Barbie hsu and vic zhou relationship

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barbie hsu and vic zhou relationship

High-profile Taiwan celebrity couple Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu has broken up, according to local media reports. Hsu confirmed the split via her. Pic: Barbie Hsu & Vic Zhou He shared that his relationship with her made him even more mature, "Whenever I meet with problems, I will try to. Barbie Hsu: Vic Zhou was overly possessive Yahoo News Patty Hou exposed of Hsu and co-actor with Zhou in a drama of sweet relationship.

Ken Chu and Han Wen Wen were seen together at a shopping mall, sparking reports that the two are in a relationship. Han Wen Wen Ken seems to have a penchant for dating women with curvy figures. Since breaking up with long term girlfriend Kelly Lin, hardly any of his past relationships lasted longer for more than a year. It took Ken quite some time to totally get over Kelly Lin. Out of all the F4 members, only Vic Chou and Vanness Wu are able to maintain a stable relationship with their respective ladies.

Vanness Wu has been married with Singaporean socialite Arissa Cheo for two years now. Arissa Cheo Vanness has always been identified with Arissa for the longest time, with only Vivian Hsu as his other notable past girlfriend.

Vanness Wu and Vivian Hsu remained on speaking terms even after their break up. The untimely death of Beatrice Hsu had greatly affected Vic Chou. After his break up with Barbie inVic became more private with his personal matters.

Kevin Tsai Asks Barbie Hsu If They Could Talk About Her Ex Vic Zhou

In fact, so private he was that for the next four years, he had kept his intimate relationships away from the media and the public eye. He declined to expose the identities of the girls in order to protect their privacy and their respective families. It was also in when Vic started dating his current girlfriend Reen Yu.

So far, this has been his longest relationship to date as none of his past relationships lasted for more than two years. He also sees Reen as a suitable marriage partner for him in the very near future. The age difference of 5 years example of a brother attaching to an elder siste whereby the female's personality is stronger than the male, could also be a factor for the seperation. Those who worked with Zai Zai revealed: Recently Zai Zai have been working really hard, and was always discussing work matters with thestaff.

He's very different from last time where he used to be very shy and did not have anyviews on matters. Seems like he is using work to treat the wounds and to express that he isnot a 'small man'. Yesterday Zaizai used the term "family" to represent his relationship with Da S. Yesterday, Da S made a statement that she will however regard Zaizai as a friend forever.

With regards to the seperation, Da S made it clear that the choice they made was not a hastyone, that they were calm when deciding. The statement read;'Rather than say breaking-up, it is a distillation of feelings.

Kevin Tsai Asks Barbie Hsu If They Could Talk About Her Ex Vic Zhou | 三八姐姐

We are now friends, friends are forever. Thank you everyone for your concern, please do not guess about the reasons. Zaizai and me were cool headed when we made this decision. Because our relationship is very good,that's why we will be lifetime friends.

Li Bing-Bing inconvenient to express: Rumours for the cause of the break-up aside from Hsu Mama and family, it also points to Li Bing Bing. Hsu Mama was asked to clarify this matter and she expressed that she is not a demon and that she is only their old maid; Li Bing Bing doesn't know anything.

Reporter than asked Li Bing Bing's manager Jixinag if that was the cause;Her manager commented that; 'Bing Bing is doing commercials, she's not sure about this matter. She don't even know that Zaizai and Da S have seperated. This is other people's matter,we don't have any comments. Each time they returned from work and say they're hungry, irregardless of what time it was;she would cook for them of go out to buy night snacks.

She view Zaizai as her son. Hsu Mama expressed that she only know about their seperation not too long ago.

Forever (MARS - Vic Zhou & Barbie Hsu)

Because they are too busy with work and not wishing for either party to be affected because of work. She also revealed that the Da S is also in a very good mood, she was home with her daughter yesterday afternoon looking thru reports of the seperation in the papers.

The two had previously acted with Zaizai in series and both are elegant which he prefers. However, Zaizai's manager thought that the reports were both humourous and boring. Promoting his album, Zaizai arrives at this place at its freezing period, moreover, yesterday, it has been revealed that he broke up with DaS, the "hurt " him had been in the movie, TV, music areas, being a true " 3 sided artist". Pink colored sport sweater, black gloves, Zaizai looks really pale, the right side of his face has a few pimples.

After waiting for 2 huors, Zaizai finally appears, NinBo and HangZhou reporters had agreed beforehand to directly ask him about his love affair, but seeing a Zaizai like that, they all tacitly didnt have the heart to do so, asking questions about little things for a while, finally, a reporter couldnt resist and mentionned DaS, for a second Zaizai eyes seemed to have gotten teary.

Between Xi Yuan and me, there are too much too much tacit undrstanding, we cant even explain it to friends. How long I've been into this business ios how long this understanding has been there.

barbie hsu and vic zhou relationship

Separating, is for us good and amical, peaceful, we feel that with trying to maintain a life where we are each busy on our own, becoming friends, family is better, we can pour out our problems to the other, that kind of feeling is not bad.

Reason for the break up? These versions are not solidI dont like too many people guessing around, it's not our feeling that is an issue or anyone's problem. I hate hearing about bad thing about Xi Yuan, When facing the press, if someone is having offensive words toward her, I'll stand up and talk. My point is that Why didnt say it sooner? I dont like it, also dislike that kind of behaviour. If using that to stay in the entertainment circle, I had a lot of time and occasions to do it but I never did.

This decision Breaking up is a mature and wise decision, please dont distord this mature act of us. Looking for another girlfriend?

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Not thinking about itNext girlfriend being in or out of the Entertainment circle, I'm not thinking about it. I want to focus on my career, working hard on it, hoping that during that period, I can use my energy on my work, looking for my real place in the circle, and not thinking about anything else. DaS in reporters mind has become Xi Yuan in Zaizai's mouth, those who hear it all have their heart thumping unwillingly. But once the topic is changed, Zaizai immediately gets happier, laughing hard and even stomping his feet.

Talking about his album made him even more high. I'm F4 and also not F4Zaizai thinks his vocals arent compatible with rythmic songs, he has always had love songs as his main focus.

In this album, it the first time for him to try out a song with fast rythm, " I wish not to have the need of getting help from Andy Lau's songs when performing on different places" Zaizai sticks his toungue, " I'm not F4, Mosaic, these songs have very good effect.

But the four F4 brothers relationship is still as deep and strong, Zaizai reveals, They oftne reunite at some people's house chatting and eating, Surprisingly, Zaizai forgot about Jerry's birthday few days ago, " Our relationship the 4 doesnt need to many words, I'm sorry for forgetting his birthday, I'll make up for it when I go back to TW.

F4, this abnd which was so popular, makes them proud. Now, each of them are trying hard on their own way.

barbie hsu and vic zhou relationship

About his 3rd Solo album, Zaizai also wish to change the image of an unreachable F4 through it, getting closer to fans, having his own style. Acting, I'm giving myself pointsFor the past 3 years, Zaizai has been focused on acting, recently his movie has started showing, starring with Li Bing Bing in " Linger", makes people surprised.

For the breakthoughdegree of his performance, for this movie which had finished filming one year ago, Zaizai unhesitantly gives himself point, for a year, he again participated in another movie, now, watching this movie again, Zaizai can still see where it could have been better: At that time, LBB still hadnt gotten the title of best actress, but Zaizai says " From her eyes filled with the character, I could see it".