Aomine and momoi relationship problems

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aomine and momoi relationship problems

Characters/Pairings: Aomine Daiki, Momoi Satsuki, mentions of Touou team and Teiko Which is a problem because Aomine absolutely refuses to cook unless he's on the The neighbours believe that they have an abusive relationship. iia. and Bookmarks, participate in Challenges, import works, and more. country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn. Needless to say, those who thought that Aomine and Momoi are in a relationship had their hearts broken and they gave up on their love for.

And what is up with Kuroko lately? The bell just rang, kids running in the school before they get their tardy slips and classes are just starting. The school was home to 5 basketball prodigies known as the Generation of Miracles and the phantom sixth man.

They started their day with their usual routine, Aomine sleeping as usual, Kise was being adored by his fans, Murasakibara eating his junk food, Midorima reading his usual book, Akashi looking outside the window and both Kuroko and Momoi paying attention to their Math teacher. After an endless list, "Daiki, Ryouta, and Shintaro, team 5. Seijuro, Atsushi, Tetsuya, and Satsuki, team 6.

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Now you all have your assignments, begin. Team 5 got one corner closer to the door while Team 6 got the other corner closer to the window.

aomine and momoi relationship problems

As Team 5 was settling in, Team 6 has already started. Everybody had gone to their 2nd period class which was Biology. They sat down in their usual spots which was all the way to the back. The bell rang again. And besides, last time I left him work by himself he was mixing chemicals with his junk food so now he has 2 of you to look after him. Murasakibara just stood there puzzled trying to workout what happened.

Or would I have to kill you? Aomine just glared back with anger. The day progressed just fine. The bell for 6th period rang.

It was finally lunch time. The school was serving beef stew. However this one day was another story I want a can drink. The Touou basketball team just stared at them, wordless. Even the Kaijou High basketball team had nothing to say when they came for a practice match with them, though Kise was silently fuming that he was supposed to be the one giving his 'Daiki-chi' massages.

One would think, why in the world would Momoi treat Aomine like that? Some assumed that they both took a step into their relationship and Aomine is abusing his power over Momoi.

aomine and momoi relationship problems

Some just dismissed it, saying everything would be back to normal the next day. Needless to say, those who thought that Aomine and Momoi are in a relationship had their hearts broken and they gave up on their love for Momoi. Momoi may be intelligent and knows all about basketball players and their skills, but he KNEW that Midorima wouldn't have the guts to confess to Takao.

Winning a bet against Momoi sure was a good thing. Midorima It is not a surprise for the Shuutoku basketball club when Midorima turns up every single day in practice, clutching his daily lucky items with him. Nope, not at all. They are used to Midorima and his quirky ways.

It was a surprise for them though, when Momoi tagged along with him one day and no lucky item was found in his left hand. One sentence explains it all. That was the typical Midorima alright.

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What did Oha Asa predict this time? That he needed to have a pink, cheerful girl with big boobs? Just thinking about that made them nosebleed For the whole week, Momoi studied in Shuutoku High as a transfer student. For the whole week, Momoi followed Midorima everywhere he went. Why she would do so puzzled people, is it because Midorima bribed her with something?

aomine and momoi relationship problems

Or is it because she and Midorima are officially a thing? One thing was made sure, she was always constantly annoying Midorima with her "Midorin! News soon spread around the school that Midorima is a protective boyfriend. If only they knew Midorima was gay… When asked by a jealous Takao why he would do that for Momoi, Midorima answered with, "My lucky item must constantly be by my side" and "It is a man's job to protect a lady". Much to the amusement of the principal of Shuutoku High, more than a half of the populations of the guys in his school were left broken-hearted by the end of the week.

That would teach them to pursue any love interests until they grow up. Man, was everyone relieved when Momoi returned to Touou High at the week. Midorima turned up with Nigou in hand the next week.

Murasakibara Murasakibara and Momoi were walking in a park when a random guy went up to her to confess his undying love to her. Then, yet another random guy came up to woo Momoi. That random guy ran away too. After that, a group of noisy girls passed by. Angered for some reason, Murasakibara started yelling. I mean, who would dare go near Murasakibara in the first place?

He's practically a titan! Akashi No one dared to go near Momoi when she's with Akashi. I mean, who would want to go near a guy who has mismatched eyes and a murderous aura, happens to be a scissors maniac and also the spawn of the demon king? No one, except the Generation of Miracles. That includes Momoi, of course. Her association with the Touou basketball team As a manager of the Touou basketball team, Momoi is constantly seen surrounded by the team in school.

Apart from the teachers, no one actually dares to go near the group. With the creepy Imayoshi and the out-of-ordinary members, people actually think twice before approaching them. That, and they do not like to face Sakurai's continuous strings of "Gomen nasai!

Who would even like to be with an apologetic mushroom anyway? Oh yea, the Touou basketball team.