Bolin and eska relationship

Sexualized Saturdays: Bolin and Eska’s Relationship Is Not Funny | Lady Geek Girl and Friends

bolin and eska relationship

saw Korra, Our Heroine, torture someone for information (and it works!), but the last straw has been the relationship between Bolin and Eska. This page is comprised of Bolin's relationships with other characters in the World of Bolin developed an interest in Eska, Korra's cousin, when she and her twin. The toxic/and or abusive relationships. How the bleep "To recap: Eska (non- consensually) humiliates Bolin and enjoys watching him in pain.

Because women, am I right? And Mai, Tai-Lee and Suki, three non-benders who could stand toe-to-toe with any bender and come out on top. Aang, by virtue of being the Avatar.

bolin and eska relationship

In Legend of Korra, however, the protagonist is female. Aang is dead and Korra is the new Avatar — the most powerful person in the entire show.

bolin and eska relationship

There is no male character more powerful than Korra. People have… problems with that kind of female power. A whole lot of writers just have no idea how to deal with it, especially in the context of western patriarchy and western-prescribed gender roles most of the characters of Avatar are POC, and the areas they live in correspond to asian and first nations locations, but the writers of the show are mainly from north america.

Which is where you get weird stuff like the Korra abuse narrative. The writers are unable to separate the world of Korra from western ideas about gender and patriarchal structures.

Thus, we get all the heterosexual relationships where the women are abusive and the men are passive.

Abusive Relationships and Victim-Blaming in the Legend of Korra | Culturally Disoriented

Which, I should note, tells you a whole lot about how the writers conceive traditional male-female relationships. Women are only strong and in control, the narrative goes, because men have ceded the place to them.

This brings us straight back to the victim-blaming: Because abuse is a thing that happens in the real world. Often it happens to them exactly how it happened to Bolin. According to the latest study by the CDCapproximately one in seven men have experienced some form of domestic violence compared to one in four women. One in nineteen men have been stalked. One in seven men have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner.

Abuse happens to men. Abuse happens to men a lot. Because we see those stories as funny. Yes, men are threatened, stalked, hurt and emotionally manipulated, just as Bolin was on the show. The abuse-as-comedy trope is particularly harmful because Korra is aimed at children and young adults. And guess who is most at risk of abuse? More than one in four male victims of rape experience their first rape when they are ten years or younger. Bolin is a man of color as are Mako, Tenzin, and every other male character on Korra.

In comparison, one third of multiracial men, one fourth of latino men, forty percent of black men and To put it bluntly: Is really not okay. For that matter, is this the lesson we want to teach the older audience of Korra? That abuse is acceptable? They walked arm in arm past the crowds of people waiting for them, waving as they went.

However, as soon as they entered the Arena, Ginger dropped back into her usual demeanor, stating Bolin to be "as dumb as the rocks [he] ben[t]" and walked off by herself.

Ginger only noticed Bolin when he was applauded a hero after saving President Raiko and the First Lady. However, while Bolin battled the waterbenders who were after President Raiko, Ginger expressed her concern for him. After he had saved the President, she rushed out to where Bolin was having his photo taken and kissed him intensely, proclaiming that she could not believe her "boyfriend" was a "real-life hero", leaving Bolin somewhat confused after her previous statement.

She quickly brushed aside his bafflement and kissed him again, which Bolin gladly returned. Bolin first met Korra in the Pro-bending Arena gym, when she was caught wandering about the arena by Toza. He bailed her out, saying she was there with him, accidentally implying that they were "together".

While his brother was initially dismissive of Korra, Bolin was quickly attracted to Korra, stating that he had "a good feeling, there [was] somethin' special about her". When a messenger brought Korra a large gift basket in the name of TarrlokBolin expressed concern, immediately inquiring whether that "Tarrlok guy" was bothering her, as he was willing to have a word with him.

When Korra laughed it off, saying that Tarrlok was just "some old guy" on the council, Bolin expressed relief.

Sexualized Saturdays: Bolin and Eska’s Relationship Is Not Funny

Bolin asked Mako what he thought of Korra as a potential girlfriend, meaning for himself, though Mako mistook the question. When Mako told Bolin dating her was a bad idea, the earthbender stated that he and Korra were perfect for each other, confessing his crush. Eventually, after flattering her to cheer her up, he asked Korra out on a date. Both enjoyed the date, however, Bolin was greatly hurt and disappointed when he brought Korra flowers and accidentally walked in on her kissing his brother.

When it became apparent that Ghazan was no match for the two, the lavabender collapsed the entire cave on the three. Ghazan died in the process while the brothers safely escaped. Balance[ edit ] Opal kissing Bolin on the cheek as a sign of forgiveness for his actions while working for Kuvira. During the fourth season, Bolin began working to re-unite the Earth Kingdom under Kuvirawho would become the season's villain. During this season, he was stuck between being loyal to his boss or to his friends, where he believed that Kuvira was doing the right thing despite his friends trying to convince him otherwise.

Zhu Li informed everyone that Kuvira planned to attack Republic City in two weeks.

bolin and eska relationship

The President ordered the evacuation of Republic City while Bolin, along with the rest of team Avatar, decided to launch a preemptive strike against Kuvira in an attempt to destroy the dictator's superweapon.

However their mission was unsuccessful, discovering the army was only hours away from Republic city, a week earlier than expected, They also were surprised that Kuvira mounted her superweapon on a story tall robot, which she controlled through her metalbending.

The team briefed their allies on Kuvira's progress. A team would then enter the suit through the hole and ultimately destroy the massive machine from its inside. The plan was generally successful as he managed to enter inside the hole with Suyin, Lin, Mako, and Korra. The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars In part one, Bolin is now a police officer on Chief Lin Beifong 's triad task force, with Mako serving as his temporary partner.

Bolin and Mako reunite with Korra and Asami, who have returned from their vacation in the Spirit World. Bolin comes to Mako's rescue when he loses a fight with the Triple Threat's new leader, Tokuga, but Tokuga is able to get away.

In the aftermath of the battle, Korra kisses Asami out of relief, leading to Bolin, Mako, Jinora and Opal discovering their relationship. Outside of The Legend of Korra[ edit ] Together with his brother Mako, Bolin starred in "Republic City Hustle", the first of three character-focused shorts Nickelodeon released in advance of the September premiere of the second season. In this short, a younger Mako and Bolin are shown living on the street, where they "enter the crime-ridden underworld of Republic City.

A New Era Begins as a playable character. Bolin appears in The Legend of Korra books Revolution [41] and Endgame, two novels that together adapt the first season of the series.

bolin and eska relationship

The character's backstory was commended, with the three part prequel to the series, "Republic City Hustle" praised for sensitively depicting Bolin and his brother's Mako difficult childhood. According to Knode, here Bolin finally became as good as a character as Sokka was in the original series.