Alex clare and amy winehouse relationship

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alex clare and amy winehouse relationship

Amy Winehouse`s ex-partner Alex Clare definitely meant the world to Amy since she was in a relationship with him at the time of her death. Singer is supposedly worried that Alex Clare will reveal her crazy ways in song. Amy Winehouse is “petrified” that her ex boyfriend is set to write songs about their relationship, according to the tabloid-tattle today (March 25). Alex Clare on Amy Winehouse - posted in Anything Amy: She had a about his relationship with Amy Winehouse] "It's like an albatross.

I loved her then and, well, I still do today. But towards the end, as only lovers can, she became quite mean and cruel to me.

The Late Legendary Amy Winehouse and her family

While holidaying on the Caribbean island St Lucia, Josh and Amy met and struck up a close friendship. Josh Bowman was quoted as saying: Kristian Marr Kristian Marr singer, songwriter and guitarist in the band Spring Heeled Jack received a text from Amy on the day of her death which read: Alex Haines went on to reveal to News Of The World graphic details of his affair with Amy, her alleged self-harming, sex and drug addictions.

Out of respect for Amy those affair details will not be included in this story. They dated till they were married in Miami, US on 18 May, with only a court clerk to officiate.

alex clare and amy winehouse relationship

During their relationship and marriage there were happy times, public displays of affection, fights, break-ups, arrests, prison stays, drugs and alcohol abuse. I had never felt the way I feel about him about anyone in my life. It was very cathartic, because I felt terrible about the way we treated each other.

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Amy's Loves, Boyfriends and Relationships

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Amy Winehouse's Shadiest/Diva Moments

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alex clare and amy winehouse relationship

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