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Amir and Hassan decides to go climb a tree and on their way they run into Assef, Kamal, and Wali Assef said his father knew Daoud Khan and. If Hassan represents all that is good and kind, Assef represents all that is evil and cruel. This guy is a flat-out villain. Even if we thought really, really hard, we're. This neglect and lack of fatherly interest created the problem . The relationship between Hassan and his son Sohrab, he is taken in by Assef, the man who raped Sohrab's father Hassan, and begins to do the same to him.

Like his now deceased mother, Amir loves to read and write. He writes a story and proudly presents it to Baba. How fast would you like to get it? We'll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

This incident reveals their conflicting beliefs and portrays such fragility. If Baba had just accepted Amir for who he was the future tragedy involving Hassan would have been prevented. Amir and his father have one thing in common — Kite Running. Amir attempts to win a local kite flying tournament to win the acceptance and love of his father. During this incident, Hassan attempts to gather the last kite that has fallen from the sky for Amir — it is considered a treasure in Afghani society.

If Baba had accepted Amir from the outset this would have undoubtedly never taken place. Hosseini reveals this theme to us in a few key incidents.

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The creator is the one to be blamed. A toaster cannot stream movies just as a TV cannot cook dinner. They can only do what they were created to do. Amir was created by Baba to be a jealous, petty coward, therefore Amir cannot be held accountable for the actions he took as a child. To conclude, The Kite Runner illustrates the necessity of having an empathetic fatherly figure, by showing how a child struggles for a father-son bond, and the consequences that can arise due to the actions taken to achieve this relationship.

The relationship between Hassan and his son Sohrab, demonstrates the necessity of an empathetic father, because it shows life where a relationship between father and son can develop. Hassan listens to his son, plays with him, enjoys spending time with him, and really understands him. In specific relation to these two father-son relationships, Hassan is a foil to Baba while Sohrab is a foil to Amir.

Hassan and Baba are both proud, strong men who stand up for what is good and right in the world. Baba puts his own life in danger to save a woman from being raped by a soldier when they are attempting to escape Kabul: Hassan also puts his own life in danger to get a kite for Amir, because he knows how much he wants it.

Hassan runs the losing kite for Amir, finds it in an alley where he gets jumped by Assef and his goons and then makes the choice to put his Amir above himself: Hassan accepts his son Sohrab from the second he is born, because he is his father, and he creates their relationship from that. Basically, Hassan understands that his son needs a fatherly figure in his life and Hassan is more than willing to take the first step towards nurturing the relationship.

  • The ‘fragility of father/son relationships’ in “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hosseini
  • "For you, a thousand times over"
  • Do you think Amir can be held responsible for his actions as a child, despite his upbringing?

Amir ends up betraying his best friend to achieve this goal which sparks the guilt that afflicts him for the rest of his life. When Sohrab is ten years old, his mother and father are killed and he is sent to live in an orphanage.

Relationship Between Amir & Hassan in The Kite Runner

Because of this past, Sohrab fears nothing worse than orphanages and the horrors they represent. Eventually Amir saves Sohrab and takes him away with him, to a hotel. During this time he is also trying to secure a passport and adoption papers for Sohrab but there are some technicalities. After hearing what an adoption agent has to say, Amir makes a quick and rash decision to tell Sohrab that he may have to go back to an orphanage in order to be adopted, and Sohrab completely rejects the idea: He even reassures himself that what he is doing is right with something he once heard his father say: Amir puts Hassan to sleep right after breaking his heart and then Amir himself, proceeds to go to sleep.

He wakes up to a phone call a few hours later and finds Sohrab in the bathtub, with his wrists slit. Sohrab had been opening up to Amir when he was treating him the same way Hassan had, but as soon as he neglected Sohrab, just as Amir himself had been neglected by Baba, awful things happened, just like they did with Amir.

The Kite Runner scene: Amir makes Hassan and Ali's departure.

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