Balthier and fran relationship test

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balthier and fran relationship test

Fran is very much a no nonsense kind of Viera, and Balthier likes his freedom. I think Here's my take on the Bal x Fran relationship mrgreen. Top from left: Larsa, Ashe, Basch, Balthier and Fran. . characters suggest a teacher/student relationship between them, though Balthier denies this. .. Gabranth later was sent to Pharos to "test" Ashe if she would take revenge, attacking the. By the same logic, Vaan is actually Captain Basch. Not that Balthier, Fran, Penelo, and Vaan aren't important. framed-for-regicide angles to him that complicate his relationship with Ashe and add depth. .. Well let's test it.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the relationship, but the art style makes both of them look very young. Usually, childhood romances are taken less seriously than adult relationships.

If one can look past the design, what lies beneath is actually a compelling RPG.

When Rinoa is first introduced, he treats her much the same. However, the two eventually learn more and grow fond of one another. This developing relationship is at the center of the game's story and is what really makes it so memorable to those who played it. Of course, the game play is no slouch either, but the whole experience would not stand the test of time if it was not for Squall and Rinoa's relationship.

Additionally, no one can ever forget "Eyes On Me". Penelo and Vaan's relationship is one of the weaker aspects of the plot. While not romantically entangled, the two have forever been close childhood friends. It is not upsetting that they never take their relationship further, as woman and men can be just friends without any tension, but nothing happens in the game that truly tests the strength of their bond.

While he is initially weaker in the latter form, it is an important step in the game's story. His relationship to Rosa makes him even more interesting. Their love for each other is never in question, but it does cause tension between Cecil and his friend Kain, who also loves Rosa. His jealousy is a source of pain for Kain, who must learn to overcome his negative emotions. Yuna And Seymour Final Fantasy X When a loveless marriage is initiated for purely political reasons, it becomes too hard to bear.

The brief matrimony between Yuna and Seymour is one of these relationships. The Summoner agrees to marry the half Guado and half Human because she believes it will help bring unification to the world of Spira.

As one can tell by Seymour's sinister voice and demeanor, he has shadier plans at work. Seymour wishes to use Yuna to become Sin and destroy the world. Thankfully, Yuna's guardians arrive just in time to save their friend and continue their journey to defeat Sin and save their planet. Dunkin' Doughnuts was scarcely heavenly, Fran concluded as she nibbled at her plain glazed donut.

In fact she normally detested such poorly funded eateries. The only reason she was going there was because she was supposed to be meeting Larsa and Penelo there for a friendly reunion. They'd recently returned from a "stately" it was hardly like this but this was what Larsa described it as trip to Florida. Fran swallowed a small bit of doughnut and patted Penelo's arm in a silent greeting gesture.

Penelo was all sunshine, rainbows, smiles, and chattiness. Fran was hardly as sociable, preferring to just play the part of listener. So she listened to her girly friend gabble as much as she pleased.

Larsa had sprouted a few inches so he brushed against Fran's shoulder now. He had a face full of pink little pimples yet his complexion was still as dewy as ever, like a newborn's. The two were garbed in cotton and denim—white and pink long-sleeved shirts and dark-blue and light-blue jeans-shorts. Larsa's russet hair was clipped neatly so that it barely brushed against his broad rounded shoulders. His eyes were still piercing and still had that wizened look to them.

Penelo brushed a strand of blond hair from her midnight-blue eyes and she inspected the frosting on her donut. Penelo wrinkled her neat sunflower-yellow brow and guffawed knowingly to herself.

She was wondering on something and that frightened Fran just a smidge. It is not what you would call "liking" merely an interest in him.

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He seems …," Fran's voice trailed off here as she saw the chocolate-eyed boy glancing over at her again in a very injudicious manner. Larsa daubed a napkin at the corner of his little mouth, slackening his mouth into a tightly pursed line, blood draining from his lips, and then he said: He's a sophomore, single, and not looking as I've been told by his … associates.

You should go talk to him. You know, I hear he adores poetry but then everyone's bound to fall in love with poetry when you sign up for Mr. Sephiroth Hojo's poetry class, right?

She wordlessly waved to them, purse clutched loosely in her hand, and she sat down next to this Vaan boy. He regarded her with a shy smile, the kind a little boy would throw your way when he was nervous about meeting someone older than him. He had sunkissed skin, bronzed, tanned, just a lovely shade of golden, and he had a lean physique.

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Muscles that were delicately toned and little puckering lips, oh he was quite cute but that was all Fran would ever see him as. He played with the metallic napkin dispenser idly, a sheet filled with scrawled mathematic notes by his hand, and a moss-green messenger bag thrown on the chair across from him.

His was pure and almost childish. In fact the idea sparked within her like a lit flame and it burned and burned until she extinguished it, settling her eyes on his. She wanted a mug of hot chocolate now. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Vaan. His eyes fell on her white bodice, she silently wondered why it would, was there something wrong with her bodice? Fran fancied bodices but apparently Vaan didn't like them quite as much for he squirmed in his seat and his eyes flitted over to the window again.

My name is Fran. Fran quirked her head at him ever so slightly, just enough so that he wouldn't catch it and she smiled, barely. There was a small crease in her face that was almost miniscule but he caught it and smiled at her — heartily, happily, childishly.

A soda had been there, Fran mused. She heard this through one ear, the other one tuning in to hear the faint chattering of Larsa and Penelo. They were looking at her now, watching for her reaction to this.

Vaan gets to the magicite first, and when Balthier and Fran confront him, the three of them are caught up in the chaos of a rebel assault on the palace.

balthier and fran relationship test

Cid Cidolfus Demen Bunansa. Balthier received many privileges as Cid's son, including being made an Imperial Judge, but eventually cut ties with his father when Cid became consumed by his experimentation with nethicite. Balthier is now a renowned career criminal with a sizable bounty on his head, and must be careful to avoid the attention of both the law and the bounty hunters seeking the reward for his capture. He originally joins the resistance in the hope of reacquiring the Dusk Shard, but when he learns it is actually a piece of nethicite, he sees too much of his father's obsession in his own quest and decides to abandon the search.

Cid at the Pharos, Balthier makes peace with his father and helps the group to destroy the Sky Fortress Bahamut as penance for Cid's deeds. Balthier says that he is to be the "leading man" of the story many times throughout the game, and insists that this makes him invincible, since the hero always emerges in one piece.

Balthier was at first intent to take Lemures' treasure, the Auracite, but knew the truth behind it and attempted to destroy the Auralith, eventually rejoining Vaan's group to fight the Judge of Wings, letting Vaan be the "leading man" while he himself leaves the limelight. He made a crossover appearance in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. Like all Viera, she is exceptionally sensitive to the magical Mist that permeates Ivalice, and is affected by it on three separate occasions: When the party reaches Giruvegan, she can detect the Mist nearby has cooled and is less intense.

balthier and fran relationship test

Fran once lived with her sisters Jote and Mjrn in Eruyt Village, the secluded Viera settlement in Golmore Jungle, but became restless and desired to see the outside world. This was a major source of conflict between her and the other viera, especially her elder sister Jote, who served as the village matriarch.

She learns from Jote that their youngest sister Mjrn has run off to the nearby magicite mines. When Fran finds her and brings her back, Mjrn reveals she wishes to leave Golmore, but Fran advises her against doing so, relating how her own independence has cost her her family and the ability to commune with the Wood.

Jote replies that The Wood misses her child and is jealous of the hume that has taken her away. Fran smiles for the first time in the game, knowing her sister is lying and still cares for her, as she leaves The Wood for good.

She also appears in Itadaki Street Portable. Though only twelve years old, Larsa is idealistic and believes that the strife within Ivalice can be quelled without war. He travels with Vaan and company under the alias "Lamont" during their trip to the Lhusu Mines to rescue Penelo. However, his knowledge of nethicite exposes him.

He leaves the party at Mt. Bur-Omisace, after learning from Al-Cid Margrace that his father had been murdered, attempting to reason with Vayne.

balthier and fran relationship test

After his brother is defeated, Larsa takes his place in the Archadian throne and settles into peace agreements with Basch as his protector.

Vossler fought alongside Basch, during the counter-attack at Nalbina Fortress. Like Reks, he too was tricked into thinking Basch was responsible for killing King Raminas. After the battle, he fled underground, and joined the Resistance, alongside Princess Ashe.

For the next two years, he protected the Princess, as well as trying to restore their lost Kingdom. Skeptical of the traitor, Vossler eventually learns to trust his friend once again. Vossler dons an Archadian judge armor to fool the guards and enable them to rescue the Princess, and escape to Bhujerba where they plan to keep the Princess safe. However, the Princess decides to take matters in her own hands and travel to the Tomb of Raithwall to obtain the treasure of the Dynast-King.

Vossler catches up, after being left behind, at the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea, while on their way to the Tomb. He offers to protect Princess Ashe once again, despite objecting to Balthier and Fran's invading the royal tomb.

Here, Vossler reveals that he, embittered by their "profitless battle", has made a deal with the Archadian Empire so that Dalmasca's sovereignty could be restored. As Ashe and the others escape in an airship, the nethicite explosion from the Leviathan annihilates the fleet, Vossler is presumably alive because the Shiva was seen able to escape the explosion, albeit badly damaged.

Filled with guilt, he abandoned his post and took on the name "Reddas", arriving in Balfonheim where he cleaned up the town and became a patron to pirates.

balthier and fran relationship test

When Cid activated the Sun-Cryst, Reddas sacrificed himself by using the Sword of Kings to destroy the crystal, unleashing an explosion which vaporized him and most of the upper Pharos.