Naruto and sakura first meet

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naruto and sakura first meet

The next day when the team meets up together, as Sakura is shown greeting . Naruto at first protests, but quickly changes his mind while Sakura watches the. 'Every step they take there's always first times.' The first time Sakura met Naruto was also the first time she became independent from Ino. Sakura knows what is like to be with Naruto nearby while missing Sasuke's absent. for example making hinata naruto's first friend(his first bond) which makes no When he showed undying support for her to met sasuke again and again.

Naruto sensed that Sakura was looking at him, he felt a hope bubble inside him that maybe she'd treat him differently. Sakura scoffed and walked pass him when she saw that he tried to approach. She thought she saw Sasuke pass by. When she looked back at the blond boy it was also the first time she saw him smile at her. The first time that they knew of their team formation was also the first time Sakura felt superior over Ino.

Why do you ask? Because Sasuke-kun was on her team. But when she heard Naruto's name the first thing she thought is that he'll be an obstacle to her and Sasuke's soon-to-blossom romance.

The first time they met Kakashi-sensei was the first time they did the Bell test. It was also the first time that Sakura proved Naruto an idiot rushing out to Kakashi-sensei without forming a plan. This was also the first time she saw Naruto do a cunning move that caught Kakashi-sensei off guard, almost, it was completely altered by Kakashi-sensei.

Nevertheless it was the first time her mouth fell agape because of Naruto. The first time Sakura got the chance to talk to Sasuke, she was waiting on one of the stone chairs in Konoha park, oddly enough the first question he asked is that what does she think about Naruto and the first thing she blurted out, "He's annoying, a hindrance".

Some casualties she doesn't know what, Sasuke excused himself and promised he'd be right back. She thought her dreams were coming true and Naruto hadn't interfered yet.

Before she can muse on, Sasuke is back, true to what he said, but instead of sitting with her like what he did before, he walked pass her. Sakura called out to him and the first thing he asked, "Where's Naruto? It was the first time she heard Sasuke tell her, "You're annoying" The first time Naruto asked her out his voice was so loud that she thought it reached Sunagakure; she hit him in the head without further ado.

The first time they received a C-rank mission was also the first time they encountered an S-ranked criminal by the name of Zabuza.

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It was also the first time Naruto and Sasuke cooperated and the first time she thought that maybe Naruto is not an all-out idiot. The first time they entered the Chuunin exam was also the first time they entered the Forest of Death and it was also the first time they came face to face with a disguised Orochimaru.

It was also the first time that she saw Sasuke exhibit weakness and the first time she felt so relieved that Naruto came. And most of all it was the first time she favored Naruto's ideas over Sasuke's. The first time she met grave danger without the two was the first time she reflected on her actions and how useless she is. It was also the first time she learned how to give respect to Naruto and Lee, She vowed that she will let them see her back this time.

It was also the first time she saw Sasuke in a killing spree, the first time she became terrified of him The first time they reached the third part of the Chuunin exam was also the first time she faced Ino in a battle arena. It was the time to test who is really the best and the first time they fought without Sasuke's attention as the prize, they were simply fighting for honor as a kunoichi. It was the first time she tied to Ino and the first step to strengthen the crease in their friendship.

More importantly, it was also the first time she was grateful for Naruto's loud voice and continuous support. The first time she saw the two fight was the first time she feared for their friendship. It was also the first time she heard Naruto say that she should not interfere anymore and most of all it was the first time she stood on the neutral ground between the two.

The first time she asked Naruto a favor was the first time Naruto saw her cry to him. The favor was to bring Sasuke back.

naruto and sakura first meet

Naruto knew that this may take a lot of time considering their opponent but nevertheless he smiled for her. It was also the first time she heard Naruto swear "It's a promise of a lifetime. Oddly enough, it was also the first time she felt blessed knowing Naruto. The first time she tried to leave the village Naruto followed but instead of stopping her, he declared that he will come with her. The first time she decided to be a medic-nin was the first time she fully believed in herself.

After Sasuke's defeat against Lee, Sakura catches him from falling.

naruto and sakura first meet

When Team 7 leaves to meet up with the rest of the members of KonohaIno Yamanaka appears and embraces Sasuke from behind. Sakura and Sasuke are then shown scowling at Ino's sudden action with Naruto commenting how annoying she is. With Naruto elsewhere, Sasuke and Sakura find themselves paralyzed when Orochimaru places them under a "Death" genjutsu, where they see their own deaths.

Sasuke finding himself unable to do anything, turns to Sakura and curses when he sees her shaken and in tears. Concluding the only way was to run, Sasuke stabs himself in the leg to dispel the illusion and grabs Sakura, taking her into hiding until Naruto finally comes to their aid but they are found by Orochimaru.

Sasuke offers him their scroll in exchange for them to be left alone, to which Naruto opposes and condemns Sasuke for being a coward, with Sakura watching them. Naruto is later taken down by Orochimaru, with the two only watching in horror, leading Sakura to scold Sasuke for being such a coward unlike Naruto. This causes Sasuke to remember his brother and Sasuke begins to fight back but he is bitten on the neck by Orochimaru.

Sasuke grabs Sakura's hand for comfort Sasuke collapses in Sakura's arms Receiving the Cursed Mark from Orochimaru, Sasuke clutches Sakura's hand in pain and collapses in her arms. Not knowing what to do, Sakura begins to plead for help. Left alone to care for her two unconscious teammates, she tends to their wounds as they are sheltered under a tree. When the Sound Ninja come to take Sasuke, Sakura desperately tries to fight them off with the traps she had prepared, but her efforts are easily avoided and she is only saved by Lee.

When he is taken down, Sakura is left to defend for herself with the other's life at her stake. Sasuke-kun likes girls with long hair As one of the nin's immobilizes Sakura by grabbing her hair, the ninja scolds her for putting more effort onto her looks rather then her skills. Hating herself for always having to watch everyone's back as they protect her, Sakura vows to become stronger and breaks herself free by cutting her own long hair.

With Ino and her team watching from the background, a flashback of their childhood they shared is shown, revealing Sakura grew her hair out due to the rumor of Sasuke liking girls with long hair.

A flashback of a younger Sakura appears and confesses to Ino and their friends that she finally had a boy she liked. Revealing it to be Sasuke, the young Sakura becomes surprised when their friends confess that Sasuke was already popular with a lot of other girls.

However, the young Sakura still confirmed that she would fight for him then.

naruto and sakura first meet

Sakura stops Sasuke When Sasuke finally awakens by the cursed seal, he immediately asks Sakura who injured her. Although glad that he had finally woken up, Sakura questions about his condition.

Ignoring her, Sasuke questions Sakura, more demanding, to who injured her but Sakura hesitates, leading one of the sound shinobi to mockingly confess.

Forced to watch as Sasuke began to violently rampage upon them, breaking the arms of the shinobi who wounded her, a frightened Sakura realizing that "This is not Sasuke", quickly rushes to his side and embraces him, begging him to stop and to return to the Sasuke she knew.

naruto and sakura first meet

Her words are able to get through to his senses and his cursed seal quickly recedes. With the cursed seal receded, Sasuke collapses with Sakura supporting him. Watching Sasuke still shaken by his power, Sakura shows concern.

Naruto later wakes up and rushes to both Sakura and Sasuke and asks about Sakura's hair, much to Sasuke and Ino's annoyance. Lying to her teammate that she wanted an image change, Sasuke stares at Sakura as she continues explaining the false situation to Naruto. Later, when Ino is fixing Sakura's hair, Ino scolds Sakura for being reckless and "cheating" by hugging Sasuke to where Sakura rampages to Ino about.

Sasuke thanks Sakura for helping him walk The team takes a break to rest and gather food. Sakura is left in charge of gathering wood for the fire while Naruto and Sasuke are in charge of gathering food. Working together, Sasuke and Naruto succeed in catching three. However, Sasuke continues to demand for Naruto to catch more. Wanting to protest, Naruto begins to ramble how they should then switch places but is stopped by Sakura's arrival and request for a fire. As the two leave, Naruto watches them in confusion.

Much later, it is revealed during this time that Sasuke had entrusted Sakura to not tell Naruto about his cursed mark. When the team travels to the tower, Sakura helps support Sasuke walk throughout the session. Finally reaching the tower, Sasuke confirms that he's okay now which causes Sakura to let go and in a comedic fashion way, Inner Sakura curses herself.

Upon Iruka appearing in front of them and telling the team about the scrolls, Sasuke teases both Sakura and Naruto about how glad he was that they didn't try the occasion in sarcasm. The two sigh in relief while secretly thanking Kabuto.

Sasuke stops Sakura from protesting Before the preliminary matches of the exam, Sakura watches Sasuke as he suffers from the pain caused by the cursed mark. In concern, Sakura tries to confess the situation to the hosters of the exam. Stopped by Sasuke who grabs her hand and scolds her, Sakura begins to protest against him while stating her concern.

Sasuke continues by confirming to Sakura once again that he is an avenger, and not even she will be able to change that. He further tells her that he can't forgive even her if she tells anyone of the cursed seal, which worries and saddens her.

naruto and sakura first meet

As the cursed mark begins to release itself during his battle, Sasuke struggles to keep it in place and is shown having flashbacks of Sakura and the team. Not wanting to worry Sakura and the group, Sasuke fights the seal and defeats his opponent. Sasuke is soon taken away by Kakashi with Sakura watching as the two leave. When Kakashi comes back, a worried Sakura questions about Sasuke's condition while showing concern.

During Sakura's match with Ino, it is revealed that Sakura had ended their friendship so they could compete as equals for Sasuke's affections.

However, the two decide to fight as mere rivals rather than for Sasuke's affections during the match. At the end of their tied battle, Ino teases Sakura about not giving up on Sasuke. Sakura quickly retaliates that the same was for her. While watching the other preliminary matches, from time to time, Sakura shows concern and asks Kakashi about Sasuke's condition. Sakura talks about flowers and love After the preliminary exam and in the meantime before the finals, Sakura is sitting in her bedroom, worrying about Sasuke.

Ino decides to accompany Sakura on Sakura's visit to Sasuke. Picking out their individual flowers, Ino picks a rose while as Sakura picks a daffodil and the two quote the flowers to be their individual love for Sasuke. Upon visiting the hospital, they find out that Sasuke had already left. Sakura begins to show concern over his safety. During the final exam, Sakura is shown worried about Sasuke not arriving on time for his match against Gaara. When Sasuke finally arrives at the last few seconds remaining before the disqualification of the time limit, Sakura smiles in relief at his arrival.

However, Sakura quickly dismisses the moment and shows concern over the cursed mark. Sensing Gaara's incoming attack, Sakura uses herself as a human shield against Gaara to protect Sasuke.

Pinned against a tree and knocked unconscious, Sasuke declares and entrusts Naruto to save Sakura no matter what, stating Sakura to be one of those dear and precious to him whom he never wants to lose.

When Sakura is freed from the sand, Sasuke rushes to catch her, laying her next to to Kakashi's ninkenPakkuand before leaving, entrusts her safety to him. During Naruto's training with Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke are shown watching the latter. Turning to Sasuke, Sakura begins to thank Sasuke for saving her from Gaara but is quickly dismissed when Sasuke confesses it was Naruto. Turning to Naruto, Sakura gives Naruto a genuine smile, not noticing the jealous scowl on Sasuke's face.

The two along with the rest of Konoha would later attend the Hokage 's Funeral. The two are seen standing together throughout the whole session. Search for Tsunade Arc A relieved Sakura embraces Sasuke Sasuke is left hospitalized after being mentally and physically tormented by his brother, Itachi.

Sitting by his side, Sakura watches over Sasuke as she worries for his condition. Sasuke is only later re-awakened when Tsunade heals him.

Although before healing Sasuke, Tsunade notices the fresh daffodil flowers in the vase and questions herself if Sakura was visiting everyday. Upon finally awakening, Sasuke is tearfully embraced by a relieved Sakura and, for once, Sasuke doesn't reject her affection. While Sakura is cutting an apple for Sasuke, Sasuke is shown having flashbacks of Itachi's torment along with when Sakura had turned away from him and smiled at Naruto.

Angered and aware of the fact that Naruto was becoming stronger, Sasuke unconsciously knocks away the apples that Sakura had offered him. As Naruto enters the scene, Sasuke gives Naruto a taunting look and challenges him to a match. Naruto at first protests, but quickly changes his mind while Sakura watches the two in horror.

As the two leave, Sakura flashes back to Sasuke's first exposure of the cursed mark and quickly chases after the two. Reaching the rooftop, Sakura watches the two battle but unable to resist any longer, Sakura begs the two to stop and rushes in between their attacks.

Towards Sakura's intervention, both Sasuke and Naruto try to pull their attacks away but quickly find themselves unable to. Grabbed by Kakashi and hurled into opposite ends, Sakura is saved but breaks into tears as Sasuke leaves the scene. Kakashi's lecture about revenge gaining him nothing but emptiness and loneliness makes Sasuke remember his friendship with Sakura and Naruto, and he becomes conflicted between his bond with her and the team versus his desire for revenge and power.

After a humiliating defeat at the hands of the Sound Four, who offer him to join them to Orochimaru, he ultimately decides to defect and sever his bonds with Sakura, Naruto, and the rest of his friends. Deciding to finally confess Sasuke's situation to Naruto, Sakura asks Naruto for a moment between the two and reveals her severe concern of Sasuke's possible future decision to choosing the wrong path.

However, Naruto gives her hope that it won't happen and she calms down a bit, but still remains worried of the possibility. Deciding against on going home and wanting to confirm her suspicions, Sakura approaches Sasuke at the village's exit and realizes her fear is coming true. As the two stand alone, Sakura asks Sasuke if he remembered the first time he had called her annoying.

Coldly replying that he doesn't, Sakura continued to proceed and recalls the memories the team had shared and how the revenge would bring him damage. When she's finished, Sasuke says he could've chosen a peaceful life in the village with her and the team but he has chosen revenge. When Sasuke finally turns to walk away, Sakura tearfully begs for him to stay, even blindly confesses that she was in love with him, willing to do anything for him as long as she could be with him and she'd also help with his quest for revenge.

Promising that if they were together, she would bring him days of only happiness and despite having friends and family, Sakura confessed that without Sasuke, she would feel alone. Turning around smirking, Sasuke once again calls her annoying. Proceeding to leave in front of her, Sakura threatened to scream and alert the village of his betrayal.

Minato thinks Sakura is Naruto's girlfriend

Disappearing in front of her behind her back, Sasuke gives her a soft "Thank You" before knocking her unconscious. Before he leaves, he leaves her on the bench. The next day, a team called the Sasuke Retrieval Team is created to retrieve Sasuke.