River niger and benue meet at

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river niger and benue meet at

Lokoja is a city in Nigeria. It lies at the confluence of the Niger and Benue rivers and is the capital of Kogi State. While the Bassa Nge, Yoruba, Igala and Ebira. If you're Nigerian, then you should know how important River Niger and River Benue are. River Niger is the principal river in West Africa and. Rivers Niger and Benue are the two largest rivers in West Africa. The two rivers meet at Lokoja in Kogi state, forming a Y-shaped structure in what appears to be .

The origin of the river's name remains unclear.

A kiss of nature in Lokoja

What is clear is that "Niger" was an appellation applied in the Mediterranean world from at least the Classical era, when knowledge of the area by Europeans was slightly better than fable. A careful study of Classical writings on the interior of the Sahara begins with Ptolemywho mentions two rivers in the desert: The Ni-Ger was likely speculation, although the name stuck as that of a river south of the Mediterranean's "known world".

Suetonius reports Romans traveling to the "Ger", although in reporting any river's name derived from a Berber languagein which "gher" means "watercourse", confusion could easily arise.

The connection to the Nile River was made not simply because this was then known as the great river of " Aethiopia " by which all lands south of the desert were called by Classical writersbut because the Nile flooded every summer.

In Europe and Western Asia, floods are expected in the Spring, following snow melt. Classical authors explained the summer flood by calculating the time it took for flood waters to move down a river, and calculating how long the Nile must have been for the waters to travel from a mountain range in the spring.

However the cycle of the Nile is influenced by tropical rain patterns instead of by melting snow, a characteristic unknown to the Classical Mediterranean world. While the true course of the Niger was presumably known to locals, it was a mystery to the outside world until the late 18th century.

Ancient Romans such as Pliny N. Many European expeditions to plot the river were unsuccessful. In the African Association was formed in England to promote the exploration of Africa in the hopes of locating the Niger, and in June the Scottish explorer Mungo Park was the first European to lay eyes on the middle portion of the river since antiquity and perhaps ever.

The true course was established in his book Travels in the Interior of Africawhich appeared in The membership now proposed that an effort be made from the south. The site chosen in from which to strike inland was a British trading post in the Gulf of Guinea. Unbeknownst to him, the river mouth that emptied into the Gulf, whence Henry Nicholls was to set out in search of the Niger, was precisely the end of the Niger itself—only the Europeans did not know it yet.

The starting point of the expedition was in fact its destination. They travelled from the very beginning of the river near Kissidougou in Guineawalking at first till a raft could be used, then changing to various local crafts as the river broadened and changed.

Two of them reached the ocean on March 25,with Pierre Ponty having had to leave the expedition at Niameysomewhat past the halfway mark. They carried a 16mm movie camerathe resulting footage giving Jean Rouch his first two ethnographic documentaries: A typewriter was brought as well, on which Pierre Ponty produced newspaper articles he mailed out whenever possible.

The trip was filmed by the adventurer himself and made into a documentary titled "The Cruellest Journey". The water resources of the Niger River are under pressure due to increased water abstraction for irrigation and due to the impact of climate change. The construction of dams for hydropower generation is underway or envisaged in order to alleviate chronic power shortages in the countries of the Niger basin.

On Mount Patti also, Lugard watched other activities elsewhere on the low lands. The relaxation centre he built is a little two-room house, which stands strong till this hour.

But it had had to undergo a recent facelift though, courtesy of the state government under Captain Idris Wada.

river niger and benue meet at

Indeed, Mount Patti is a very significant feature in the history of Nigeria, according to Olowolaiyemo. Shaw, who was writing for the Times of London at that time, was said to have visited Lord Lugard and was relaxing with him when she got absorbed into the engaging and dizzying landscape unfolding in the distance.

She was deeply astonished by the majestic splendour of the rivers Niger and Benue. And then she said to Sir Lugard: On this occasion, the enthralling view of the confluence was largely veiled by the hamarttan haze. Certainly, everyone who sees this rare sight from that standpoint will admit that it is one place every tourism freak would rather die to behold at least once in their life time.

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He built the hotel when he held sway as governor of the state. It was also meant for those of them who would come to observe the great rivers, watch boat regatta or even fish for fun. In its hey days, it was eminently the pride of Kogi State. But now, it lies not only fallow but forlorn. Only the now run-down buildings within its premises are the things left to remember its once glorious past.

river niger and benue meet at

As the reporter continued on the expedition of the compelling and gargantuan rivers Niger-Benue confluence, he observed why the spot seemingly casts its huge spell on visitors, binding them with awe and occasionally leaving them some space to contemplate on its wonders. The confluence becomes real all the more and awe-inspiring too. It increasingly assumes this uncommon personality enrobed with breathtaking beauty.

It inspires this unusual sense of emotion that keeps running unceasingly wide. No giant and sustained effort appears to have been made by the relevant Federal government or Kogi State agencies to raise the stake. This was alluded to by Olowolaiyemo, who said: This is not a project any government can undertake alone; it requires a big amount of investment.

That is why each time we have the opportunity, we call on private investors to come and assist provide funds to develop the place. So what we have done so far is more of promoting the site than developing it.

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Right at the bank of the River Niger, the confluence could be seen far off. However, its entire beauty is best seen and appreciated unreservedly from above. On this occasion, the harmattan haze was still hanging in the air.

Overflow Of River Niger Takes Over Some Communities In Etsako Central L.G.

This combined with this air of quietude around the area that set up this enthralling mien of mystery about the rivers Niger and Benue. From this point, everyone sees the confluence in one full breath, lying far off, up to three to four kilometres away. It is as far as the eyes can see. However, it can only be reached via a speedboat.

Only the brave hearted and expert fishermen dare. The confluence point is never sacrosanct; it shifts with the time, the reporter learnt.

Every native of the city grew up to see it, but cannot tell actually how it all began.

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The latter too was not forthcoming when Daily Sun visited his residence. However, an elder of the town who spoke on condition of anonymity said: We all grew up to see it.

Confluence of Rivers of Niger and Benue

But some people believe it is a place that brings them luck and so they go there to offer sacrifices. However, there is one distinguishing feature that is easily prominent —their colours that can be easily seen. For instance, whereas the water of the Niger appears muddy, that of the Benue appear light blue in colour. Its water is light blue in colour and cleaner too. This striking difference is clearer to see when one is on the river. They no longer receive as much floodwaters from their tributaries.

During this period, strips of islands jut out here and there. Some are as big as a football turf. These fields, Olowolaiyemo believes, ought to and in actual sense would be developed soon. They are fascinating places; one is up to two to three football fields put together.

river niger and benue meet at

When the rivers are full with water, one will never contemplate anything of such exists. It is a big place for fun: People can access the place with speedboats and have raw fun right there. We are going to develop the place to the point that it can yield revenue. That is why we are seeking for investors. This is a challenge to us. And we have the problem of silting too. The last time the River Niger was dredged, some good job was not done.