Les miserables cosette and marius meet

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les miserables cosette and marius meet

Marius Pontmercy (born ) is a main character, and the love interest of and should Marius ever have the chance to meet with him, he wishes Marius could. Lyrics to 'A Heart Full Of Love' by Les Misérables - Original London Cast: Cosette: Then make no sound Marius: I am lost Cosette: I am found!. Cosette is a fictional character in the novel Les Misérables by Victor Hugo and in the many . When Cosette and Marius finally meet again in the garden, they confess their mutual love, share their first kiss, and introduce themselves.

Marius watches Cosette for a few nights before approaching her. When Cosette and Marius finally meet again in the garden, they confess their mutual love, share their first kiss, and introduce themselves. They continue to meet in secret. The same night, Cosette informs Marius that she and Valjean will be departing for England soon.

les miserables cosette and marius meet

This news devastates them both, because it will mean the end of their relationship. Marius briefly attempts to obtain money and permission to marry from his grandfather to circumvent this issue.

les miserables cosette and marius meet

Their discussion dissolves into a heated argument stemming from the grandfather's suggestion to "Make her Cosette your Marius' mistress", and Marius storms out. Valjean considers this in horror for a few days, then informs Cosette they will move to their other house and will be in England in a week. Cosette quickly writes a letter to Marius with this information. Marius writes a farewell letter to Cosette, which is delivered to Valjean by Gavroche. After the battle is over, he takes Marius' unconscious body through the sewers.

After, quite literally, dragging Marius through quicksand in the sewer, Valjean finally manages to get Marius through the sewers alive.

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Javert helps Valjean return Marius to his grandfather's house, and Valjean requests to be brought home to say goodbye to Cosette before being sent back to the galleys. Javert allows it, and when Valjean instinctively looks out the window, Javert is gone. We later find out that Valjean's sparing his life at the barricade had caused a moral paradox and that Javert had gone to throw himself into the Seine.

After Marius' six-month recovery from his wounds, he is reunited with Cosette. Wedding and afterwards[ edit ] Cosette bids farewell to Valjean after her marriage On February 16,Marius and Cosette marry. The next morning, Valjean tells Marius of his criminal past.

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Marius asks him to leave him and Cosette. He then allows Valjean to visit her each evening, but makes those visits increasingly difficult until Valjean stops coming.

While Marius, assuming the worst about Valjean's character, searches for the real origin of Cosette's money, Valjean loses the will to live and becomes bedridden. She attempts to give Marius some money from his grandfather, but he rejects it, and sends her away. Having rejected the money, Marius finds it hard to support himself, and begins to sell items while also working as a translator as a means of earning money.

Eventually, Marius moves to the Gorbeau House in the slums of Pariswhere the rent is cheap, and the only amenity is having a roof over one's head. In the very first meeting he has with them, he argues with their leader, Enjolras, an anti-Bonapartist republican, then leaves the group. Nevertheless, he remains on good terms with the group, especially Courfeyac. After leaving the group, Marius takes a stroll in the Luxembourg Gardens and spots Jean Valjean and Cosette sitting on a bench, and, out of the blue, the two adolescents fall in love with each other at a glance.

The next day, Marius returns to the Gardens holding a marigold flower in his hands and leaves it on the bench that Cosette and Valjean frequent.

After a few minutes, the father and daughter arrive as Marius is about to leave, and Cosette keeps a hold of the flower. It is starting with this moment that Marius frequently attempts to approach the two and introduce himself, only to be intimidated by Valjean and back off at the last moment. During one of these moments, Valjean intentionally leaves his hankerchief behind bearing the initials U.

He keeps it with him, cherishing it often, and follows them home to learn of their address. After frequent encounters at the Gardens, Valjean and Cosette move out, due to the former thinking that Marius is a spy for Javert. Incident in the Gorbeau House and Blossoming Love Edit Six months later, he overhears the commotion of the Jondrettes ransacking their own apartment in order to over-emphasize their poverty to a benefactor coming later that day to deliver food.

Watching through a small opening in the walls between their rooms, Marius sees that the benefactor is actually Valjean, and is even more surprised to see Cosette accompanying him on the visit.

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He listens in to hear Jondrette lie about the monthly rent, and make an arrangement to have Valjean return later that evening with half-a-year's rent. A few hours later, Marius overhears Jondrette talking to one of the members of the crime gang Patron-Minette about setting up an ambush when Valjean returns in order to extort more money.

Marius quickly heads to the police and notifies Javert of the situation, making an arrangement to stay quiet in his apartment and fire a gun into the air once all of the members of the Patron-Minette have gathered. Over the next few days, Marius visits the home and eventually meets Ursule in the courtyard. Marius returns Valjean's hankerchief to her, thinking it was hers, to which the duo laugh, introduce each other's names, and their relationship blossoms for weeks by nightly visits in the courtyard.

Eventually, Cosette tells Marius about the move, causing much distress for the pair. Marius goes to Gillenormand to try to reconcile and to get permission to marry Cosette.

However, after Gillenormand simply rebuffs his love as a passing fling, Marius storms out of the house, insulted. As Gavroche rushes to deliver the letter he bumps into, and recognizes, a disguised Javert and exposes him in front of the Friends of the ABC. Cosette as an adult During a walk in the park, Cosette spots a young man named Marius who also notices her. This sets off a spark of romance that Valjean mistakes as an attempt to get him arrested which causes the family to move twice to avoid detection.

During one of the moves, she reconnects with Eponine who reveals that the reason that she was so bitter to Cosette as a child was because her mother was always there but didn't ultimately care about her while Cosette's mother loved her a great deal. With the reluctant help of Eponine, Marius and Cosette are able to meet in secret up until the Revolution.

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During this event, Cosette is seen constantly praying for Marius's and Valjean's safe return. Later that day, Marius proposes to Cosette to which she accepts.

Marius and Cosette profess their love to each other After the wedding in February, Valjean suddenly dissapears. He is soon detected but is on his death bed, and summons Cosette and Marius at once.

He reveals to them his life story of being a criminal and the promise he made to Cosette's mother, apologizing that he hadn't done as well as he should have. Cosette tearfully tells him that he was the best father that he could be and that she loved him.

She held his hand as he died with the spirits of Fantine and the Bishop to lead him home. Approximately three years after the happenings of the series, Cosette and Marius have a daughter that is almost identical to her with exception of her darker blond hair, which is closer to her father's hair color. She asks her mother about the necklace she is wearing and Cosette states that it is a gift [by her grandmother, Fantine] that she will receive when she is older.

les miserables cosette and marius meet

Differences from Novel Edit Cosette's character isn't expressed much in the novel, despite being clearly explained.