Mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction se

Mortals: Meet Chapter 1: Percabeth, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction se

It's another mortals meet. Yay this idea isn't original at all! But it's not just Percy and Annabeth, no it's Caleo and Frazel and Thalia has chapters!. Read Paul Blofis from the story Mortals meet Percabeth(Percy Jackson Fanfic) by salpystilinski (Salpy) with reads. percy, mortals, annabeth. Hi ther. The Chilren of The Seven (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the original Percy Jackson characters, . Mortals Meet Demigods.

T - English - Chapters: That is, until Annabeth Chase randomly bounces back into his life and tries to show him the means of happiness as a single person. Neither expected to rekindle harbored feelings felt long ago. The Jealousy Game by livelovewrite reviews Percy and Annabeth are two people who are both in love So in an attempt to win over the people they love, they decide to work together and make them jealous.

Can they do it without falling in love with each other? Now it seems their relationship becomes inflicted with jealousy at every turn. Will they make it through the rain? Found by eleew reviews Percy and Annabeth reunite. K - English - Romance - Chapters: Okami reviews Percy always hid his real self behind a facade but what if he wasn't convincing enough?

Annabeth Chase, his long time rival turned crush, may have figured him out? How will this new experience change him? Percy Jackson's school to be exact. When her eye lands on Percy, what will she do to get him? Read to find out.

mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction se

Disclaimer I do not own PJO exept for my characters. All links at my profile. Can the gods give her a second chance at love? Or will her heart wither and die? Thalia, Percy, and Annabeth are in high school. Please Read and Review!

mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction se

Can these heroes of Olympus endure partner-assigned projects, teenage parties, monsters, snobby mortals and homecoming? This is anything but easy and may take every ounce of training they've got.

I Spy With My Mortal Eye | FanFiction

T - English - Humor - Chapters: Follow her thoughts as she plans to cause a break up and steal a certain green-eyed boyfriend away.

Just because of a letter she changes a life. Just because of a letter she found Percy Jackson. Just because of a letter, she fell in love. Now, Annabeth contemplates his decision to leave and wonders if she did the right thing by letting him go. Dedicated to Cassie's Neighbor. What does Percy think? Not only are we perfect for each other I mean we both love architecture and are semi athletic but she is probably the most beautiful girl at the school and when she first walked in she could have easily joined the popular bitches or the nerd herd but instead she just sat down by her self and started reading a book about architecture.

When Kiffin asked her out she said she had a boyfriend and when he tried to move on her she gave him a black eye. That was possibly the best day of my life.

Kiffin made my life a living hell and ever since Annabeth stole his balls metaphorically he hasn't hurt me once.

When I walked up to my locker which just so happens to be next to Annabeth's I saw her reject yet another guy. Annabeth in italics Pat written in normal "Hey Annabeth. What why wouldn't she tell me … unless she wants me as her boyfriend yes that must be it she wants me to drive her home today or something! I still have hope if I can charm her and I can effectively win her heart thus completing my life goal. Then it comes to me I just need to put on the patented Pat Swanson charm and then we can live happily ever after.

Its not the best class to talk to her in seeing as how she is dyslexic and can't read well yet she somehow manages to get straight A's. She is beautiful and intelligent and my dream. See unlike some guys out there I care what a woman thinks. I also believe that going out with someone with the only reason being they are hot is a dishonorable offense. You see my boyfriend is coming today instead of tomorrow!

Hey I am a sensitive guy all right. Annabeth and a guy kissing. Usually when guys try to kiss her they wind up with swollen balls and a broken jaw. I quickly ran over there pulled him off of her and punched him in the face.

mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction se

He didn't even flinch and my had felt like it hit a steel bar.