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Karmin singers Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan have been together for a long time, and they're officially married! The couple has been. Nick Noonan and Amy Heidemann of the duo Karmin are in constant contact with their fans via D2F. raised questions about the potential downside of constant connection. . More seriously, though, Kaski has some advice. L.A. Spotlight: Karmin Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan of Karmin In spectacular fashion, the story of Berklee alumni phenom Karmin continues to unfold.

I think I will go with that as well.

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Please note that this was a conference interview, so items not specified by me may have been asked by others. Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan of Karmin. Photo courtesy of Epic Records. Some may be skeptical, seeing that the duo became famous covering other artists.

But, fear not, Heidemann and Noonan were fully capable of songwriting on their own. She explains that they wrote songs that could then fit into many genres, and by the time they were signed to Epic Records, many of the songs were ready to go with producers.

Both she and Noonan worked to maintain their originality and songs, while still fitting into the mainstream world. This is a very daunting topic to many artists, for fear a record label will change their artistic vision, or at least encroach on it. Both Noonan and Heidemann agree that they are lucky to be working with L. Reid, who understands their background as musicians.

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Still, many wonder where the rap influence came from. This girl is an incredibly fast rapper. Just watching her rap sent my mind reeling to keep up.

She adds that Noonan finally convinced her to post a video of herself rapping on Youtube. Yet, she has only been rapping for about a year.

And on top of the work to keep their music heard via Youtube, it was a challenge to stay afloat in Boston as a duo. Another one of their very early albums can be found here. They would move away. Some of you may remember them performing on Newbury Street, with a guitar case and some CDs. They cite that as their most successful performances in Boston, as tourists would constantly be visiting the street.

They also performed for community events and opened for other bands they knew. Speaking of Newbury Street… One day, Heidemann found herself walking down Newbury Street and saw an ad campaign for Bebe where the model was wearing this hairstyle. Of course, this is the suicide roll, a s style. A friend at MTV told her it was a suicide roll, so she made a Youtube tutorial.

It turned into something larger than she ever thought. And Godin, the best-selling author of "Tribes," warns that managing a legion of digital fans can be like getting sucked into a black hole. The easiest way to build a Twitter following is to publish your phone number frequently, tweet interesting things and message everybody because then it will scale.

Karmin's Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan Are Married

But then it will crash. For instance Karmin hired a social media management company to help ease their communication overload. The young musicians insist they and their manager Nils Gums OK every carefully crafted Facebook post that goes out.

The team is hyperaware of maintaining Amy and Nick's "voice," as it were. That might be a problem for huge celebrities who count on vast layers of D2F support. A certain amount of control is lost, as well as authenticity - and this has the potential to create distance between the artists and their tribe. For example, is Snoop Dogg really tweeting out all of those messages every day?

And does it matter if he isn't? But this is how industries evolve, with services and technologies cropping up to meet demand, according to entertainment lawyer Ken Hertz. He uses social media, but is wary of the potential downsides. And he has a theory. He uses Twitter and email and Facebook to promote live shows for his band, Cirkestra.

He said he has a small but loyal following and is paying his rent. But Bufano also loves old-fashioned word of mouth — one fan to another — online or out here.