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meet ben and ernesto

View and license Ernesto Arguello pictures & news photos from Getty Images. LOVE 'Meet Ben and Ernesto' Episode Pictured Ernesto Arguello. Tim and Ben take their final ladies to their home towns for one final date. Then, live Meet Ben and Ernesto. Apr 16, $ Ernesto Finds Love. May 28 . Ernesto E. Pacheco, 69, of Laramie died Sept. In , he met his wife, Angelita Pacheco (Plasencio), and they carried on to have five.

But I kind of expressed how excited I was about it and interested in it and they came around pretty quick. And at this point, I mean, we back each other up in everything that we do and we're pretty much a family. So I think that they were excited to watch me put myself out there and see if I could meet someone great. So at this point, everybody's super geared up and excited to watch, so I think if we land a tour, we'll be watching on the tour bus -- Tivo or something while we're onstage.

What was your general impression of Hailey Clark, a year-old who currently resides in Indialantic, FL? Probably the funniest girl I've ever met in my entire life. We had like initial insane chemistry just because I feel like we spent every day just laughing our heads off. Super sweet girl and this is the stuff -- this will be the first interview where we're -- I'm trying to like dodge what actually happened between her and I.

I really, really enjoyed hanging out with her.

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She's an incredible woman, so I got to say you'll have to watch to see how it all panned out, but love Hailey. This question is for each of you. Was it easier going into a show like this knowing that you don't actually have to propose and get engaged on national TV, that there are options? I couldn't commit without meeting, you know, the right person.

And I personally, I've never been in love. So that was not a commitment that I was about to make because I was not doing this for, you know, to be on TV. I was doing it because I've been looking for the love of my life for quite some time now. That gave me a lot of piece of mind and that definitely played a big role in making the decision to participate.

meet ben and ernesto

Yes that was one of the big turnoffs I think for the other shows, is that how are you supposed to commit to something like that until you've met the person?

I could see that happening if, you know, you met the person and you're blown away and you're just like, "Oh my God. I want to give this the best shot in the world. So we -- yes, we were somewhat, you know, cautiously optimistic about what the outcome was going to be.

So the idea that this wasn't a requirement, I think did make a big difference. At least it made it a lot more digestible. I think if it was a requirement, I wouldn't have done it. Given the show's format, what was the biggest challenge to finding the right connection with somebody? I would say just allowing it to happen really naturally in a semi-unnatural setting, you know? I think all of us went in there with a clear head and with the right intentions.

You want to make sure that when you meet someone on a show like this, that you're meeting someone that has [good intentions]. Yes, I'd have to agree with Tim. And I'd say one other thing that was a challenge for me is to be so openly dating more than one person at a time.

I've never dated more than one person at a time, and in this format, you had to.

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And it's actually a challenge because you're constantly concerned about hurting the people you're actually getting close to. This episode of Face to Face narrates a legendary but ill-fated alliance. From the moment they met until the death of Guevara, the relationship between the two reflected a complex geopolitical game in which lies, manipulation and internecine power struggles sealed Cuba's fate as the small Caribbean island that would play an outsized role in Cold War politics.

These are six key moments that shaped their friendship - and its downfall. The two men click and they spend 10 hours talking and sharing their revolutionary ideals. In his journal, Guevara writes of the encounter: And in the morning I had become the doctor of his new expedition. To tell the truth, after my experiences across Latin America I didn't need much more to enlist for a revolution against a tyrant.

But I was particularly impressed with Fidel. I shared his optimism. We needed to act, to struggle, to materialise our beliefs. Stop whining and fight.

meet ben and ernesto

Castro waits and gets Guevara out of prison In setting up his revolutionary organisation, the M26, Castro comes under the radar of the Mexican security forces and is imprisoned along with Guevara.

Castro is released before Guevara. Guevara tells Castro to leave him there, but Castro refuses and eventually gets him out of jail.

meet ben and ernesto

In his journal, Guevara writes: This attitude of Fidel's for the ones he cared about is key to the fanaticism that surrounds him. If you adhere to his principles, you adhere to his whole personality and that's what makes this rebel army an indivisible block.

Season 1 Episode 2

Castro set off from Mexico to start a guerrilla war in Cuba with a small army of rebel fighters in Novembermonths after he and Guevara had been released from prison [The Associated Press] January 8, After the revolution, Guevara lets Castro take the limelight After proclaiming victory of the Cuban revolution in Santiago de Cuba on January 1,Castro had begun a week-long march to Cuba's capital.

And that's when Fidel Castro, who's no angel, who's a real politician, decides to restore some order," Raffy says. On January 8,Castro marches into Havana in triumph while the fiercely loyal Guevara, by now Castro's faithful "comandante", remains in the shadow. Castro appoints Guevara as ambassador to the revolution Castro appoints Guevara as ambassador in order to keep him away from Cuba.

Over time, the friendship between Castro and Guevara has changed.