Athrun and meyrin relationship advice

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athrun and meyrin relationship advice

We'd like you to take the advice of the people signing this petition. I hate how their relationship ruined in't bring Meyrin in Athrun and Cagalli. Although it was a sure thing that she has feelings for Athrun she never acted on it. In the beginning, Athrun was in a relationship with Cagalli. Even if Athrun had to return to his businesses, she knew he would come back Still, Cagalli was unsure of whether to keep their relationship an open secret as .. "I know it's good advice to keep her alive- to prevent Orb from.

To her superior officers, she is respectful and is willing to follow orders, even if she doesn't agree with the orders emotionally.

athrun and meyrin relationship advice

After her sister's apparent death, a larger aspect of Lunamaria's personality is shown, as she is seen as a forgiving person towards Shinn, who was ordered to kill Meyrin. Strangely, Lunamaria's skill with a gun outside a mobile suit is drastically different, as she is unable to make an accurate shot. This is due to her habit of twitching her wrist while pulling the trigger.

However, after learning of this habit, her skills have improved. Other than that, she can fly a helicopter and is an excellent spy, and is also quite good at intelligence gathering. Outside the academy, on the day Siegel Clyne and some of his followers were executed due to Lacus's betrayal, Luna and her classmates listened to Patrick Zala's speech about the oppression perpetuated by the Naturals against them, out of envy for their developed abilities even though it was Naturals who created Coordinators in the first place.

Lunamaria and Rey then backup Shinn, who was fighting all three mobile suits by himself. By accident and a slip of Cagalli's tongue, Lunamaria learns that Alex is, in fact, Athrun Zala and this is confirmed by her sister, Meyrin Hawke. As they usually battle each other, the two develop somewhat of a rivalry.

This allows Lunamaria to freely express her developed interest in him, but ironically Lunamaria is naive to her sister's interest in Athrun and she is somewhat irritated and jealous by Meer Campbell spending time with him. After giving Captain Gladys the recorded information, Lunamaria asks if this mission was given to her because there were doubts about Athrun's loyalty, But Talia responds that the mission was given to gather information on the Archangel's intentions.

After this, Talia then orders Lunamaria to not tell anyone and to forget everything about this mission, which Lunamaria follows. Shinn then later informs her that he was the one who destroyed the GOUF and apologizes to her. Lunamaria then starts to cry with Shinn tearfully holding her. Before the battle at Heaven's base, Lunamaria chooses to forgive Shinn, knowing that he was just following orders while blaming LOGOS for the cause of their deaths. She gets a hug from him and then they kiss and Shinn promises to protect her, thus starting a romantic relationship between them.

All of a sudden, a part of a bush snagged her shirt and pulled her back.

athrun and meyrin relationship advice

Growling in frustration she tried to pull it off but no success. She tugged at it few more times and only succeeded in shaking the bush and causing some leaves to fall off. If I don't get this stupid thing off my shirt I'm gonna cut the whole shrub off! Still caught up in her internal ranting, she didn't notice a presence behind her until she heard quiet laugher. Turning around and looking like a deer caught in the headlights she looked to see who had witnessed her in an embarrassing moment.

She saw Athrun standing there with a smile on his face. Realizing how silly she must have looked, she immediately stopped and blushed. He laughed some more and took her hand not noticing or ignoring her "Epp! He led her to the bench and they sat down together with her hand still in his. I've noticed you've been stressed lately. Maybe you should take the rest of the day off. That's Athrun for you…caring as usual.

I have important things to look over. Plus your health is more important than some treaty or paperwork. I worry about you Cagalli. Cagalli was speechless and blushing like a tomato.

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If I stay near him my face will permanently be red! Get a hold of yourself Cagalli! Cagalli could only stare. Every afternoon we can spend some time together and you can relax. It'll help revive you from your stress. It was really cool. It's a soldier version complete with a uniform, combat boots, binoculars, and toy gun! What are we waiting for!

Thirty minutes later… "Thanks Athrun! They two walked to a park and sat down with Cagalli holding a bag full of her favorite candy and Athrun with the combat teddy bear.

Do athrun love Meyrin?

They sat there contently eating their treats. When they were finished Athrun took her hand again and cleared his throat nervously. She knew what was coming. You know I lo-like you a lot and would do anything for you. When I gave you that ring, it was a promise to always protect and be with you…unless you don't want me too…" He trailed off slightly. Oh God…what do I say? This wasn't the first time Athrun wanted their relationship to progress. She knew he wanted to be her boyfriend and have some stability in their relationship but truth to be told, she was scared.

Yes, Cagalli Yula Attha was scared of a relationship with Athrun. It was because she didn't want things to change between them. She loved how they were already. But in her heart, she knew that she would be the happiest person ever if she was with Athrun. Too bad her stubbornness only wanted to be friends. What was wrong with her?

Was she not ready for a relationship? Maybe…or was it something else? Was she scared of how much of an affect he had on her? He didn't realize how much she loved him and how she would try to do anything for him like he said to her. I really appreciate what you do for me…but I don't think I'm ready… um….

It was silent for a few minutes. I mean we can stay friends. Don't worry about it, but Cagalli, I will always be there for you. I guess if friendship is all we will have, it will be good enough for me. He got up and offered her his hand. She took it and internally scolded herself she did this often. She had hurt the person she loved.

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What a day… End of Flashback… Cagalli sighed at that memory and looked out the window. It had been almost a year since that day and she tried not to think of what she lost that day.

Sure, she and Athrun had become closer as friends and it was a wonder why he stayed with her. But Cagalli remembered her promise. She often wondered if he was happy.

athrun and meyrin relationship advice

I want to make him happy… The limo pulled up her driveway. Cagalli got out and was greeted by a cheerfully excited and very familiar voice. Standing there waving frantically was Luna, who had screamed the greeting, along with Meyrin who smiled brightly.

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Next to them was Rey who had his arm around Luna's waist, an amused smile on his face at the sight of his girlfriend becoming hyper. Then stood Kira and Lacus, arm in arm with flowers.

athrun and meyrin relationship advice

Shinn and Stellar were not far. Shinn waved a little and made a face while Stellar stared curiously at the scene. Shy as usual she held Shinn's hand. Finally, Cagalli turned her attention to Athrun who emerged from the back after telling the maids where to put the luggage. He smiled gently and walked up to her. She giggled at his code name. You weren't there to help me! Athrun laughed and took her hand. Let's go to our friends.