Brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship advice

Paul Heyman discusses Lesnar, Rollins, Rousey and the future of WWE -

brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship advice

Take a deep dive into both Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman's journey in professional wrestling and how fate had it that the two would Some of the bad advice was clearly intentional. We have a great working relationship. Brock Lesnar stands tall and confident next to Paul Heyman. CBS Sports: If Ronda Rousey were to show up in WWE, what advice would you give her? Have you coached him up at all since your on-air relationship ended?. Paul Heyman needs to trade in The Beast for The Big Dog. Health & Fitness. Health & Fitness Home; Workout Tips Paul has had a very rocky relationship with WWE over the years. As a part of the So the big question is, do WWE want to keep Paul Heyman around, without Brock Lesnar? If the past.

Lesnar was visibly frustrated during the Rumble triple threat match, believing that Strowman had gotten stiff with him. As a result, Lesnar behaved as we have previously seen, but luckily for him and the company, Strowman was strong enough to handle it. And while Strowman only commented on the incident by attempting to blow it off - claiming that matters are bound to get heated when you have two of the strongest men in the ring - rumors suggest that there was definitely heat between them.

10 People Brock Lesnar Is Actually Friends With (And 10 Who Can't Stand Him)

But considering Strowman's push, he probably realized that it is best to remain quiet and let the incident pass by. The company was probably not going to side with him against their biggest draw, even if Strowman was right in their conflict. Billy Gunn via twitter. It goes back to Lesnar's younger years when he was still trying to establish himself in the WWE, and he happened to work with Gunn every now and then. They would end up on SmackDown together for some time to become travel buddies for a brief period.

brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship advice

And while their relationship may be strictly professional, that is more than we could say about Lesnar's attitude towards most wrestlers. The photo above was recently snapped backstage at a WWE show, reuniting them together for one snap. Unlike Lesnar, Gunn has made plenty of friends in the industry, and seems to be easy going overall, so it's no surprise that him and Lesnar are on good terms.

Plus, if Gunn was going to make any enemies, do you think he'd want Lesnar to be one of them? Considering their status in the WWE, they do form an odd friendship - Lesnar is one of the biggest stars in wrestling history while Gunn is a mid-carder at best.

But wrestling accomplishments don't always determine which Superstars are close behind the scenes, although it may play a part from time to time.

brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship advice

Triple H via wwe. There were reports that he even rejected doing so, as he didn't want to put Lesnar over like all the others had. Meanwhile, Triple H was reigning over Raw by going over everyone while having some lengthy title runs. And yet their paths never crossed early on due to Triple H's personal wishes, which he expressed once again when Vince McMahon proposed a WrestleMania 21 match against Lesnar.

Paul Heyman discusses Lesnar, Rollins, Rousey and the future of WWE

But a lot has changed since Lesnar's first run with the WWE, including Triple H's role in the WWE - as he is now willing to put his personal beefs aside to do what is best for business.

And while they finally did work together, it didn't seem like they bonded at all and kept it professional for the most part. Triple H's past feelings towards Lesnar are certainly not enough for him to attempt to push him out of the company. What makes you friends?

What brought you together as people? Brock Lesnar and I are as different as any two people can be.

brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship advice

What drew us together was the love of the actual performance aspect of what we do. He hates everything else that goes along with it. But the actual act of performing or fighting is something the man truly loves. And I share that passion with him.

And, despite the trappings of fame and fortune, we both have, at our core, a very similar value. Our children and our families are everything to us. And it always goes back to that. Brock and I met at a time when we were both about to experience fatherhood.

brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship advice

Here we were on an airplane to the U. We were keeping it very private. Claiming that Lesnar hooked The Undertaker's leg in a way that he couldn't escape and then he ended The Streak. He said that WWE couldn't fire him because he had just ended The Streak, so they then had to do something else with him. Heyman made so much sense that fans are actually now confused as to which theory is true.

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Heyman recalls that this was the highlight of his career. He is very close to both men and loved that he was able to work with two of his best friends. Heyman always believed in both Punk and Lesnar and was there for the ups and downs of both men's career. Heyman stayed with them and helped them climb to the top in the company.

It seems as though Paul Heyman is the perfect kind of friend and one that everyone should have at some point in their lives.

brock lesnar and paul heyman relationship advice

Both men have recently stated that they think Conor McGregor would make an excellent addition to the WWE locker room, Heyman even going as far as building up a match between Lesnar and McGregor in the not too distant future. This is most likely the case as to why Heyman is the only person allowed to speak on behalf of Lesnar in WWE.