Araragi and senjougahara relationship test

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araragi and senjougahara relationship test

In an accidental encounter with Koyomi Araragi, her closely kept secret is that she loves Koyomi, and she subsequently enters into a relationship with him. . On the day of the college entrance exam, Hitagi was supposed to escort Koyomi in. Hi all!:3 Well nowadays I haven't making videos, because I'm busy and lazy and instead of video making I rather play with CS Who is the master and who is the slave in this relationship? Sometimes, Shinobu calls Araragi "master," and sometimes she calls him her "slave/servant." . Why don't Araragi and Senjougahara call each other by their given names?.

It's always a nice feeling when two people get so close that they can come to this kind of understanding; to open up in such a way with no holding back. It was just a nice touch to deepen their bond, to confirm that they should be serious with each other. The arc of the cat was mainly focused on Hanekawa, but there was one separate from the main storyline episode near the end where Araragi and Senjou share a beautiful, genuine moment of romance together.

I really enjoyed the brief discussion her Dad had with him after Senjou left the car for a minute, telling him how he had never seen his daughter so happy before: After they reach a little clearing in the forest, Senjou asks Araragi to lay down with her: It made me love their chemistry and both of their characters as a couple, and as individuals, so much more.

araragi and senjougahara relationship test

I love how, when Senjou allows him to leave, he just breaks out of the chains in an instant with his vampiric strength: Araragi can be quite the sweet guy at times, I must admit. This rotten conman is possibly the only one who can help, as Kaiki could possibly deceive Nadeko with his poisonous words and cause her to change her mind about planning to kill everyone once the school year ends.

Hitagi has to do so much convincing to Kaiki, and to act as friendly as possible despite her inner hatred for him. After a much heated inner debate with himself, weighing all his options… Kaiki eventually agrees to help the girl. In Monogatari Series, the oddities are to be feared, revered, gossiped about, prayed to, hated, and so on.

Bakemonogatari is the result of him starting to tell the tales of his supernatural encounters, which makes the first event portrayed in this installment the first to be told. And the event which triggered the narration is this: The encounter simply seemed that magical to him and since he started narrating after the school ended while this happened before school started, he had enough time to ornament it like that. The girl he caught having almost no weight at all cannot be anything but a supernatural phenomenon.

Realizing that, he started narrating what was happening after contemplating for a while. Thus, Hanekawa, who was highly sexualized in the earlier parts was shown to be even less attractive than she is. Hanekawa Tsubasa, the class-rep among class-reps, becoming friends with the loner that is our main character, decided to change Araragi Koyomi for better and so forced him to be the assistant class representative. With the annual cultural festival approaching, the two representatives were discussing what their class would do on the occasion.

araragi and senjougahara relationship test

That was when Hanekawa suggested that they made a list of what they could do and had the class vote on it. Previously, Araragi had an experience with such democratic method to decide matters, so distasteful that he started hating democracy. And so he responded in a mean sarcastic tone, which was pointed out by her.

He was already on the lookout for people in need of help and so after giving Hanekawa an excuse, he stepped out of the class to reach out for Senjougahara in order to help her. But the moment he left the classroom, he encountered Hitagi who came to threaten him to keep quiet about the matter and embedded a stapler pin inside his cheek. After she left, he decided that it was okay since she stapled him inside his mouth which he viewed as her being considerate and immediately chased up to her, disregarding his own safety.

He offered her help the same day he learned of her problem even though she just injured him, showcasing the nature of his altruism. He used the stapler wound that was healed due to his vampiric healing ability to prove his involvement with the supernatural, which displayed how quick-witted he is.

After persuading her to let him help, he brought her to the abandoned cram school. And hearing that, he started mixing his playful imagination to the presentation of the narrative to make it appear as shady as he can in a way Hitagi suspected, which I covered with more depth in this article. Both the time, Araragi dodged the question because he was reluctant to talk about what happened during Spring Break, which is why he described it very briefly at the beginning.

araragi and senjougahara relationship test

But then he witnessed Hitagi telling her own story to Oshino without relying on him for it, sharing her two years of hellish experiences and its harsh prelude in the second episode, which Araragi judged to be a lot worse than the few weeks of hellish experiences of his own. It left a strong impression on him and its results appear later on.

araragi and senjougahara relationship test

After the whole problem was resolved, Senjougahara claimed that she found another friend, referring to Koyomi and we move on to the second arc of Bakemonogatari. On his way out, he was caught by his sister and they argued about this behavior of his. Nevertheless, he slipped past her and went to the park not intending to return soon.

After the attempt of having Araragi confess to her failed, Senjougahara confessed her own feelings to Araragi, revealing her intention. As she reluctantly let him help after considerably long conversations and actions, they both relied on Senjougahara to find the address Mayoi was looking for since she knew that area well. So when Senjougahara enlightened him of something he was curious about, he reused the phrase and she responded condescendingly. And she kept on mocking him for this incident all the time later on.

As she agreed and they made the mutual promise, Araragi finally started off in a romantic relationship. Araragi would act childish whenever he was around her. The anime provides a direct connection supporting the interpretation in this arc. Something she hoped to have, was rejected of and gave up on.

Such a thing happened because of his failure to live up to her expectations and his lack of appreciation for his relationship with Senjougahara. And after the case was resolved, Araragi Koyomi decided to be an ideal senior to her and live up to her expectations.

And we see him trying his best to do so in several cases later on. He outright says that he decided on his own to live up to her expectations in Hanamonogatari, when he was lecturing her about how she should live as she herself wants.

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While his appreciation for Senjougahara increased because of the traumatic attack he faced from the Devil-possessed Suruga, he still had plenty of it even before that. Realizing that, as Araragi was about to be defeated, he gave up trying and decided to end it with his death, which would result in Senjougahara killing Kanbaru. Seeing that Kanbaru still wanted him dead, he wanted to settle that score.

Hitagi also ordered Araragi to be always nice to Kanbaru, so he tolerated that.

araragi and senjougahara relationship test

He took her suggestions to heart, which we see when he brought it up in episode In this arc, he came across Sengoku Nadeko while she was suffering from a curse. Araragi said that it was weird that she had to hold it in and told her say that it hurt when it did.


At this point, Araragi noticed that she was very insincere, and the result of that observation materializes later on. When the process of lifting the curse called Jagirinawa failed halfway because there were two curses put on her, Araragi pulled the other supernatural snake away from her by force. One of the reasons why he feigned ignorance is to cover his recklessness, and this arc portrayed that thoughtless act.