Western ghat and eastern meet at roam

Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu

western ghat and eastern meet at roam

Physiographical Features Tamil Nadu is situated on the south eastern side of the Indian The Eastern and Western ghats meet in Tamil Nadu and run along its ancient ports on the Coromandel from where merchant ships sailed to Rome. Eastern Ghats, a phytogeographical region of India has rugged hilly terrain running almost parallel to the east coast monitoring and reporting of forest area , to meet the East Godavari, West Godavari, Guntur, Krishna, Rome. Fearnside, P. M., and Barbosa, R. I. Accelerating deforestation in Brazilian Amazonia. A boundary fault along the western margin of the Eastern Ghats, bordering the .. x emissions could help in meeting more stringent O 3 standards in the future. mobile IP, allows hosts (mobile nodes) to seamlessly "roam" among various IP.

The Eastern and Western Ghats meet in the -

Shola forests, lakes and dams, exotic birds, ruins of forts, tribal culture, plenty of tea and spices, colonial culture, road trips — Nilgiris offers you a gamut of experiences. I remember getting lost in Longwood shola and then hearing a story about a tiger roaming in the woods while I could hear gaurs in the mist.

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Nilgiris is probably my Himalayas. I can make an annual pilgrimage here every year. A pitta at Nilgiris And its my personal dream to own a small piece of land here and retire in the hills. I almost came close when I thought of settling in Masinagudi, located at the foothills of Nilgiris but i eventually backed out because of legal issues.

Eastern Ghats - Wikipedia

But someday, I will live there. Read — Ten reasons why the Queen of Hills should be on your itinerary.

western ghat and eastern meet at roam

Kodaikanal I discovered Kodai when I was in school. It was a picnic and I lost my way while trekking in the dense shola forests.

It was pouring and we were looking for the Liril Falls in the Palani Hills where the famous TV commercial of the lady under the waterfalls were shot. Dark, mysterious and cold, I finally caught up with my classmates as we stood there mesmerised in the forests.

Eastern Ghats

Can you see ghosts here? Kodai has always been fascinating. Even Kamalahassan found it so in his movie Guna. But we cannot go into those famous caves anymore and can just admire them from a distance. There are so many forest lakes here.

And if you are looking for one which is both beautiful and wild, then it is the Berijam Lake.

Western Ghats and Eastern Ghats - Physical Features of India - Social Science - Class 9 CBSE

We went in the peak of monsoons when it was absolutely magical and the entire forest looked so enchanted.

Fond memories from my school days haunt me even now. Mannavanur Lake near Kodaikanal In one of my visits I discovered Mannavannur, a little agricultural village with terraced farming and a beautiful lake in the heart of it. We found a few farmers stocking their harvest of carrots as we walked around in the silence, admiring the views.

western ghat and eastern meet at roam

I cherish such moments. Fresh carrots from the fields The Annaimalais I discovered The Annaimalais much later and it was Valparai which was my introduction. Bordering Keralathis is one of the most beautiful bio diversity hot spots with rainforests taking you into the lap of nature with waterfalls, dams. The climate of the higher hill ranges is generally cooler and wetter than the surrounding plains, and the hills are home to coffee plantations and enclaves of dry forest.

The hill station of Yercaud is located in the Shevaroy Hills. The Ponnaiyar and Palar rivers flow from headwaters on the Kolar Plateau eastward through gaps in the Ghats to empty into the Bay of Bengal; the Javadhu Hills lie between the two rivers.

There are waterfalls in remote areas, such as the Kiliyur Falls. Its northern boundaries are marked by the flat Palnadu basin, while in the south it merges with the Tirupati hills. An extremely old system, the hills have been extensively weathered and eroded over the years. The Palar River cuts through the ranges.

western ghat and eastern meet at roam

The Velikonda Range eventually descends to the coastal plain in northern Nellore districtwhile the Nallamalla Range in Kurnool continues to the River Krishna. The Kondapalli Hills are a range of low hills which lie between the Krishna and the Godavari rivers.

western ghat and eastern meet at roam

The Krishna River bisects these hills of the Eastern Ghats. The main hill range starts from Nandigrama to Vijayawada known as Kondapalli. Madhurawada Dome in the Eastern Ghats mobile belt is formed by a tectonic arrangement with the khondalite suite and quartz Archean rocks along the Eastern Ghats north of Visakhapatnam.

The region covers about three-fourths of the entire Odisha state.