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Deputies also arrested two civilians, Karrie Mulac, 49, and Tasha .. I can take care of the paperwork while helping you with a retirement plan that meets your needs. Daffy Bourgeois and Benjamin Duet were united in holy matrimony Science, Karmine Falgout; Social Studies, Jenna Guidry; 6th grade. Tasha: “Some of the people are in the military because they want to serve their country, okay? We believe in what we stand for. I'm sorry if we. 1 - "Death Has a Shadow". Erik Estrada, Ponch, 2 - "I Never Met the Dead Man" Jenna Jameson, Herself, 2 - Brian Does Hollywood · Ron Jeremy, Himself, 2.

The impacts of these haplotypes vary and are dependent on their frequency in the population and at what stage of gestation the pregnancies are lost. JHI has a frequency of JH2 frequency is 2.

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BHI exists at a frequency of 14 percent and BH2 exists at a frequency of Only one haplotype has been discovered in the Ayrshire breed AH1 and it exists at the highest frequency of So, if you are using these traits in selecting your A. The haplotypes each represent a distinct and unique genetic condition. They are not related to each other.

The haplotypes have no impact when a bull that is heterozygous for BH1 is mated to a cow that is heterozygous for BH2. The risk is only experienced when animals are heterozygous for the same haplotype. By using the SMS program, herds with at least one generation of pedigree information on their cows can use heterozygous bulls with less than 1 percent chance of lost pregnancies from known conditions.

To maintain the high quality of semen you purchased from your Select Sires representative, you must pay strict attention to the many details of semen handling outlined on this poster. If you have questions about the correct handling procedures for Select Sires semen, please call you Select Sires Reproductive Solutions Specialist. If it takes more than 10 seconds to retrieve the straw, lower the canister back into the tank and allow to re-cool for 20 to 30 seconds.

Thaw only as many straws as you can use in 10 to 15 minutes. When multiple straws are thawed, do not allow direct contact during thawing process. Shoppers can drop by to view the large assortment of on sale clothing, shoes, purses, bags, books and many other items. Oftentimes there are no known authors of the material. The Lafourche Gazette does not take credit for the writings in this column. Final wishes Boudreaux is on his deathbed and knows the end is near.

His nurse, wife, daughter and two sons were with him. He asks for two witnesses other than his family to be present, and a camcorder be in place to record his last wishes.

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When all was ready he began to speak: My son, Tee-Boud, I want you to take the Mayfair houses. My daughter, Joleene, you take the apartments over in the east end.

My son, Hebert, I want you to take the offices over in the City Center. Marie, my dear wife, please take all the residential buildings on the banks of the river.

The nurse and witnesses were blown away as they did not realize his extensive holdings. That sorry son of a gun had a newspaper route! Lotto Numbers for June 8, 7 - 9 - 16 24 - 29 - 32 Changing jobs or retiring?

Powerball Numbers 12 - 25 - 37 - 60 - 69 -- 20 Next Drawing: I can take care of the paperwork while helping you with a retirement plan that meets your needs. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. Larose, LA Phone: The group of 25 produce managers represents supermarkets from 19 different states and 2 Canadian provinces. The girls spend nearly a week in intensive learning and service exercises that enhance their knowledge and skills in communications, leadership, public service, and current events.

Adam Guidroz Barilleaux-Ponson Mr. Rickey and the late Mrs. The wedding will be July 2, at 7 p. The bride-elect is the granddaughter of the late Mr.

Brian and Mary Hebert and the late Leon and Mrs. The prospective groom is the grandson of the late Mr. Photos brought in any later than that are not guaranteed to be published. Wedding photos and stories should be received as soon as possible after the wedding. Wedding photos and stories received months after the event may not get published.

Also, only 50th Anniversary photos and fifth generation family photos and stores are accepted. Joseph Co-Cathedral in Thibodaux. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. The bride is the daughter of Mr.

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She is the granddaughter of Ms. The groom is the son of Mr. Camile Guidroz and Ms. He is the grandson of Verna Callais and the late Mr. Dave Guidroz, and the late Mr. Walt Leger, D-New Orleans. The bills head to the Senate. The session is short, wrapping up by June But they can only work with what they receive, because tax increases must originate in the House.

They say they want to wait and see how much money comes in from those prior increases. Barry Ivey, R-Baton Rouge, said during a tax committee hearing. After the tax votes, the House agreed to a multibillion-dollar construction budget to finance roadwork, building repairs and projects around the state. In the final hours of the regular legislative session, the House refused to pass the bill, forcing lawmakers to start the process over when the special session began.

House leaders said Senate changes put the bill in such disarray that it needed a rewrite. Senators accused the House of refusing to negotiate. Ways and Means Committee Chairman Neil Abramson, who was blamed for tanking the bill, has tried to defuse the tension in recent days, by getting the bill to the Senate quickly.

But before the House voted Thursday for the construction budget, Rep. John Schroder, RCovington, slammed the measure as being bloated, continuing to give the gov- ernor the ability to pick and choose which projects get financing. I think it smells. Investigators seized police reports, 32 firearms and other evidence.

New Law From 1-A The new law took effect immediately. Louisiana law requires drivers to have insurance on their vehicles. The state can revoke licenses and seize bank accounts and tax refunds if fines remain unpaid. AP — State employers will soon evaluate job applicants based on skills and interview conversations, not a checkmark. Louisiana joins 23 other states in adopting the hiring practice.

New Orleans and Baton Rouge already had banned the criminal history box. Justice Action Network, a bipartisan group advocating criminal justice reform, said the law helps to fight the stigma of a criminal record. Similar legislative pushes have failed, but recent support from conservative and faith-based community groups helped to turn the tide, Harris said. Bill supporters disputed the claim at every turn, saying the proposal would merely provide an equal footing to applicants seeking state employment.

Decoteau, Louisiana civil service director. It also will not apply to positions in law enforcement, corrections or other positions that legally require criminal background checks. The academy also covers general law enforcement training required for all state law enforcement officers, plus search and rescue proce- dures. Each cadet is assigned to a parish and must live in that parish after training. The department also has a video about becoming a wildlife and fisheries agent.

Only 10 percent have a great deal of confidence in the overall political system. Although their America is still a land of shining seas, spacious skies and majestic mountains, many express a deep sense of disenchantment and uncertainty in their own lives. I see people who are hungry and broke and who are struggling a lot. He lives in inner city St. Louis with his grandmother in a sea of burned-out buildings and abandoned schools, not far from a hip, trendy part of town.

And, you know, that was the end of hope. We had no more hope. Yet the years that followed have seemed more unsettling than uplifting to many. Today, some people want more from their government. Others just want it to go away as much as possible. Our forefathers had the foresight to draft the Constitution, the Bill of Rights that has laid the groundwork for the nation carrying on for years and continues to guide us. A veteran of the war in Afghanistan, daughter of immigrants from Hong Kong, year-old Kimberly Jung sees it as something deeper, a challenge to every citizen.

And you harness that set of strengths and weaknesses to work with a group and form a team and do great things. Amal Kassir, a 20year-old college student from Denver, sees her own future caught up with the chance the country has right now to make itself into something better.

AP — Louisiana motorists will soon know the locations of area red light cameras as they approach intersections. It will take effect Aug. The bill from Sen. Troy Carter, a New Orleans Democrat, bars local parishes that fail to post the signs from collecting traffic violation fines from drivers who are asked to pay for running intersections with the red light cameras. The measure received overwhelming support from the House and the Senate.

The Department of Health announced the figures Wednesday. Most of the enrollment is not from people actively signing up, however. The remaining enrollees registered for the health insurance online, by phone, in person — or because they were food stamp recipients determined to also be eligible for the Medicaid coverage. Fred Mills into law. It takes effect Aug. The measure aims to protect patients of the state-sponsored medical marijuana program from laws that penalize people for possession or distribution of marijuana.

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