Android 18 and krillin relationship quizzes

8 Dragon Ball Couples Who Have Helped The Show (And 12 Who Have Hurt It)

android 18 and krillin relationship quizzes

Perhaps the most unique and strange couple in the world of Dragon Ball is Krillin and Android Check out 15 facts about this crazy power. Think again, because we've got some strange facts about Krillin only Last, but not least, let's talk about Krillin's relationship with Android As evidenced by her very first fight against Vegeta, Android 18 has infinite approach to combat and that's reflected in their relationship with Ki.


His relationship with his own promotional agent not only comes off as inappropriate and unlike him. As the Saiyan parents of both Goku and Raditz, the two embody the traits that their sons would later inherit.

android 18 and krillin relationship quizzes

Gine is very gentle and much less into fighting, while Bardock is a fierce warrior who is the true spirit of the Saiyan warrior race. Knowing that the Saiyan race is about to be wiped out by the powerful Frieza, the two make a decision to send their sons off to different worlds as infiltration babies. Upon landing on Earth, Goku suffers a head injury, thus forgetting his mission to destroy the planet and in turn becomes its protector.

Though the two sent Goku away with more nefarious intentions, they were still proud of their son who went on to become one of the most powerful beings in the universe. She regularly acts in a stuck-up manner, insulting other girls in the story like Bulma and Chi-Chi. Along with this, she also openly flirts with other guys despite being with Krillin.

Many of the other characters wonder why he is still with her and he eventually begins to doubt this himself. Eventually, he breaks up with her, stating that he believes he is not good enough to be with her. Initially she is sad but gets over it quickly as a buff guy in a sports car rides up offering her ice cream.

android 18 and krillin relationship quizzes

Gero Another tragic story, Android 21 is the result of Dr. Gero transforming his human wife into an android. This led Gero to create Android 16 and convert his wife into one. Not much is known about her life with Gero or even her life before she was an android. While not much is not about her previous life, not much needs to be known. She was transformed into an android by her own husband, proving that he had a lot more things than love on his mind.

Brief and his wife Panchy. The two are the parents of Bulma and Tights, but they love to offer help to the many characters throughout the show. Gure is a short, white alien with big eyes and a purple outfit. Many of the other characters react with surprise as well, leaving one question to be asked, why do Saiyans choose such weird partners? She is shown to be holding Chichi and has the same hairstyle as her daughter.

Despite this, her face is not shown. Regardless, the Ox-King and Chichi both talk about her with great admiration. Miss Buu is a female Majin that is created by the original Buu after he reads one of Mr. Natural warriors, the Saiyans were a powerful race living on their home world Planet Sadla. Frieza thought the Saiyans would eventually become a threat to his empire and decided to get rid of them once and for all.

True False 2Gohan Kills Raditz? Raditz is the biological brother of Goku. After Frieza decided to eliminate all Saiyans, he allegedly spared just four, including Raditz. When Raditz found out his brother was on Earth, he decided he would visit to convince him to conquer other worlds and galaxies. Goku would receive help from Piccolo and his son, Gohan. Raditz would end up being defeated but do you remember who killed him? He has courage, is caring, and can take a punch or two.

Whenever troubled brewed, you can count of Yamcha to help. Not only was he helping Goku defeat his enemies, Yamcha also was a professional athlete at one point. Goku always had a challenge, whether it as King Piccolo or Vegeta, he usually was pushed to his limits but prevailed. Frieza would become the first villain that truly was stronger than Goku. So strong, Goku was helpless when Frieza would kill his best friend Krillin.

In an epic showdown, Frieza and Goku would battle for the fate of earth on Namek.

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It would the hardest test Goku had ever faced. By the end of the fight, both warriors were maxed out in strength. Do you remember if Goku would turn Super Saiyan fighting Frieza? As ruler of the North Galaxy, King Kai shares his home with his loveable pets. Not only would Goku visit this planet but so would other awesome characters of the series. The Ginyu Force that went to Namek was made up of five warriors. They each had unique abilities and powers that stifled Goku and friends.

Not only did they have unique abilities they also had team attacks not seen before in the DBZ Universe. In the end, the Ginyu Force would fail which made Frieza very unhappy.

After Goku sacrificed himself so Raditz would be killed, his body was then transferred to the Other World by Kami. Goku would then allowed to be trained by King Kai but there was one hitch. He would have to travel to him on a path that could end up being horrible for Goku. This long and narrow path had a lot of hardships along the way but Goku would eventually prevail.

We mentioned King Kai has some loveable pets on his planet. One of these pets would become a training prop for Goku. Endurance is the reason why King Kai makes Goku use this animal for training. The test seems easy for Goku in the beginning but it starts to become more and more difficult for our hero. Goku would spend 40 days with this animal before catching finally catching him. Frieza would become the Emperor of the Universe because of his imperial army and the massive amount of power he wields.

As the son of King Cold, Frieza was born to rule with an iron fist. Not only was Frieza a match for Goku, he also has the ability to transform into different forms. His wicked ways led to the deaths of several characters in the series. Will give you one hint, one of these characters was the best friend of Goku. He was the perfect warrior because his genetics was made up of the best fighters that either lived on Earth or visited the planet. Not only can Cell throw a punch, he also can absorb the powers of all life forms by swallowing them with his tail.

As the twin sister of Android 17, she was a villain but also questioned her environment and who she was. Her beauty and humanlike features made her a deadly foe and thankfully she became a Z Fighter after the Cell Saga. Not only has she become a hero but also the wife of the loveable Krillin.

We all know who wears the pants in that relationship.

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True False 12Vegeta Kills Nappa? Vegeta and Nappa are some of the few Saiyans Frieza sparred when wiping out their species. They would become a huge asset for Frieza's empire by destroying or taking over other worlds. After finding out that Raditz was eliminated on Earth, the two decided to go visit the place for themselves. The Namek, Piccolo, pretty much has the exact opposite characteristics traits of Goku.

While Goku is brash, impatient, and always acting before thinking, Piccolo is calm, cool, and collective. The two make quite the pairing, especially when it comes to strategizing for a battle.

Do you think of DragonBall Z like I do?

His is the final reincarnation of the Demon King Piccolo and would later fuse with Kami to become the Nameless Namekian. After the battle between Vegeta and the heroes of Earth, a couple of our favorite fighters were killed.

A certain group of characters decided they would bring them back to life by using the dragon balls. Their journey would take them to the planet Namek. The planet belongs to the ternary star system within Universe 7 and is a pivotal location in the series. The planet would eventually explode due to a deadly battle between our hero Goku and the nefarious Frieza.

After arriving on Namek, he decides he would collect the dragon balls for himself. There was just one big problem and that was somebody trying to stop him. Cunning, intelligent, and resourceful are few a words to describe Zarbon. Do you remember if Zarbon and Vegeta fought over the dragon balls? As a Prince and proud Saiyan, Vegeta had a huge dilemma with Frieza. Arrogant and hard headed on the exterior, Vegeta can be somewhat of a mush on the inside. It has been a beautiful thing to see him go from villain to anti-hero, to hero on DBZ.

As we mentioned in the last question, Goku and Vegeta had to fuse in order to match the power of Majin Buu. Fusion is when two or more beings merge with each other. The fusion combines their abilities and strengths, creating a powerful energy level.

DBZ is no stranger to fusion and there are several different ways to go about it. Known as the greatest warriors of Frieza's army, the Ginyu Force would be assigned to Namek after Zarbon failed in collecting all the dragon balls.