L4d and l4d2 characters meet

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l4d and l4d2 characters meet

As I understand it, all the characters have the same attributes except for the model but i have noticed that in left 4 dead 2 there is a difference between running. Don't warn me again for Left 4 Dead 2. View Page. Cancel. Your preferences are configured to warn you when images may be sensitive. Today Valve announced the first downloadable content for Left 4 Dead 2. And if you thought just four characters were loquacious for a game.

He is the oldest of the Left 4 Dead 2 group and serves in an unofficial capacity as its leader. He is a religious man, stopping the Survivors for a group prayer before entering Liberty Malland shows his weak point to be his stomach - always ready to stop when a food joint is nearby.

l4d and l4d2 characters meet

In-game, he shows preference for Tier 1 and Tier 2 shotgunswhile in official media the Chainsaw appears to be his signature weapon. Coach is voiced by Chad L. Ellis Ellis is a twenty-three year old mechanic hailing from Savannah, similar to Coach. He wears a Bull-Shifter T-Shirt, a white and blue cap, with a truck towing logo that is also seen in the car alarm section in The Parishhalf-removed coveralls with the sleeves tied around his waist, and black work boots.

The Passing

Ellis appears to have a lack of comprehension of the seriousness of his current situation and retains a somewhat goofy personality in comparison to the other Survivors. Being the youngest of the group, Ellis has a naive, childish view of this new world, making him the "little brother" of the group. Ellis also has a love interest in Zoey when he first meets her in The Passing.

In-game, Ellis has preference for the Sniper and Hunting Riflewhile in official media, the Grenade Launcher appears to be his signature weapon. Ellis is voiced by Eric Ladin. Nick In initial development, Nick was a thirty-five year old ex-prisoner who escaped in the wake of the Infection and celebrated his newfound freedom by stealing a white suit from a high end retailer.

The Survivors

He later developed into a shady con man and gambler drifting from city to city who bemoans his bad luck in happening to be passing through Savannah and not Las Vegas when the current crisis hit. He wears an expensive white suit with a blue button-down shirt, several gold rings and brown leather shoes. Nick holds negative and pessimistic views towards both the situation he has fallen into and the three strangers he is forced to join up with.

l4d and l4d2 characters meet

Over time, despite his hard-boiled attitude towards his fellow Survivors, he softens and mellows as he increasingly learns to trust them. Nick is voiced by Hugh Dillon. Rochelle Rochelle is a twenty-nine year old minor associate producer for a news station with a high reputation, though her job had more to do with moving cables and coffee duties.

She was in Savannah producing a segment about the evacuation center when the area became overrun with the Infected. She wears a pink T-shirt with a Depeche Mode logo, silver hoop earrings, blue jeans, a thin studded belt around her waist, two silver bracelets on her left arm and knee-high brown boots. Rochelle has the most realistic grasp of the situation and is very caring towards her fellow Survivors.

Her and Francis show romantic interest in each other when they meet in the campaign The Passing. Rochelle is voiced by Rochelle Aytes.

GMOD: Meet The Survivors

Non-Playable Survivors See main article: The primary weapon preference as Survivor Bots are always the same for every Survivor. In the Left 4 Dead 2 ports of the original campaigns, the original Survivors have different preferences. This is likely an oversight, as the Left 4 Dead Survivors gain the weapon preference of the Left 4 Dead 2 character's slot they fill on the character selection screen. Francis and Louis however, are not over their right successors as Louis goes over Coach and Francis over Ellis.

In the ported campaigns, Bill and Zoey, being placeholders for Nick and Rochelle respectively, use Magnums while Francis and Louis, being placeholders for Ellis and Coach respectively, use dual-wielding Pistols. The "Hit Box" is affected by the body size of Survivors.

l4d and l4d2 characters meet

Taller, heavier Survivors such as Coach have a slightly larger "Hit Box" than shorter, slimmer Survivors such as Rochelle. A larger Hit Box means a higher chance of receiving friendly fire, and easier aiming for Special Infected. During development, the original Survivors' physical appearance changed in response to an evolving design brief that lead towards making them appear "realistic" in the sense they credibly resemble people who could be encountered in everyday life.

Visuals for Left 4 Dead 2 began with the same term of reference, but, as evidenced by the first screenshots and videos with the exception of Nick, each character's appearance underwent rolling changes and refinement.

An early developmental visual of Francis shows him with long, unkempt hair. It can thus be inferred that Zoey's comment to Francis that she knows how to cut hair is a legacy attribute.

In Left 4 Dead, it seems possible that each scenario is geared towards being the "home" of one of the Survivors excluding Rochelle and Nick, who don't seem to say anything about where various landmarks can be found.

l4d and l4d2 characters meet

Bill makes a comment about the trailer in Blood Harvestasking Francis if it reminded him of home, although this is most likely intended as an insult to Francis.

This could also mean that Francis lives in a trailer somewhere. Louis seems to know somewhat trivial pieces of information involving the sewer system of Riverside.

l4d and l4d2 characters meet

He also seems to know his way around Fairfield, even in the sewer; he knows when the Survivors have arrived at the hospital. Like Billhe may insult Francis by making a comment of an alleyway in Crash Courseasking him if it was where he was born, prompting Francis to ask if it's the one he'll die in. She also states that she has been to Newburg before.

They have no special characteristics, acting just like any Common Infected in the Left 4 Dead series. If played in Versusthe original Survivors will not show up, yet the dialogue that is spoken in response to them will still be used. This was most likely done so that the Survivors wouldn't appear in the finale, making it fair for the Infected team. The original Survivors also do not appear in the Scavenge version of The Port, likely for the same reason.

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They also do not appear in Survivalso holding out will be just as difficult as on any other map. Nor do they spawn apart from Bill's body in the mutation Last Man on Earth. Bill's body will not display during the finale. The Midnight Riders' tour bus may be seen speeding down a road during the second chapter, as seen here. This hints that the band were able to escape or another group of unidentified Survivors have taken control of the bus.

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Notably, a bus horn is heard and there is no crash. Francis may confuse Jimmy Gibbs Jr. This has been fixed on the PC version, but still remains in the Xbox version.