Yna and angelo meet again ggx1

yna and angelo meet again ggx1

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But when Yna finally stopped, they both got excited to say that they found a supplier for their pastries.

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David did tell Yna it was Chelsea who found the supplier. Then he went on and on about a Dayap something. It is all Yna wants to hear about is Chelsea. She turned around to start running again but David stopped her. Yna asked David if he is even going to ask her what she found?

Yna clearly told David that she wants them both to try it first. At that time, Chelsea caught up with the two of them. She asked David if he has already told Yna? Yna answered for David.

yna and angelo meet again ggx1

I'll go right ahead. Then she turned around and left them while she continued her run. I want you to be happy and I don't want you to pursue Yna anymore because I know she only has eyes for Angelo but you have to find someone better than Cruella 2.

At the bakery, they are counting the number of boxes making sure they brought package enough for the party. Kabayan gives Joy some last minute instructions what to do at the party in case she has to talk to Lloyd's Dad. It is all filler parts But Joy assures them that Gelo's cakes are good. Itchu arrives with shoes that Joy refused. But when Angelo arrived from the Talipapa, he brought her shoes which she is willing to wear immediately Angelo gives it to her provided she gives him a dollar for the shoes.

It is customary so that the person who received the shoes will not walk all over the person who gave the shoes Meanwhile, Yna complains to Takong that ever since David arrived back all he ever mentions and talks about is Cruella 2 Cruella 2 Cruella 2. Takong thinks Yna is beginning to be jealous. He tells her that Yna is perturbed every time he mentions Cruella 2.

He also tells Amor about Yna's cell phone supposedly low bat but he knows that she turned it off so he couldn't call her. He wants to know what it means. But Amor's answer surprised him. And that is that you are still in love with Yna.

Takong asks Yna a serious question. You have a confused reaction. Amor asked him a series of questions. She asked if he is smiling while talking to her? She asked if he is enjoying watching Yna like she is?

Her last question is whether he is hoping? Yna tells Takong that she really does not know whether she is in love with David or not.

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So Takong asked her if what she feels now is what she felt when she first fell in love with Angelo? Yna is more confused than ever.

She does not know either. But Takong ha a strong perspective about what is happening to Yna right now. I think it is ok for you to fall in love with David because you started as friends and that means you have a strong foundation. I got used to She does not seem to understand.

David on the other hand justifies himself to Amor. You are afraid that if you attempt to pursue her further that you might get hurt once again. And while Chelsea is there giving you attention, chasing after you But love is never a safe choice. It is a risk. You might end up getting hurt again.

But if you end up together it will be all worth it. But you will never know until you are willing to take that risk. While all of what Amor told David pierced through his heart, he seemed a bit confused when Cruella 2 calls out his name. Although she gave him the sweetest smile, David couldn't feel comfortable with what he has with Chelsea.

On the other hand, Takong has one last question for Yna. Yna's sad eyes looked away. It will be a lose lose situation again for David. It is the night of the party. Lolo Gregi is making sure the cakes and pastries they are about to bring to the party is already boxed up and ready to go.

Blah blah blah scene between Gregi and Kabayan. Angelo is ready to go while Joy is still getting dressed upstairs. Itchu, Monay and Lia are all hovering over Joy.

Lloyd calls up Angelo to tell him that his father didn't get a chance to taste the pastries. Angelo has no problem with that because he is bringing an entirely new set of pastries to the party today. Lloyd was glad to hear that.

yna and angelo meet again ggx1

He told Angelo he will be sure that the pastries will make it to the kitchen. Then he asks Angelo about Joy. At that moment, Joy and the others were walking down the stairs. Since Angelo have never seen Joy dressed up he was speechless seeing Joy in her simple yet beautiful yellow gown and the silver flat shoes that he bought for her. When Angelo came to, he signaled to Joy asking if she is ready.

yna and angelo meet again ggx1

She gave him a thumbs up so Angelo told Lloyd she is ready to go. In fairness Joy is really pretty. At the party venue, Yna mans the preparation of the food just before the guests arrive. Marga tells Yna that everything she needs is in the kitchen and making sure she knows where the chocolate fountain is going to sit on the buffet table. Yna tells Marga to relax but she is tensed to the max.

Yna tells her she will make sure that in this event, the guests will never forget the food they will serve them. Marga is thankful to Yna. In between work, Yna calls David asking him his whereabouts for the day? David told her that he is accompanying Chelsea to the bakeshop that she wants to try. Yna reminds him that if they need to make a decision about something, she needs to be informed because she feels that nothing is going to top the cupcake that she had him taste.

David understands and he promised to make her choice a part of the consideration. Yna made him promise for sure reminding him not to forget about his promise when Chelsea makes a suggestion. David could tell she is leery about his decisions when Chelsea is with him. But Yna calls him out. He told Yna he is not going to forget and that he will see her tomorrow.

After hanging up the phone, one of the chefs apologized to Yna telling her that he dried up the chicken because he thought she is going to make a Chicken Angelo? Wow she named a dish Angelo. That is how deep he means to Yna. But Yna said that it is ok because they needed a back up plan in case someone asks for chicken in the menu. At the Bakery Gregi prays that all goes well with the pastries and that Lloyd's father will like it and their business proposal passes.

Then he attends to Joy telling her that although her look changed that she just needs to be herself. Joy understand's Lolo Gregi but in her attempt to help load up the van, she picks up a couple of bags of cake.

Lolo Gregi told Joy to stop acting like a longshoreman. She needs to move gently with poise. Angelo takes the bags from Joy while Itchu pulls her to the side to fix her hair.

At this time Lloyd arrives. He was surprised to see Joy looking very beautiful. Angelo told him he didn't know he is arriving otherwise he wouldn't have rented a van. But Lloyd said he just came to pick up Joy. Angelo told Joy it is best if she rode with Lloyd but Joy didn't want to go alone.