Bart and cindy relationship

Lifetime Movie Seeds of Yesterday Retrospective. The Final Chapter.

bart and cindy relationship

Bart Jr was born 9 months after Foxworth Hall was burned. holds Chris with contempt for his incestuous relationship with his sister, Cathy and still hates Cindy. Big Brother Instinct: Bart displays a strange version of this towards Cindy in the In the movie, Bart and Cindy's incestuous relationship echoes that of their. Bartholomew Scott Winslow Foxworth (Bart Jr.) - son of Cathy and Bart Sr. Sheffield, mother of Bart Jr. with Bart Sr., "wife" of Chris, adoptive mother of Cindy.

When tragedy befalls Jory during a private dance performance at Foxworth Hall, he is left in a vulnerable position that paves the way for Bart to take advantage of the situation.

bart and cindy relationship

Nope, they all stay behind in Foxworth Hall tending to Jory, including Melodie, who is pregnant and an emotional wreck. Bart, who tried to drown Cindy as a child, is attracted to her despite his strong misogynistic feelings.

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Last Stop Crazy Town In the culminating moments of Seeds, Bart reaches a breaking point when all his best laid plans prove unsatisfying to him. The scenes between Maslow and Carpani took me by surprise because their dynamic and chemistry work perfectly.

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Darren Stein, who wrote the teleplay, does an excellent job of hitting the major points of the book in his translation to the screen; however, due to the complex overlapping of story lines in the source material, he seems to rush the ending.

Obviously the movie peeps agreed, thank the Force. And it can be seen from the other side too — any romantic inclinations he feels towards her means he must push away any identifying of her as a sister.

I can see this constant conflict within him. And If There Be Thorns establishes that complicated dynamic between Bart and Cindy even more so in the book, with Bart identifying Cindy as a sinful woman at the age of 2…. But if we consider that line he says to Chris as being important — perhaps even supremely important — it just ties everything together so well.

Bart/Cindy Quotes From Seeds of Yesterday | Shipcestuous

Plus, they brought her into their home and took her in when she had no one else. I do really like the idea that she was trying to encourage them to come clean with her about that secret, particularly the gentle way she goes about it.

So I think she would have a much more nuanced view towards their relationship and towards incest.

bart and cindy relationship

First we have the fact that Cindy reminds him of Cathy. The book makes it pretty clear that Bart is obsessed with Cathy and is looking for a woman just like her both Toni and Melodie point this out to Cathy. Then he says that if Cathy was like Cindy is, then he understands why Chris fell in love with her.

And then, finally, he indicates that Cindy tries to seduce him. And again, he accidentally shows that he really does think Cindy is his sister by making the comparison with Chris and Cathy. If he opened her door, she would know he was there. If he stared, she would know he was doing it.

bart and cindy relationship

We know she finds him attractive. In fact, she used to worship him before she had finally had enough of being treated like sh!

bart and cindy relationship

So I think it happened exactly like Bart said it did. That paragraph alone pretty much makes it canon. There are also a couple of things that suggest a great compatibility with Bart and Cindy. The first is that Cathy describes Bart as being obsessively clean like the whole checking the rooms thingsand that he showers several times each day. Cindy is the only other person she describes as doing that.

Bart Foxworth

If you read through all the quotes, I included stuff that drew parallels like that. Secondly is their singing.

Cindy surprises everyone with her incredible singing voice at Christmas, and then Bart does the same thing towards the end of the book. Those are interesting similarities.


Now, we see something very similar to this in the movie, when he gives her the walkman for Christmas. So an aspect of it was preserved.

bart and cindy relationship

Just the fact that he designed a room especially for her, with all the things she liked in it. A room in his house, for his little sister. They both end up alone.

bart and cindy: commentary – shipcestuous3

Well, these are my thoughts and mrsariayoureakiller contributed: It would be a third generation of incest. Thank God Lifetime truly had no f—ks to give. I could see her publisher telling her it was just too much. Are Bart and Cindy breaking the curse?