Lulu and johnny meet

lulu and johnny meet

Lulu Spencer is a fictional character from General Hospital, an American soap opera on the . Following her split with Johnny, Lulu begins bonding with drifter Ethan Lovett (Nathan Parsons) who is revealed as Luke's illegitimate son. .. Dante and Lulu meet for the first time on July 31, , while he is undercover as . Johnny Zacchara is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital and the Johnny Zacchara arrives in Port Charles and meets Lulu Spencer and the two begin a flirtatious relationship. His guardian is his father's lawyer, Trevor. Johnny has always brought out the dangerous side of Lulu. Last year at this time, when we met him he was being let out of prison after a year.

He has Ethan get Lisa Niles to save him. Johnny blackmails Lisa with the syringe she used to try to kill Robin so that she will help him with his gunshot wounds.

He is found by Lulu and she takes him to his apartment. On February 21, Johnny and Lisa had sex in his apartment for the first time. Eventually, fed up with Robin and Lisa's constant squabbling over the syringe, Johnny calls them both to his apartment and arranges a scavenger hunt for it. When Lisa's search nearly causes her to lose her job at General Hospital and delays her greatly, she turns to Johnny for help.

Johnny, however, reveals that it wasn't really about the syringe, but to try to get her to finally get over her obsession with Patrick and move on with her life. When Patrick finds out about this, he insists to Johnny that Lisa is too far gone to be helped and just as deranged as Claudia. On April 22, Johnny finds his father Anthony Zacchara out of prison and living in his apartment.

Johnny Zacchara

In May Johnny helps Michael and his girlfriend Abby Haver find the hitwoman his father ordered to kill Abby's ex-boyfriend Brandon. On June 9, Johnny agrees to help Lisa who is on the run for the attempted murder of Robin Drake get out of the country to start her life over.

Johnny later learns that Lisa has taken people hostage at the hospital and learns his father Anthony Zacchara help her to do so. Johnny has also begun pushing Ethan Lovett to admit that he has feelings for Kristina.

He still taunts Sonny whenever he catches them together which has caused Sonny to pull a gun on him and almost kill him until Olivia intervenes.

lulu and johnny meet

Johnny and Anthony argue over Claudia on the anniversary of her murder. On January 23, Sonny reveals to Johnny that he is really the biological son of Gino Soleito and that Claudia, whom he'd spent his whole life believing was his sister, was actually his biological mother. At the charity event in February at the Metro Court, Sonny announces to everyone that Claudia was Johnny's mother. Sonny is arrested for shooting out Anthony Zacchara's tires, causing the car accident that killed Cole Thornhart and Hope Manning.

Johnny agrees to help Detective Delores Padilla find her sister's killer in exchange for information on the case, and also blackmails Steve Webber with what he did in Memphis. In March Johnny begins a sexual relationship with Carly Corinthos Jacks and in April the couple goes public with their relationship. However, Johnny sleeps with Connie Kate's alternate personality while Sonny walks in and later Carly. Carly, betrayed by Johnny, seduces Sonny, but Sonny backs off.

Sonny tells Carly he thinks there is more to the story with Kate. Carly later dumps Johnny. Later on, Johnny buys a recording contract for Starr after Starr reveals her original producer was a crook and used the money from the record deal for adult films. Johnny shoots and kills Anthony after revealing that Johnny was the one who caused the accident that killed Hope and Cole and had Kate's alter Connie take the fall. After a long time of giving Carly roses and flowers, Johnny gives her a nice, expensive bracelet that Carly had shown him, and with a lot of thought, Carly finally forgives him.

In his head, he can hear his dead father, Anthony, talk to him and is going a bit crazy after he buys half of The Haunted Star for a night club, a partnership with his ex-girlfriend, Lulu.

Carly says once there's a special bond between two people, it never really goes away, but she knows he really wants this night, and she really trusts him, but Lulu's police officer husband is not happy with it.

Johnny is now being haunted by Anthony Zacchara and Hope Manning-Thornhart for their deaths he shot Anthony point blank and got rid of his corpse, and killed Hope -along with her father- when he shot out Anthony's tires.

Brytni was very good in doing that with me. To fill that for her was that she wanted to become a cop, and that was very important for him to exploit. Now that he knows what to exploit, how is he going to do that? Do you think his plan is a good one? I do think his plan is good. Johnny is risking being caught and being put behind bars. Does he really just want to help Lulu, or is he helping her bring down Valerie, because he is hoping something potentially can happen with the two of them again?

He finds out this information about Lulu and Dante, and makes his entrance based on that information. For me, that is what justifies him resurfacing in Port Charles. Nobody knows this information, but Johnny. Maybe we can hit the reset button and see what we were once going to be.

We will see how he dances around that! Johnny has always loved Lulu, right? Why was he on the run this time? He absolutely has loved Lulu. Is he concerned that Julian, and others, could find him while he is in Port Charles? Will we see you continuing to hide out behind The Haunted Star bar for three weeks? Laughs Those scenes have been so fun to shoot! Johnny has always brought out the dangerous side of Lulu.

lulu and johnny meet

Does he ultimately just want to get her into bed? He jokes a lot about that as you will see in the coming weeks. But I think what he wants is to love Lulu again. I think at this point that love is, in a sense, unrequited. It was eight years ago that they loved each other.

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It seems like almost another life ago. So, it has this unrequited sense to it. I think the only way that Johnny can deal with that is through humor. You are going to find him using humor this time around more than he ever has.

That is what I liked about your return this time, and I noticed that right away. It was important for me to do that. Every time I come back, I want to bring something new to him and some other element. Last year at this time, when we met him he was being let out of prison after a year and a half.

This time around when we see Johnny he has been on the run. So last year, you saw a lot of his crazy side, because it was the only way he knew how to survive in prison, and that was to get a little loony.

This time around with being on the run, he had to get in touch with the lighter part of himself. On the other side of that coin, and this is true in my own life … and I kind of stole from myself in this sense … but when I am in an uncomfortable situation, I will either be completely closed off, or use humor to get out of it.

That is what you are going to see him going through a lot, and using humor to try to cope with how uncomfortable things are for him really deep down. It was fun twist I got to make with the character. So, do you like how you are able to come in and out of GH doing a guest arc, while continuing to pursue and book roles in primetime series doing guest shots, movies, etc? It seems to be working out well for you!

I have been recurring on a pretty big series on TNT which has been great, and doing a movie here and there, and other guest spots on TV series. I do enjoy it. What do you think? Yes, you will see. I think they are all doing a great job. Ron was doing a great job, but the network decided to go in a different direction.

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I think these writers now are doing a great job. I think they are doing their best to keep up with the integrity of each character.

Johnny has had such a history on the show. Did you inject any thing into the script or dialog this time? There was some ad-libbing I did, and not because of the integrity of the writing, the writing was great. However, there are some times that I feel in a script that there is something that can be ad-libbed at the moment that will make it more authentic to the characters.

You can probably see where I take those liberties when you are watching the show. How has it been working with both actresses who have played Lulu: Julie Berman and Emme Rylan?

lulu and johnny meet

I think Julie and Emme are both tremendous actresses. They both have different qualities about them that make them great. Of course, they are two different people, but at the end of the day we are telling a love story. They both do a great job at telling it. Did you get to have some laughs with Emme on the set between takes? Yeah, it depends on the scene. If we are shooting some very serious scenes, I will make a point to be quiet and withdrawn to myself.

Luckily, everyone I got to work with was respectful of that.