Hawaii five 0 steve and catherine meet

‘Hawaii Five-0’ fans hope season 9 is good for Steve McGarrett’s health, heart

hawaii five 0 steve and catherine meet

The following is a list of quotes from the third season Hawaii Five [Steve McGarrett has finally met his mother - and he wants some answers] . [Steve is woken up by a sound from downstairs and Catherine is now awake because of him. Commander Steve McGarrett and Lieutenant Catherine Rollins have been through a lot. But nothing they trained for in the Navy has prepared them mentally for. Scenes from Hawaii Five-0, Season 6, Episodes , starring Alex O'Loughlin as Steve McGarrett and Michelle Borth as Catherine Rollins. Hawaii Five Ian Anthony Dale as Adam Noshimuri - Enemy ( Ka Pono Ku'oko'a) Music: Blue Stahli - Duration: {Hawaii Five-0} McRoll.

Later on it's Danny who decides to fix what's broken. If Tomorrow Never Comes by Orison reviews 9x10 Episode coda - Steve dealing with grief in unhealthy ways and Danny being there for him to help him realize it.

But his friends didn't understand him. Only one person could understand Steve. T - English - Family - Chapters: Steve x OC Rated: The ceremony brings together a slew of people from both his past and present, and he realizes that these groups know him as two completely different people. Not for the first time, he wonders which man he truly is, and which he'd rather be. T - English - Chapters: To hide fear, anger, pain. To keep everything inside of you locked up.

But that is what he has been trained to do. That is all he has ever known. But sometimes it becomes too much. Sometimes the weight of everything begins to crush you slowly. And when it does, it will leave him broken. The gunshot came out of nowhere. It was a simple routine rundown. How had he missed the other guy? They were following procedure perfectly; no fuck ups anywhere in sight. As Steve crashed onto his knees to stop the the bleeding wound, he could only wonder how the hell this happened.

Tenacious Men by bgharison reviews A series of shorts based on a quote from a Philip Roth interview: Some chapters are time-stamps for other series. Pairings if any will be noted at the top of each chapter. The usual, but with no rhyme or reason They are all around us right now. They can attack without warning, so you guys have to be ready to protect yourselves at all times.

We're gonna talk about the kill zone now. This is very important, okay? I thought you brought him here to teach them survival skills.

Catherine Rollins

You brought Colonel Kurtz. Let's, um let's take this opportunity to talk about something else. Um, something useful, like how to find fresh water. Or, uh-- I don't know-- how to build a pillow out of-of flowers, something like that, something appropriate for the age group. Yeah, we could definitely do that. Or Who wants to learn how to do that? There's something pathologically wrong with you. You know, on the plus side, we've figured out that camping is terrible, as I've always believed.

Are you kidding me? These girls are never, ever gonna forget this experience. Yeah, I'm hoping that they're repressing the memories as we speak. So, how's the arm? It also hates camping. I talked to Lucy today. Happy to be home. She said one day she's gonna marry Uncle Steve when she grows up. Max got an ID yet? No, he's still fishing out body parts. I think he's enjoying it, too. I can't believe that was a person. Um, I told you my nephew was maybe gonna come visit from Jersey.

That's not your bro, your name's Eric. My sister's worried sick, does not know what to do with him. So she sent him to me, maybe I can, I don't know, scare some sense into him. How's that working out? He just saw his first dead body and he's still acting like a complete idiot so, I guess I have my work cut out for me.

I mean, the kid has zero impulse control. People have a way of surprising sometimes. How can a girl who's so spicy also be so sweet, huh? Don't make me change my mind.

Thought nobody wore a tie in Hawaii. No, they don't, but, you know, it's a special day, so I thought I'd wear one. They'd make me walk the plank if I don't wear a tie with the dress blues. How come the blues are black? I know they're black; I don't know why.

Thank you very much for being here-- it means a lot. What difference does it make? Well, it makes a very big difference, you see, because official business is, uh, official. A favor is like a quid pro quo kind of deal, right? You solve this murder case for me, and I will give you, uh, oh, five days' paid vacation. Or tickets to Monster Truck Jamor whatever. Monster Truck Jam's not in town. Okay, so then it is, indeed, official business.

It seems to me like we're taking a case just to protect the governor's friends. We're the governor's task force. Then why does it feel like we are performing janitorial services, blindfolded, I might add. We've been given a directive, Danny.

Oh, right, I understand. When McGarrett gets an order, he takes the order. You know what you're like? You're like one of those windup toy soldiers. Let me get you a drum for Christmas to beat. We just wanted to thank you, Steve. You're all I could've hoped for in a son, Steven. I'm proud of you. Give me a sec! Trust me, she's not your average mom. She's a former government agent. She disappeared from my life 20 years ago because of an assignment, now she's back says she's changed.

I don't believe her. She goes dark a few hours every day. She racks up too many miles on the odometer. I want to know what she's up to. Well, why come to me? You've got the resources to handle this. No, I don't want my people involved. Besides, there's no one better than you at recon and surveillance. That's audio, stills, video Good chance I'll see your mother naked.

This guy's got The Guns of Navarone. You do this, you're gonna end up in prison, and we do not want that. Don't give me a puppy-dog sad eyes, please.

You're not off the hook. You're on house arrest till this I over. I've got an island to feed, brah. Okay, then you are on shrimp truck lockdown till otherwise advised. Like the sweet waters of Hanauma Bay. Then why are you staring at me? You hired somebody to run surveillance on your mother? Okay, I know what you're gonna say. Well, what am I gonna say? That hiring somebody to spy on their mother is the act of a crazy person.

Uh, yeah, I would've used different words like, uh, "whack job" or "psychopath". I had no choice, Danny, okay? Have you ever tried speaking to your mother like a like a human being, like normal people do? What am I going to say? Yeah, that would work. I had a craving. Can you do me a favor and pass me that canteen behind you there, please?

hawaii five 0 steve and catherine meet

You know what, I got my camo in the car. If you want, I can throw them on and we can play out this whole "trapped in a foxhole" fantasy thing you got going on right now.

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Look, I think the takeaway is we're living in the new golden age of quarterbacks. We got Brady, Manning, RodgersBrees.

hawaii five 0 steve and catherine meet

It's almost an embarrassment of riches. I just hate to see you two guys fight. So let me get this straight. You're telling me people, they pay good money to get chased around and shot at with a pellet gun? Everything about these guns is real except for the ammunition they fire. Trust me, those training rounds, they pack more of a punch than you'd think.

I'll take your word for it. We should come and do one of these tactical simulations sometime. It's fantastic for team building.

Listen, working with you is harrowing enough, okay? I do not need you hunting me for sport. It wouldn't be much of a challenge. What the, uh, what the hell is this? What, I can't surprise Steve at work? No, you can do that.

I'm talking about the, uh, the jersey. Oh, oh, well, we moved around a lot when I was a kid, so you know, I never stayed in one place long enough to get tied to a team. Oh, so you willingly root for the Dallas Cowboys, huh? Who doesn't like America's team? And, uh, if I recall correctly, my Redskins humiliated your Cowboys the last time they played. You got a Cowboys fan dating a Redskins fan. That's like the Capulets and the Montagues. I'm gonna give you an A plus for that literary reference.

Oh, you got that? But actually, um, I came here with a peace offering for Steve. See, the NFL hooked up my unit with some tickets for the game tomorrow. So, you and I are going to the Pro Bowl.

I'm already going with Danny. We got 50 yard line seats. Best seats in the house. We got them this morning. Um, you know what, my seats are-are pretty good. So I'm sure I can find someone else to take it. I'm gonna just let that awkward moment fade out a little bit. We got a bar to go to. We're going to a bar for a case. Hey, why don't we do some tailgating before the game together?

Yeah, I would love that. But I don't want to get in the way of your man-date with Danny. It's not a man date. Anyway, Kamekona already invited himself, so it's fine; you're not getting in the way. Mmm, that's a three-way bromance. Max is wearing a Japan national football team jersey.

You realize this is not that kind of football, right? Ten-year post-parole plan is working out. I got my shave iceI got my shrimp, and when I officially open Kamekona's Island Tours, that'll be my entrepreneurial peak.

Kamekona and Steve both look at her] Catherine: Aw boys and their toys. This ain't no toy, sistah. This is the most technologically advanced flight simulator on the market. Well, it looks a whole lot like a video game to me. Pull up, up, up, up, - up, up - Oh! If you crash a helicopter full of paying customers, it's not gonna be good for your tour business. I was distracted, brah. Sistah came in dressed like that.

How am I supposed to not look? Kammy, if you hadn't crashed in the middle of the ocean, I might have taken you out for a drink. That's the beauty of a flight simulator. When you flame out, just hit restart. I'll bring her back in one piece. Altitude is my friend. Why would a tourist want to be put into a cage and then dunked into shark-infested waters?

It makes no sense. You know, they want some some excitement, some adventure. They need to do therapy. What I do know is that I do not do not feel comfortable with that man piloting three tons of steel over the town where my daughter lives. Maybe you'd like to explain to me how your fingerprints ended up on this discarded gas can right by the crime scene.

Eye for an eye. It's in the Bible.

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So is, "Thou shalt not kill. Hey, my brother was murdered. What, do you expect me to go back to work? We expect you to mourn, and then plan a funeral for your brother. Not go out and try burying more people. Max suddenly starts singing the Magnum, P.

You getting a seizure? I just felt the Magnum, P.

hawaii five 0 steve and catherine meet

Oh, I used to love that show. Higgy Baby was the man. I was very fond of Higgins myself. I'm not Rick, okay? Well, everyone can agree that you're Commander McGarrett's humorous sidekick. And if we're playing this game, it's obvious who I am: I will never quit!

I persevere and thrive on adversity! My nation expects me to be physically harder and mentally stronger than my enemies! Yeah, it was just me and your old man and a bottle of whiskey.

All right, and he opened up to me, started giving me this speech about how a man needs something to believe in, something to fight for. And according to him, there was no greater cause than the United States of America. He said all that, huh? You know what else he said? He said the proudest moment of his life is when you joined up for SEALs.

After that night, he was unstoppable. He became the best student, the toughest soldier, the guy that everybody could depend on. He never, ever gave up. I think some of it must have rubbed off on you. What exactly you drinking there?

That is snake's blood and rice wine. It's also an aphrodisiac.