Berserk guts and griffith relationship test

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berserk guts and griffith relationship test

My Big Gay Berserk Analysis 3 “Casca's Role ” Part One Part Two In this post I'm the love/hate relationship between Guts and Griffith, and how Miura utilizes her as If that sounds like it'll piss you off but you still want more Guts/Griffith content, you . But of course then Griffith's like, I came to see you to test my capacity for. So, what was the point in their relationship just falling apart? Just because they Were Guts' and Griffith's egos just too big to just stay friends?. Characters Index | Guts | Griffith / Femto | Casca | Guts' Companions | Band of adversarial over Guts' intention to leave the Hawks, the relationship between.

He takes a long, healthy sip before setting his glass off to the side. Guts reacts enthusiastically and Griffith can feel tongue brushing his palate where the taste of wine still lingered.

berserk guts and griffith relationship test

There is no precedent for what they do. Griffith is the only person Guts has held, kissed, and it shows in his hesitant explorations. Griffith is not so untried. This, what he lets Guts do to him and what he does in turn to Guts, this is an entirely different thing.

There is no purpose to it other than indulging each other. Griffith nods, gaze fixed purposefully on the nightstand, and Guts follows, retrieving the small bottle Griffith had bought after their last campaign and spilling the liquid into his cupped palm. Guts strokes him, twisting as he reaches the head of his dick.

Griffith can see Guts watching his own hand move, a look akin to awe dawning on his face. Griffith arches backward then forward, as though unsure of whether he wanted to move closer or flinch away. Behind him, Griffith can feel Guts growing hard. In the official translation her rank in the Band of the Hawk is Commander.

Was very much this when she was first introduced. Some of her sternness melts away after she reveals her Dark and Troubled Past but still successfully avoids going into Chickification territory.

Literally, and not funny. Seriously, you begin to believe Casca has an invisible "Rape me! Though not to the degree of Guts, Casca has her share of battle scars, the most prominent being the five arrow wounds that she got when she led the Band of the Hawk away from the Midland army during her Moment of Awesome. Although she is embarrassed to show them during her and Guts' love scene, it's implied that Guts finds them attractive.

After Guts' departure, Casca is seen holding the broken hilt of the sword that Guts used in the Battle of Doldrey. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Post-Eclipse, she mostly acts like an infant barely aware of her surroundings. At times, however, some of her previously badass traits briefly bubble to the surface. While she has a tough exterior and is something of a Tsunderethose occasions when Casca cries show her sensitive, vulnerable side. This has the effect of making her more sympathetic to both Guts and the audience, and revealing previously unknown Hidden Depths to her personality.

As part of her status as The Ophelia. Now, she can only convey her emotions which are really only limited to fear, anger, and happiness through babbling and screaming like a two year old. After the Eclipse and she is reduced to the mindstead of a two year old, Casca needs constant babysitting so she won't get into trouble. Most prominent instance was when Guts had to save her from being burned at the stake as a witch in St.

Albion, but usually it's from lecherous men who want to rape her. Damsel out of Distress: Despite constantly putting herself in danger because of her unfortunate post-Eclipse condition, Casca still has her moments. Like when she showed her former self by killing three would-be rapists. She's still got it! Of the Action Girl. She's one of the best swordfighters in the world, but she still has her period every month, her body is bristling with muscle and covered in scars much to her chagrin and being a female fighter in a brutal medieval world makes her a target for misogynists and would-be rapists.

Even to a tough woman like her, it takes its toll: Deer in the Headlights: After Judeau dies protecting her Casca makes one final stand against the apostles who have surrounded her, screaming in a fit of rage with a sword in hand. However, the apostles easily break her sword, leaving Casca utterly defenseless against them as they discussed how they were planning on doing more to her than just eat her.

All Casca can do at this point is stand petrified and cry as she hoped against hope that Guts would come and save her as the apostles grab and assault her. The beginning of the series presents Casca as a distant, always serious, aloof, even cold young woman who seems to utterly hate Guts, and only shows genuine affection toward Griffith. After she and Guts's time being stranded together and learning that they weren't so different - with the big bonus of Guts saving her life twice - Casca finally begins to warm up to Guts, which leads to her acting a bit more girlish, open, and sensitive to others Judeau even remarks happily how Casca started acting like "a real girl" after she was stranded with Guts, since her profession really doesn't allow her toand eventually, she falls in love with Guts.

Does Not Like Men: Especially so right after the Eclipse, and for obviously understandable reason. Casca reacted very badly when Guts tried to touch her after waking up, and was implied that she acted the same way toward Rickert. After the time skip, like a lot of her trauma-induced reactionsCasca tends to react violently towards men who want to have sex with her, like the unfortunate case with she and Guts at the time.

The '97 anime's Spanish dub changed her name to "Kyasca," just like the Japanese spelling, perhaps to avoid the implications of how "Casca" would sound in Spanish see Meaningful Name. Casca, like Guts, has no problem with attracting members of the opposite sex just look at her work at that ball! However, she has this unfortunate habit of attracting the wrong sort of guy most of the time.

Although she survives the Eclipse, what she witnessed back then and her brutal rape at Femto's hands made her lose her ability to speak.

Dude, Where's My Respect? Her feelings of mistreatment are pretty understandable considering that she had been suffering from major Heroic Fatigue for the last year, trying to keep the Hawks together during Guts' and Griffith's absence.

She asks for very little in return, only some emotional reassurance from the two men that she holds dearest to her. She has many squeeing fangirls in the victory parade after the battle for Doldrey. Once had short, tomboyish hair. Now has long flowing tresses that fit her status as The Ophelia. Again, Casca doesn't die during the Eclipse, but before she loses consciousness after being horrifically raped and loses her sanity and speech as a result of the trauma, she utters, " Casca is beautiful and has an attractive figure, so it's not unnatural to appreciate her in the nude.

Having said that, there are many scenes of her in a naked state where she's being assaulted or is going through emotional trauma, in which the audience is supposed to be feeling sympathy for her and horror at her predicament instead of objectifying her body. Casca's Fatal Flaw was the combination of her loyalty toward Griffith, her dutiful and self-sacrificing nature, and the conflict that those first two created with the fact that her true romantic feelings were towards Guts.

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Even though she was forced to realize how physically disabled Griffith was by his torture, and knew how much Guts' departure had devastated him, she either ignored or failed to see the warning signs of how Griffith's feelings of despair, jealousy, and spite were metastasizing into something dangerous.

Griffith had always been the savior from her childhood, and even though she later learned of his human weakness she never could have imagined him turning on her and Guts. When Griffith made an unwanted advance on her while she was changing his bandages—essentially Attempted Rape if not for his physical disability—she was devastated but couldn't admit to herself or to Guts that that's what had just happened.

Instead of reacting with anger, she gave Griffith what he wanted least: Casca decided to stay with Griffith, but Griffith would always know that she did it out of pity and would never love him the way that she loved Guts.

berserk guts and griffith relationship test

Worse, she told Guts to leave when she knew that he was the person that Griffith most cared about, because she didn't want Guts to give up his dream for the sake of her and Griffith, and felt intense guilt for not staying at Guts' side like they'd promised as lovers. In order not to have made that mistake, she would have had to not be Casca anymore, since her tragic mistake was something she did out of her noble but flawed sense of self-denial and obligation.

Our dear Casca, proper young ladies do not use their elbows to punch their male escorts in the face, no matter how much they're gawking at you. Doesn't only happen to Guts during the Eclipse, but Femto humiliates Casca to a very savage degree by turning her around to rape her from behind so that she now has to face Guts while having all of this done to her.

One could argue that being forced to stare at the man she loved while being humiliated in such a cruel and dehumanizing way is what pushed Casca over her psychological threshold. The fact that she was forced to watch Guts being physically tortured as well probably didn't help; by this point Guts had already lost his arm and was in the process of having his eye clawed out. She was this to Guts during his raging revenge years, but more of on the emotionally forgotten level.

Her combat style involves speed and acrobatics to keep her out of harm's way, as she is lightly armored in cuirass and leather as opposed to Guts' and Pippin's heavier armor or Griffith's three-quarter plate.

Friend to All Living Things: Played with in the movie. She seems rather affectionate toward the horses. She even gut punched Guts twice for inadvertently killing her horse by chopping off its leg during their first encounter. She's also seen playing with animals a lot more after she became insane. From Dress to Dressing: When she catches up to Guts outside Promrose hall, where he was looking for Griffith, Casca notices his arm is wounded and borrows his dagger so she can cut a bandage out of her sleeve.

Casca had acted very hostile toward Guts up to this point, making this the first indication that she's kinder than she lets on. For extra symbolism, she ties it around his upper arm, where a knight would traditionally display his lady's favor.

Casca has gotten a lot of Clothing Damage from enemies who had wanted to rape her But it's been shown that she still won't back down given the conditions. One instance was when Guts saved Casca from Wyald after he ripped her clothes off, but she still assumed fighting position after the fact and was actually told by Guts to get out of there.

Another one came when some bandits attempted to rape her and stripped her, but she killed them all single-handed. A more comical moment came when Casca began fighting Guts outside of the cave that they were sequestered in, even after the cape she was using to cover her self slipped off of her. Too many to list. As tragic as her condition is, her madness is Played for Laughs at times, as she can frequently be seen playing with or nibbling on things that interest her in the background, like pearls, sausage linksa torturer's mask, and Puck.

Used on her briefly during she and Guts' love scene in the anime, soft romantic music and all. Go Mad from the Revelation: As a result of the horrible events of the Eclipse, her mind is now reduced to little more than a two-year old child's.

Go Out with a Smile: Used during the Eclipse in the third film. Similar to Famous Last Words in that Casca didn't die, but she manages to muster up one last smile for Guts as she tells him not to watch Femto rape her. The main source of her hostility toward Guts at first is that she thinks he doesn't deserve Griffith's preferential treatment, especially when she never got that kind of acknowledgement even after years of loyal service.

At the same time, she feels jealous toward Princess Charlotte for being the object of Griffith's wooing. In the first case, she stops resenting Guts after the hundred man fight. Regarding the second, she acknowledges and feels bad about her jealousy after getting to know Charlotte better, saying that it's hard to hate someone who's so kind and considerate toward her. She looked so purty with that flower-headband in her hair at Griffith's gala.

The whole reason why Guts formed the group in the first place was so he could have more people to watch over her and to get her safely to Elfheim.

berserk guts and griffith relationship test

A year's worth of evading capture and trying to keep the Hawks alive while also coming to terms with the fact that she had no place by Griffith's side began to eat away at Casca's sense of self-worth, and she almost attempted suicide because of it. Casca is perfectly capable of commanding an army by herself. She has proven it time and time again. But due to seeing herself as Never a Self-Made Womanshe has essentially zero self-esteem. And she doesn't even realize it If we looked at this from a Joseph Campbell perspective, Casca is this to Guts, as she is the one that he loves the most and is the drive of his adventure.

Due to the nature of her predicament, he can't be with her until he has completed his current quest getting to Elfheim to find a cure for her insanitybut she is at his side throughout his journey. And although they might not have the best relationship right now, Casca's presence serves as a reminder to Guts of what he has to gain if he completes his quest and what he doesn't want to lose.

Though Casca is a human character with her share of flaws, whenever Guts envisions her, it's an image of Casca at her pinnacle, back when she was commander of the Band of the Hawk. According to Judeau, she took Griffith's word as gospel and was prepared to sacrifice her life for his dream. To this very day she is picking crow out of her teeth.

How Dare You Die on Me! In the Eclipse she urges mortally wounded Judeau to hang on, saying he can't give up when they promised they'd fight to the very end.

He already knows it's too late, and barely has time for some last words before he dies. When you really look at it, the trauma that Casca sustained has reduced her to even less than a child-like state. Casca has no logical drive and relies mainly on her instincts to protect her. Sometimes, when things get really bad, she'll have flashbacks of the Eclipse, and it can go in either direction.

Sadly, some fans and characters like Farnese hold her current behavior around Guts against her without fully understanding her situation. During the ball, Guts makes the suggestion that Casca ask Griffith to dance with her, but she shyly declines, insisting that she would step on his feet. Averted in the new movie, where they share a beautifully-animated dance scene. I Just Want to Be Loved: For a long time, everything Casca did for Griffith was with the hope that he would come to appreciate her and love her for her efforts.

However, Casca eventually came to realize and accept that she would never get the kind of love she wished for from Griffith. At the end of volume 9, Casca resolved within herself that her purpose was to love Guts and to be within his heart, and that he too would love her in return. Played straight during her love scene with Guts, when it's made clear she was experiencing intense pleasure. Played for Fan Disservice during the Eclipse, where it's unclear whether she's crying out from this or in pain.

Played straight and then inverted. As a child, she kept her hair long. But after joining the Band of the Hawk, she chose to cut it short—a pragmatic move, considering how enemies could easily grab her long locks and subdue her.

As the series goes on, we see her hair subtly grow longer again by the time she and Guts affirm their relationship as lovers. Once the Eclipse happens, it eventually reaches all the way down to her shoulders, reflecting how she's gone back to a childlike mental state.

berserk guts and griffith relationship test

At first glance thigh-high leather boots don't seem too inconvenient to wear Basically, they're mostly there to make Casca look good. However, such boots were indeed used back in the days, especially for horseriding. Casca's post-Eclipse behavior has become an issue for Guts, who is still sexually attracted to Casca and he really wants her emotional and physical love. Guts has had to restrain himself whenever he saw Casca partially or entirely nude. But one time, it went too far.

Another deconstructed trope used to tell us just how severe her trauma was after the Eclipse. Casca showed some signs of sleep deprivation after the Eclipse, namely the dark bags under her eyes. Even two years later, Erika remarked that Casca had trouble sleeping though her confinement could have also played a role and that was why she took Casca out of the elf mine in the first place. This is the realistic insomniac examplesince many rape survivors have trouble sleeping after their attack.

Played straight at the beginning of Griffith's rescue. Casca is clearly sleep deprived and falls asleep in her dinner. Believing herself to be of no use to the Hawks any longer, Casca tried to end it all by taking a step off of a cliff.

Guts was there to save her, though. Casca was forced by Griffith to lay with Guts for two days after he fell ill, which leads to a great deal of resentment on her part for much of the series.

I Owe You My Life: Explains Casca's radical commitment to Griffith, since he saved her from a life of servitude and prostitution and gave her a new one, transforming her into a woman who could fend for herself and didn't need a man to define her.

A downplayed case before the Eclipse, being a Tomboy with a Girly Streak. She acts tough, has short hair, and wears male clothing, but she also uses a lighter sword and armor with subtle touches of femininity in their design, enabling her to fight more gracefully than her male comrades using nimble flips and somersaults.

Law of Inverse Fertility: She didn't even think about the possibility of getting knocked up when she had sex with Guts just once. The pregnancy was not coincidental at all and influenced the fate of the universe. Like an Old Married Couple: She and Guts begin acting like this toward one another throughout the Griffith rescue operation.

She tries to scream a Big "NO! She becomes this to Guts after he told her of his traumatic childhood. She becomes Guts' full-blown Morality Chain post-Eclipse.

why didnt Guts and Griffith just stay best friends? (Berserk spoilers!)

She had shades of this when it came to her relationship with Griffith as well. Hard to believe that Casca was this in the Retribution arc. Throughout the entire storyline, Guts is running all over the place trying to rescue her, but each time he almost reaches her, she either wanders off or somebody takes her.

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Guts is finally reunited with Casca at the end of the arc. She is this to Guts big time.