled. Bulma approached Oolong, the pig then proceeded to back away.

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Bulma dove over a chair trying to tackle Oolong, but she missed. Oolong dashed away squealing and Bulma started to give chase.

Everyone burst out in laughter, even Vegeta and Goku, who were still pouring food down their throats. You even beat me at eating! Chichi mumbled under her breath, "Our grocery bill proves it too…" Piccolo commented, "You do remember most of the people here have super hearing…" At that Chichi's face went red.

Suddenly, a voice popped into all of their heads. It would more likely destroy it! All we need to do is confirm that he's safe enough to human kind. We believe that if he doesn't want to destroy everything, he would convince his people to protect the earth's peace. We also need another high ranking figure among the Saiyans, to go along with this.

Pan and Bra 😎 Te amo piranha

So Goku we will also bring back your father. For all I know he'll kill my family when I have my back turned! You will not live forever. Neither will any of the other Z warriors. We need new guardians of the planet. Since most earthlings will never be strong enough to fight off an alien threat, we need new heroes.

It's true that you will have descendants, but each generation will become weaker as they will have less Saiyan DNA.

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Therefore Goku, we need full-blooded Saiyans to protect the earth. You will meet your fathers at the lookout as we have instructed Dende on how to get them there. Vegeta, what do you think of it so far?

I would never read such garbage! I might like it if I knew what the words meant… Vegeta: Everyone trained hard every single day to become stronger. At one point, Yamcha almost was killed during the training, but Piccolo managed to step in and offer assistance along with Scrix. After managing to heal Yamcha, everyone trained more carefully.

Bra was training hard with Vegeta as she showed a lot of progress. Bardock trained Pan in the meantime. One day, Bardock had an evil idea. I want to be like my brother and become super strong! You aren't even a damned Saiya-jin! I have some training to do. Couldn't resist putting that in there, including when those two have a bet riding on it and all. As the first course came out, the Earth-raised Saiya-jin tore into the food as the other Saiya-jins at the table watched with their mouths wide open.

Demona kicked Kakarotto in the shin as he saw Demona give the Saiya-jin a glare that made him watch as she ate slower and more neatly. Kakarotto followed, despite his feeble attempts of eating a meal slower than usual as his stomach protested.

dbz fanfic bardock meet pan and bra

After the first course, another came out as he took his time, glancing up every so often to find Demona glaring at him if he stared to long or not. Zi-Kita was at the end of the table eating politely as well as the courses continued to arrive.

dbz fanfic bardock meet pan and bra

Finally after everyone had their fill, Demona coughed as Kakarotto ignored it. As the Saiya-jin felt the woman hitting his back rather angrily, Kakarotto proceeded to walk out before he ran into Zi-Kita.

Whoever wants to see Demona get treated badly again, please say so in your reviews! She had short snow white hair that stuck up in the air. Her tail was also white as her pupils were a deep gray color. As they gave a battle cry, their eyes flickered teal as their hair became blonde.

dbz fanfic bardock meet pan and bra

If you don't tell mommy about the bet, I'll read you bedtime stories for a year," said Vegeta. I saw how I died and I know there's nothing I can do to change fate like Trunks is. Goku wrapped Bardock's pinky around his. You can't tell anyone about it.