General hospital dante and lulu first meet

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general hospital dante and lulu first meet

Do you come here often? As we go back to for the very first time Dante Falconeri met Lulu Spencer in our “General Hospital” Throwback. Thursday's episode of General Hospital gives us the exit story for Dominic In story, an emotional Dante asks Lulu (Emme Rylan) to come home early. professes his love to “Leslie Lu”, and remembers the first time they met. Lulu Spencer is a fictional character from General Hospital, an American soap opera on the . Dante and Lulu go on their first official date to the opera. .. Dante and Lulu meet for the first time on July 31, , while he is undercover as .

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PassionQueen77 March 12, at 3: Now these writers wants to pair up Dante with Valerie. No way, Dante and Lulu deserves to be together because of what happened to her. Raj dump Lulu in the water, and it took a very long time for Dante to rescue Lulu in the water. Does the writers ever care about Lulu and Sam characters when they were in a dangerous situation.

general hospital dante and lulu first meet

They only care about themselves. Jean and Shelly have ruined the young and the restless under Jill Farren Phelps care. Jill Farren Phelps is a soap killer. She took charge of the writing of the young and the restless when she was there a while back. This show is such garbage and unwatchable sometimes. The only thing is good with the show is the storylines that is it. The bad fall for the show is that the writers cares about is sex, sex, sex all the time. Get rid of Hayden, Paul and Carlos.

Paul is back to his dirty old tricks again. He wants to protect Carlos for some reason. Dominic is assigned as the guard to the Corinthos children, but is his by a speeding car driven by Edward Quartermaine John Ingle who has suffered a heart attack behind the wheel. Though it looks like Dominic may need a kidney transplant, he recovers. Dominic later sneaks out of the hospital and when Lulu brings him back, she finds a police badge that he claims he stole.

He later opens to her about his childhood hero, Lieutenant Vince Poletti who was like a father to him; Poletti was killed by a mobster.

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When Lulu refuses to go the hospital, Dominic takes her back to his apartment where they end up kissing but she passes out before anything else happens. Sonny later throws a birthday party for Claudia at which he reveals that Claudia was responsible for a botched hit on Sonny that resulted in his son, Michael Drew Garrett being in a coma. They search the abandoned Zacchara mansion hoping to find her but Lulu then falls through the decaying floorboards into the freezing water below.

While Johnny goes to get help, Dominic gets in the water with Lulu to keep her warm, because she is stuck. He also asks her out on a date just before she passes out. Johnny arrives soon after with paramedics. Lulu is in denial about her feelings for Dante when talking to best friend, Maxie Jones Kirsten Storms. She and Dante go on their first date to the opera and Lulu is brought to tears by the tragic love story.

They almost make love for the first time in the back of the limo but stop when they are interrupted by their driver. Dante realizes that he and Lulu can never last because after he turns Sonny in, he will go back to his life in Brooklyn. Dante tries to get her to admit that they never really had a relationship but Lulu refuses which only makes it harder for him to make her leave. Dante overhears Lulu in a phone conversation with Maxie about her crying herself to sleep but she denies it and hangs up.

Meanwhile she drops the personal shopping items for her boss, Kate Howard Megan Ward and Dante attempts to help her. To this, Lulu calls him patronizing and sexist and tells him not to tell her it's over.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Dante Breaks The News To Lulu; He Is Going Undercover And Leaving Port Charles

This causes Lulu to question her relationship with Dante and he assures her that their relationship is real and that he loves her. Sonny promptly shoots him from point blank range but is shocked to learn from Olivia that Dante is his son. As an infant, Lulu is diagnosed with aplastic anemiaforcing Laura to reveal the existence of another son, Nikolas Cassadineborn during her captivity with Stavros Cassadine. Nikolas saves Lulu's life with a bone marrow transplantbut Luke and Laura's marriage is destroyed by the revelation of this secret.

After the divorce, Lulu is primarily raised by her mother, but Luke and Laura eventually reconcile and plan to remarry. When Laura appears to have murdered her stepfather, Rick Webbershe becomes catatonic and Lulu is sent to be raised by Lesley. Inthe character is aged to 17 re-establishing her birth year as Lulu is reintroduced as a teenaged troublemaker sent to live with her father and stepmother, Tracy Quartermaine.

Lulu and Tracy clash while Lulu falls for her new stepbrother, Dillon. She teams up with Diego Alcazar to break up Dillon and his new wife, Georgie. After a one-night stand with Dillon, Lulu learns she is pregnant and decides to terminate the pregnancy. Lulu is briefly reunited with her mother, but Laura falls back into a coma, and Lulu decides to help clear her mother of Rick's murder. Lulu intercepts a letter from the late Alan Quartermaine to her father, which reveals Scott Baldwin as Rick's killer; knowing the trouble it will cause, Lulu keeps the information to herself.

Meanwhile, Lulu falls for the troubled soldier, Logan Hayeswho is soon revealed as Scott's son. Lulu later discovers that Logan only pursued her as part of a bet with Maxie Jones and after dumping Logan, she becomes involved with mob prince, Johnny Zacchara.

Lulu accidentally puts Logan in a coma, and when he recovers, he begins stalking her. After Lulu kills Logan in self-defense, she and Johnny go on the run and when they return, Johnny admits to the crime while Lulu is committed to Shadybrook. Scott returns, threatening Lulu with the death penalty for Logan's murder, spurring Laura to wake up and defend her daughter.

Following her split with Johnny, Lulu begins bonding with drifter Ethan Lovett Nathan Parsons who is revealed as Luke's illegitimate son. Lulu attracts the attention of mob soldier, Dominic Pirelli and Dr. Lulu agrees to go on a date with Matt to the General Hospital Carnival, but he cancels at the last minute.

After Dominic rescues her cousin, Morgan from being hit by a car, Lulu agrees to a date. Lulu is accidentally drugged at a Crimson photo shoot, and comes upon Dominic conspiring with Detective Ronnie Dimestico Ronnie Marmo and realizes he's a cop.

He takes her back to his place where she passes out, and doesn't remember the previous night.

general hospital dante and lulu first meet

While searching for a pregnant Carly, Lulu falls through the rotting floorboards at the old Zacchara home and gets trapped in the water-filled basement. Dominic gets in the water with her to keep her warm and she forces him to admit that he is really an undercover cop named Dante, and his mother is Johnny's new girlfriend, Olivia Falconeri Lisa LoCicero.

Dante is investigating Sonny for the murder of his childhood idol, Lieutenant Vince Poletti and fearing for his safety, Lulu tries to talk him out of it.

Dante and Lulu go on their first official date to the opera. When crazed artist Franco James Franco kidnaps Lulu and straps her to a bomb, forcing Dante to save her. Johnny warns Lulu about keeping Dante's secret from her family and when Dante starts pushing her away, Lulu calls him a coward. As Lulu is standing up as the godmother for Carly's newborn daughter, JosslynDante is shot by Sonny. Lulu professes her love for Dante before he goes into surgery and she helps Olivia reveal that Sonny is actually Dante's father.

Lulu and Dante bring her cousin and his brother, Michael Chad Duell back to town to testify against Sonny and they are shocked when Michael confesses to Claudia's murder.

With Michael going to prison, and the world against them, Dante and Lulu make love for the first time. The couple faces another hurdle at Sonny's wedding to Brenda Barrett Vanessa Marcil where it is revealed that Brenda had a child, and Dante pretended to be the father.

Lulu's family is sent into turmoil when an intoxicated Luke runs down Lucky and Elizabeth's son Jakekilling him. Lulu and Ethan are in denial about their father being an alcoholic, but reluctantly agree to an intervention which sends Luke out of town.

Lulu quits Crimson to run her father's casino, The Haunted Star, in his absence. She later follows Luke to a brothel in Florida only for him to reject her again. Lulu is about to be raped by the brothel owner, Javier, when Dante rescues her. Lulu is furious when she learns that Dante has been hiding that Lucky has started using drugs again.

After reconciling, Dante proposes marriage and she is hesitant. After several interferences, the couple finally marries. Lulu ends up working as the evidence room clerk for the Port Charles Police Department and falsely accuses Detective Delores Padilla Rebeka Montoya of covering for her husband, Eddie, as the man attacking strippers.

Luke and Tracy are arrested in connection with the murder of Anthony Zacchara and Lulu maintains their innocence. Luke then mysteriously disappears and Lulu receives a letter from him which causes her to question her life with Dante; meanwhile, Lulu reopens The Haunted Star as a nightclub with Johnny as a partner, making Dante jealous.

Lulu is soon revealed that Heather Webber Robin Mattson kidnapped Luke and forged the letter so his family wouldn't search for him. Lulu and Maxie convince the grieving widower, Dr. Patrick Drake Jason Thompson to face his drug abuse and check into rehab.

After Lulu gets sick, Maxie convinces her to take a pregnancy test which is positive. The doctor tells Lulu and Dante that Lulu is not pregnant, and that the test may have been a false positive or Lulu experienced a chemical pregnancy, a miscarriage very soon after conception.

Dante and Lulu then begin trying to conceive until they learn she cannot carry to term. They then enlist Maxie as their surrogate. During the pregnancy, Lulu gets a bit overprotective. In the meantime, Laura returns home and reveals that she is engaged to Scott. Lulu realizes that her mother only accepted Scott's proposal because she thought Luke was unavailable. In MarchLulu and Dante invite their parents over to see the baby's first sonogram.

After receiving a mysterious teddy bear with a clock, Lulu faints. Dante finds her unconscious and is then knocked out. When Dante comes to, Lulu has disappeared. Though they are able to free her, Lulu has no recollection of Dante, Luke or Laura.

Despite the efforts of Dante and her parents, Lulu's amnesia remains persistent. Soon after, Lulu begins to remember details of her past in waves.