Mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction dirty

Percabeth Meets Mortals, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction dirty

Annabeth goes to Undervines High School with her best mortal friends, Brooke, Andy, Jack, Jacob, and Ryan. When Percy decides to join, problems bigger then snotty Her long perfectly straight dirty blonde hair was in a perfect fishtail to meet some of the new students, when hands covered my eyes. Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination Its a bunch of one possibly cliche shots about mortals meeting percabeth. I don't own Percy Jackson , the seven, or any other demigods because I am not Rick Riordan. Rated T for big boy . (not the dirty way you dirty birds I mean sex ewww gross). This is your typical 'Mortals Try To Break Percabeth' story. I promise it's I looked into the gorgeous eyes of Percy Jackson as he spoke to me. He was I've got shoulder length, dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. I'm short.

How come nobody told us? Chase cleared his throat and said, "Boys, we can talk about this later. We have company right now, don't be rude. Let go of Percy so he and Annabeth can sit down. Percy was wearing a light green button down shirt tucked into a pair of khakis, but the sleeves were rolled up so he didn't look very presentable. Annabeth, on the other hand, looked stunning. Even with the glowering face, her soft gray dress made her stand out. She was wearing tattered converse high-tops and ripped skinny jeans under the dress, and her hair was pulled up into a high and extremely messy ponytail.

She had no makeup on, and though the outfit sounds like a trainwreck, her natural beauty was still obvious. I swear, she looked like a goddess. Frederick frowned at them, which made her glare intensify, but Percy shrugged and muttered something along the lines of, "This was the best I could do.

I mean, any respectable boyfriend pulls out the chair for his girlfriend, it's just common courtesy. As soon as they sat down my parents asked them to introduce Percy. They didn't answer right away, which I thought was rude, but then I realized what they were doing.

Percy texting Annabeth

Percy and Annabeth were looking at each other, and it was like they were talking through facial expressions. His face looked like he was pleading with her to do something, and finally she stopped pouting and turned towards my parents with an apologetic smile. Now, what did you ask? Well, this is Percy. He's my boyfriend of one year," she informed us. My heart, which had just about shattered from the first revelation, superglued itself together when I realized how short of a time they'd known each other.

There was no way this'd last. She could be mine, yet! How did you meet? We've been best friends ever since," Percy offered. He seemed to be polite and kind right now, but he was too good-looking to not be a player, I was sure. No way he was better for Annabeth than I was. The conversation drifted off them and onto the issues with social media, and such boring conversations to entertain the adults. I was sitting in my seat, attempting to nonchalantly stalk Percy and Annabeth so I could gauge the seriousness of their relationship.

As I was watching them, I noticed something. Percy's hand constantly twitched and he never sat still. Then I realized he was whispering something to Annabeth. I tried to make out what he was saying, but it was almost like it was another language, because I could not understand a word. It must have been a joke, though, because Annabeth started and had to fight to hold back a laugh. She placed her head in her hand so that it was covering her mouth, trying to conceal her smile. Their smiles dropped before my parents could focus on them with a questioning gaze.

My parents looked pointedly at me before changing the subject of the whole table to education. I live in New York with my mom, so that's where I go to school," he explained awkwardly. He seemed umcomfortable in front of my parents.

My mother choked a little on her red wine. Why are you here right now? Did you skip school? Does your mother know you're here? We only have school on Tuesday and Wednesday. And yes, of course my mother knows I'm here. How did you get here? I've got some strawberry shortcakes in the kitchen.

They must have a serious addiction to dessert. Percy offered to help Mrs. Chase carry everything into the dining room, so he got up and left. Frederick invited my parents into the other room to show them a new antique he was planning on donating to the museum they worked at. I realized this left me alone with Annabeth, excluding the two rugrats. We've only been dating three months," she said indifferently. I laughed lightly and said, "Oh, yeah, sorry!

I was a little distracted. So, um, how' s your english class reading list going? He seemed to be asking her a question and she responded in the same language. What the heck is going on here?!

The girl let's call her Blondie for nowgestured to us and said something with her hands on her hips, kind of like she was proving a point. Percy put his hands up in an "I surrender" position and gave Blondie his signature lopsided grin.

mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction dirty

She smiled, said something, and laughed. His eyes twinkled and he said something else, pulling her towards him. She said the same thing back, and they kissed quickly before turning back to us. By this point my jaw had practically hit the ground. Lacy looked to be on the verge of a hysterical meltdown and John and Pete looked shocked, but they were probably still trying to comprehend how she could be real. Blondie had her fingers intertwined with Percy's but she was staring at us with a look on her face like she couldn't decide whether or not to trust us.

Percy cleared his throat and said, "Well, guys, this is my girlfriend. Her name is Annabeth. Percy nudged her gently on the shoulder. She shot a glare in his direction. You can't expect me to be best friends with them right away. But you trust me right? My mom would be extremely disappointed.

But, I love you, so I suppose I'll just have to be nice. Who are you guys? When John said hi, I'm pretty sure he tried to flirt with her, but Percy glared at him and he backed off. Lacy was the last to go. One of Percy's friends. It's nice to meet you. She has the same spunk, you know," Annabeth told me. I think it was a compliment. I'm usually pretty easy-going, after a little while. I assumed it was an inside joke. He laughed a little and then realization dawned on his face. If she finds out that I talked to you for even 1 second and I haven't called her yet, she'll flip!

Annabeth laughed out loud and said, "Okay, I know your mom loves me but All day it's 'Where's Annabeth? I swear, she talks about you almost more than I do. I'm pretty sure by this point Paul could tell us your entire life story. Percy gave her a puppy dog face and practically begged, "At least come over and visit right now!

You're not even enrolled yet, so you're not the one who'll be skipping. Come on Wise Girl, please, please, please! But only because I miss Sally, you have nothing to do with it.

As soon as they finished, the bell rang. Wow, talk about perfect timing!

mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction dirty

Percy glanced at Annabeth and their eyes connected. They appeared to be having a conversation with only their eyes, and it was irritating because I didn't know what they were saying! They looked at the rest of us, said bye, and ran right out of the school. Now, where they went, I couldn't tell you. Annabeth When I first got there, I was trying to hide.

I was really close to Percy with my Yankees cap. But he just had to smell me, didn't he? I know that it sounds romantic but it kind of irritated me because now I couldn't sneak up on him.

Mortals, meet demigods | FanFiction

And then I started to think that it was funny, so when he called out to me I couldn't suppress a giggle. I sprinted behind an open locker door so that it wouldn't seem like I came out of nowhere once I took my hat off. He had a beat-up blue pickup, and I loved it. Percy started the car and we drove in the direction of his apartment.

We listened to the radio and one of my favorite songs came on: Brave by Sara Bareilles. I started singing and Percy was laughing at how intentionally bad it was. He joined in and I burst out laughing too. We were so loud I'm pretty sure even Hades could hear us. We pulled into the parking lot and raced to the lobby. I won, by the way. I jumped on his back claiming my legs were way too tired to stand in the elevator. I was giggling and he was poking me in the side with his free hand, so the old lady in the elevator with us was staring at us.

When we got to his apartment he pushed open the door and I was still on his back.

mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction dirty

Sally was sitting at the table in the kitchen, typing away at her laptop. She hadn't heard the door open. I slipped off Percy's back and ran to give her a hug. She laughed and said, "I see you got a ride here," gesturing to Percy. I laughed and hugged Percy. He blushed and started trying to explain himself, but Sally cut him off, "I know, Annabeth was here and it was necessary for you to spend time with her.

Percy's so lucky he got to grow up with her. We basically spent an entire class block at his apartment. We talked and laughed with Sally, and for a little while I think we both forgot how different we were, how much we had gone through, that we wouldn't be like other kids.

For a while, we were just normal. And I was at home. Lacy Percy hadn't come back to school yet. He was still out with that dumb chick. That sounds really mean, doesn't it? I don't know what's happening to me. I'm usually such a nice kid, it must be the jealousy.

Ughhhhhh I hate being a teenager. Anyways, I was sitting all alone in Science, trying to figure out what kind of fish was swimming in the tank in front of me, when I smelled it. The scent of the sea. I whirled around to see Percy enter the room. I did a silent cheer in my head because I would finally have some time to convince him that he could love me instead.

But then he turned around, ducked his head into the hallway, and returned with a blonde girl next to him. I should have seen it coming. I don't think so. I'm sure he got his stepdad, Mr. Blofis, to do it because he works at the school. They walked up to the front desk and explained something to our teacher. Fuyter laughed, and sent them to their seats. They sat down and Percy started to twirl Annabeth's hair around his finger as he listened to the teacher talk. He seemed to actually be paying attention, which was a surprise.

I thought it was a very boring subject, but he and Annabeth who were lab partners, of course were discussing it animatedly. We were supposed to look at the little tank full of sea life and write down what organisms were in there. I had fish and algae. He had listed things I don't think college majors could have. By this point they were done writing, and Percy was staring at the tank with a little orange fish in it with his brow furrowed in concentration.

He straightened and whispered something in Annabeth's ear. She nodded and said, "Don't worry, Seaweed Brain! We'll talk to Mrs. I decided now was a good time to walk over and find out everything I could about my enemy. As I walked over, Percy stiffened, and fell on the floor.

He curled up in a ball and started convulsing. Annabeth looked really worried, and said to the teacher, "Percy looks sick. I'll take him to the nurse. Annabeth seemed like she was acting, and way too concerned. I think I'll follow them and find out what the heckness is going on. She grabbed Percy, stood him up and wrapped his arm around her shoulder so that she could support him, and ran out the door. When the teacher wasn't looking, I slipped out of the classroom, and followed.

I walked down the hallway at a safe distance. I saw Annabeth walk up to a janitor's closet, check to be sure it was empty, and drag Percy inside. I pressed my ear against the wood so I could hear.

Percy was saying seriously scary things. Please, Annabeth, I need you, I need you! Remember how we got out Percy? He and the seven and Reyna saved us, and we got better. We went and saved Camp, Perce. Eventually Percy's cries softened until I heard him say, "Annabeth? Did it happen again?

We're in the janitor's closet because I didn't want any mortals to hear. As bad as last night? Nothing we can't handle.

But we should really get back to class. I knew Marissa Fuyter when I first came to camp, but even she'll get suspicious if we don't get out of the janitor's closet soon. You're almost as bad as the Stolls. Percy and Annabeth walked out.

They didn't see me, and it's a good thing too, because I felt like my head was about to explode with questions. What had Percy seen that was so terrible?

Delusional, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

Why was Annabeth a part of it? Why did she call us 'mortals' as if she wasn't one? How does she know the teacher? And most important of all: John Percy's new girl was seriously smoking hot.

She was tough looking, like she could kick your ass, but also pretty. She had blonde hair and tan skin. The only thing that threw me off were her eyes. They were this steely gray color that seriously unnerved me. I don't know how Percy ever looked at her straight on. They were all having a conversation, but I wasn't paying attention.

When it got to me I took her hand all gentle and said in my nice, deep voice, "Hey. I finally saw Mack and Lacy at an empty table, but it looked like they were arguing. I assumed Pete was in the lunch line, and Percy and Annabeth hadn't arrived yet. I quickly walked over to them, and heard the end of their conversation.

I swear, they were acting crazy. And I'm pretty sure they spent the night together last night! Mack sighed and said, "Lace-that's not our biggest issue. Our problem is that you've become obsessed. You need to stop this, now. They both whipped their heads around to face me and said at the same time, "Hey. That girl doesn't have any money so Percy's buying lunch for her," She told me. She nodded quickly in response. Right about then, I heard laughing. I turned around to see Percy and Annabeth, her holding a tray, him holding a water bottle.

She was teasing him I think, and he was laughing too. They walked over to the table and sat down. She looked down at her hamburger in disgust. Ssh don't tell the lunch ladies I said that," I responded. She smiled and took a bite.

Almost immediately Percy's face darkened and Annabeth grabbed his hand. Or the night we started dating. Or the first quest, remember? I'll tell you guys later, I just can't right now. Annabeth leaned over and said something in his ear. It sounded like, "Don't think about it. When I see it in my head I focus on this sentence: And you know what, Percy? You and I are gonna get married someday and have kids and they're gonna be safe because of what we did. Everyone in this room is safe because of what we did.

And B She had said they were going to get married and have kids, and we're only in high school. Percy wasn't even freaked out!

What's up with that? Then Lacy broke the silence. They turned to us and said, "Well, we met at our summer camp. It was Percy's first year and I was the senior camper because I had been going there since I was seven. I got assigned to show him around camp, and he was the most annoying person I had ever met. All he did was ask questions! That's a compliment to me.

But it's not my fault I hated you. What was I supposed to do: The smartest girl in camp trying to teach the dumbest boy.

I interrupted, "Ah, Perce, it's supposed to be 'a match made in heaven'. That made her laugh even harder. I thought it was cute that they were laughing together so I kinda laughed too.

And then Mack started laughing because I was laughing. But Lacy just sat there with a straight face.