Lebron and wade meet again westford

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade will break up because she hates . each and every other person within eye sight has been reunited with their . When LeBron had his Miami stint, he became the LBJ that we saw this season. . My two favorites are Nashoba Valley Ski Area in Westford, and Blue Hills. See what Ritchard Hickman (detroithickm) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James during Game 2 of the of wordy wind that James will meet with the Celtics when he hits free.

It's not the Celtics. The Cavaliers power-dribbled the Celtics to elimination in five games, winning Game 2 by 44 points and the clinching fifth game by 33 points. That version of the Celtics was outmanned and out of its league against those Cavaliers. That made it easy to forget in the aftermath — and even now, as the teams meet again under the same circumstances but strikingly different rosters — that for a moment the Celtics had a flicker of hope that looked like it might become a flame.

In Game 4, the Celtics appeared poised to tie the series, taking a point lead with 5: Turned out that would be their last good feeling of the season. A Cavaliers superstar took over. And that flicker was soon extinguished.

NBA | The Open Field - Part 2

Did LeBron James exert his will and shatter the Celtics? He was a co-conspirator for sure, finishing with 34 points, 6 assists, and 5 rebounds in what would become a win for the Cavs. But it was not LeBron who seized command of that game.

It was a tour-de-force half-quarter of basketball for Irving, who seemed to be able to overcome any degree of difficulty thrown at him in his creative quest to get to the hoop.

Advertisement But as it turned out, he was just warming up. Irving torched the Celtics for 21 points in the third quarter, including 10 after rolling his ankle on a made shot with 1: On one basket he appeared to levitate at the front of the rim until any Celtic futilely attempting to protect it lost the battle with gravity.

The Cavaliers miss Kyrie Irving more than the Celtics do. That is not meant to detract from anything he achieved during his dazzling first 60 games as a Celtic, before a knee injury sidelined him for the season in March. There would be an extra level of suspense and anticipation in this series were Irving healthy and squaring off with LeBron rather than riding in his sidecar.

But historically, Boston has not been the best place to come play for an NBA free agent. Now imagine being an NBA superstar. It just is not going to happen.

Should the Celtics pursue LeBron James, given the likely cost?

But now here we are! Now that it is the first of July, free agent season begins. So what will the Celtics pitch to Durant during their interview? God only knows, but we need to come up with some good ideas. There are plenty of things to pitch to an NBA all-star about this city. So rich in culture, food, the arts, history. You name it, Boston has it.

I have put together a list of things that we can use to lure in Durantula. Whale Watching Long Wharf is beautiful. Especially if you have children, Kevin. Do you have children? But here is the thing, Kevin — they have boats! Humpback whales, I think. But when I saw it, it was amazing. The whale blew water in the air.

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Then his tail came out of the water. So much action over the course of like an hour and a half. The boat is great, too.

South Boston Kevin, these people will love you. Imagine the biggest Kappa Sigma frat party you ever attended at Texas. You probably walked through the back door, or hung out in the driveway, took a hundred pictures, and then left after one of your boys took a bottle of vodka out from behind the bar. That sounds like my ideal college party, by the way. Okay, so take that, and multiply it by 2, people. You will fit right in, I promise. You are basically a regular there!