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"Well, we'll just see which boyfriend is more impressed when we (including portraits of Dracula himself dressed in a Santa costume, and Clawdeen offered to take you shopping, and she made me give you both a lift there. Meet Me in St. Louis is a American Technicolor musical film made by Metro- Goldwyn-Mayer. Divided into a series of seasonal vignettes, starting with. Draculaura and Clawd are in love with each other since his birth they at" I ask " In the street of course" Rocco says "Fine but be back in time for dinner. . only one I could find" I say "I love it Lala" Clawd says Clawd kisses me.

Clawd puts me down now "Lala how was that" Clawd asks.

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In the morning I up to Clawd licking my face "Clawd stop it please baby" I say and kiss him. Draculaura plus two" the pilot says "That's me any problems with my guests" I ask "Of course not" the pilot says "Good come on now" I say to Clawd and Clawdeen they follow Four hours later "Miss we will be landing in ten minutes and electronics off please" the pilot says "Of course" I say "Lala who's picking us up at the airport" Clawd asks "No one the run way is on the lot with a car there to drive us to the house" I say "Wow this place is huge" Clawdeen says "Miss Laura the car is here where would you like to go?

After most of the day we stop for food and got home shower and go to bed before bed Clawd makes love to me and holds me in his arms Two months later We are on our way back to America and when we land Clawrk and Harriet pick us up.

Mom moved in with you after you two got mated" Clawd says "Clawd no it's no we will talk about this later" I say I know why their doing it I am going to have to talk to daddy about this. I walk to my bed and cry my heart out if he finds out I'm a witch there will be no choice.

Draculaura und Clawd Wolf

I just made him be my slave I have him bond to me and I'm dangerous I could kill him I need to leave "Draculaura open this door right now I want to know why Clawd is crying like you broke his heart but he still has to love you" Clawdeen yells banging on my door I unseal it and open it "Look Claws…" I start "Don't you Claws me I want answers now" Clawdeen says and sits on my bed "It was a mistake" I say "What was?

Look you were luck your magic increased your blood production you almost died it did it after you got knocked out by Clawdeen. Your lucky Clawd pulled Clawdeen off of you she and Romulus are pissed" Clawrk says "He's making my magic uncontrollable I love him we both know that I'm trying to keep him safe" I say "Lala your awake. Lala are you okay" Clawd asks I sit up "I'm fine" I say coldly Clawd looks down Clawrk gives me that look I should explain to Clawd but I can't do that to him I will just kill myself no, no Clawd won't live without me.

I start to get up I fall to the ground Clawd pick me up and puts me back on the bed "Lala you need to recover" Clawd says I can't live here with my powers out of control.

You should just tell him" Clawrk says "That's why you're getting the threats because of my magic" I say "Lala you need any help" Clawd asks looking down he has tears in his eyes "Lala you tell him now or I will" Clawrk says "Fine. Clawd come here" I say and pat the spot next to me. Clawd sits at my feet like a dog "Yes Mistress. You are not going to hurt me. In Fatal Error, Clawd is watching the fear sqaud trying to get into Gloom Beach and even telling Heath what was going on probably because Draculaura was on the squad.

In " Road to Monster Mashionals ", Clawdeen found a letter to Draculaura from Clawd, which she thens keeps hidden from her. But before he could say anything, Draculaura throws a tennis ball which he chases.

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Draculaura is still upset at Clawd not writing back to her in " Frightday the 13th ", until Clawdeen reveals that she hid the letters from her, which then causes Draculaura to get mad at Clawdeen. In " HooDoo You Like? In " Fear Pressure ", Draculaura is eating lunch with Clawd. Clawdeen comes in with and gives Clawd a huge steak which causes Draculaura to faint.

Clawd becomes upset with his sister because she planned to do that. Then after hearing Deuce's speech about being cool to every Clawdeen apologizes to Draculaura for doing that to her and that she's the only girl she knows that is good enough for her brother. Later, Clawdeen, Clawd and Draculaura are at a swim race. When she gets up to get snacks she asks Clawd what he wants and orders meat which Clawdeen nudges him and he cancels it.

In the episode " Hyde and Shriek ", after Clawd wins a pizza-eating contest, Draculaura says she cannot be around him. He then believes that she will dump him and tells her that he knows that he eats like a pig, but he can change. Draculaura tells him it was because he was eating garlic and that she could not be around garlic.

She tells him to brush his teeth and that they will dance later.

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In " Back-to-Ghoul ", Draculaura was a hard time closing her locker and Clawd assists her by closing it for her. She proceeds to tell him that he is strong.

In " Fright On!

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At first they are late to the new TwiHard movie that they are going to see because Draculaura caught a "last minute sale and the savings were to die for. In one scene they supposedly broke up.

Draculaura said that she didn't like that Clawd was spending all his time with Romulus, in which Clawd fired back at her, saying things like "He said it was only a matter of time before your true vampire side came out. At the end of the episode they appear dancing together which means they have gotten back together.