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Apparently, he had because Fiona, a notorious light sleeper herself, was deeply for him tonight as well as other times during their previous relationship. . Michael slipped out from under the sheet and into a pajama bottom. Series of one-shots from Michael's POV - reflections on his changing relationship with Fiona. Companion to While Michael Sleeps. We didn't see Michael call Fiona to the loft during "Enemies Closer" but Whatever their relationship, since their reunion in Miami things just.

No matter how nice the trained killers are. Or how good they looked, sinewy bodies pressed against each other, two sets of eyelashes, thick above their desiring gazes. He must have been gaping because Fi said, "Told you so. He looks like he might like it. But then he figured he might as well go for it. He never had anyone he trusted with his life as much as he trusted them. And it was something he always wanted to do but was always scared to try, both because of the danger, and because he didn't want to say out loud that he wanted it.

Not in front of someone he would have to live with. But maybe he had gone too long without asking for what he wanted.

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Fiona looked victorious as he admitted that he wouldn't mind. Then she looked bored as Michael said that they would need to talk about limits. Jesse thought the idea of a long talk sounded pretty boring too. Yes, Michael was cautious and methodical and always prepared, etc. But he didn't think that a discussion of feelings would be all that necessary. Michael moved over and straddled him, sitting so that he hovered right above Jesse's dick, then looked down and said, "Like I said, we're going to talk about limits, and there's nothing you can do about it.

But she just plopped on her side, head resting propped on one hand, watching as if this would be highly informative. He turned back to Jesse and said, "What about standard red, yellow, green? Red for stop, yellow for slow down-" "Got it. She asked too many good questions, Jesse noticed.

Don't try and tough it out. And if you don't know yet if you like something, say yellow. If something's a little too much, say yellow. Annoyed, he said, "Mike, I'm not going to get all upset about a little pain. I mean compared to what we go through for the job - " "Everyone has limits," Michael said, slow and measured, and left unspoken the part about how people who get bound and tortured for the job have more, not less, limits than most.

Jesse swallowed and nodded. Not just for the night. If you can't safeword when you need to, then we can't play this way. The arrogance of this guy, he thought. And don't get me wrong, I love the friendly-competition thing you and I have going, I really do. If you lie about what you want or need, if you're more worried about looking tough than communicating to us, then I can't do this," Michael continued, his tone as hard and demanding as if he were leaning on an asset, "I have to trust your honesty for this to work.

He hesitated, looked over at Fi, then back to Michael. I'll tell you whatever you want. And I'm not about to trash our relationship because you didn't want to talk about all the amazingly hot things we're about to do to you.

And then they talked. Jesse wanted his hands tied to the headboard. He had wanted it long and badly. Michael suggested he might want a loose knot the first time, one he could get out of on his own, but Fi and Jesse agreed that would be considerably less fun. So they agreed that if the loft came under attack, Fi would grab the gun under the bed to provide cover while Michael untied him. Michael asked what he wanted to be tied with, if he wanted to avoid ropeburn. Jesse didn't mind ropeburn.

After a heavy minute, he admitted that there were some things he didn't want. Like being tied up with electrical tape. They both had the courtesy of not asking what job had ended up with someone binding him with electrical tape, or how it turned out.

Fiona brought silk scarves out of her purse then, and suddenly the question of bindings was much easier. Michael pressed again, and Jesse slowly listed some things he didn't want. He admired the way Fi could kick someone in the face as foreplay, but he wasn't sure he could handle that when tied up.

Pain was fine, feeling defenseless, feeling easily killable, wasn't fun no matter how much you believe in the person doing the kicking.

Fi had assured him that kicking someone in the face who couldn't fight back took all the fun out of it for her. He had some other wants, some other They went through them. When they finally used Fi's scarves to tie him to Michael's headboard, he was more excited than scared. The gorgeous woman tying his right hand down, the beautiful man securing his left.

And then the other scarf. Used as a blindfold. Jesse had asked for this. He had dreamed about it before he even knew it was a kink. But not being able to see or move his arms, he suddenly felt more vulnerable, more open to harm than he had since he was young, too young to protect himself.

At his tensing muscles, a warm hand stroked his chest and stomach, soothing him. Jesse guesses correctly every time. And they're laughing, mixing a pinch or a tickle with the caresses, and it's not terrifying, it's a game, it's for fun, and Jesse relaxes into his role, his bound blindfolded state, enough that when two pairs of lips start kissing his neck, he moans in pleasure, not surprise. And then, without warning, cold. Fiona running an ice cube down his chest, and he can tell it's her by the motion.

It's always harder and faster with Fiona. But then it's Fiona's lips, soft and slow, kissing his lips with an ice cube in her mouth, and the cold is sweet now, cool and musky from her mouth to his, until suddenly there's heat. It's a burning stripe across his thighs, the smell of candles burning and if it weren't for Fi, he would have noticed, because he can really smell it nowand Jesse realizes it's not that hot, but in his surprise it felt like flame, even though it was just Michael pouring candle wax onto his skin.

Another splash of wax, this one on his stomach, and he writhes, and he isn't afraid to moan, isn't afraid to show pain. And he can't see how they react, but somehow he knows that they aren't thinking of ways to use his pain against him, they're not thinking of ways his moan has showed he's weak. He wants them to keep going, to keep pushing him, but then he hears something, condoms opened, and he wonders how this will work.

But soon he feels the heat and frantic motion of Fiona straddling him and Michael too, right behind her. She leans over and kisses Jesse, and he can smell so much of her, her sweat and perfume and shampoo, and her long hair is sweeping across his face as she is bent over in front Michael, both of them kneeling on the bed with Jesse's body between their legs.

Jesse arches up to see if he can get closer, to rut against Michael's ass, but Michael's hand grips his hip and pushes down hard, enough to bruise, and Jesse gets the message.

He stays put, stays where Michael has put him, as he feels and hears and smells Michael and Fiona as they begin fucking right on top of him. He can't see but he feels the movement, and feels her moan into his mouth as Michael pushes into her from behind. He feels surrounded, underneath this heat and motion and sweat, and he's getting more and more aroused, and soon Michael's hand is on his dick, and how Michael is coordinated enough to give the best hand job ever while doing everything else is pretty fucking amazing, but Jesse only feels the hand on him, firm and controlled, and he realizes he didn't even have to think twice to know it's his hand and not Fi's because it just feels like Michael's hand.

Fiona moans into Jesse's neck as Michael picks up the pace, and her hair whips around, hitting Jesse's face, and as she comes, she bites down on Jesse's shoulder hard enough that he screams, and the pain shoots through him, sharper from not being able to see her, to see either of them. She moves away then, and he feels the coolness and air where there was her, and more than anything he wants to rip off the blindfold, see her spent and satisfied.

But he feels the bounce as she shifts to the other side of the bed. The way she always does when she feels like watching. Soon it's Michael's hands all over him, slower than usual, but that's a good thing we Jesse can't see and can barely move around.

He feels Michael's thumb on his erect dick, then pressing down, and he cries out, and then he knows just from Michael's voice exactly which smirk he's wearing as he says, "If you want to cum, too, you'll have to beg. I want to know that you aren't afraid of showing me this.

He manages to whisper, "Please. She was meticulous in everything she did.

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After a few minutes he reached out and placed his hands on her shoulders. He thought he felt her lean slightly into his touch but still she kept working. He began lightly massaging her shoulders, not surprised to feel the same tension he was sure he had in his own shoulders. This was certainly not the first time that one of their projects had taken this kind of turn. But she was usually the one to push it in this direction. Like so much else in their relationship these days, this was something completely new.

Finish the job first. He stood for a moment, pondering his next move. He decided to try another tactic, retreating to the refrigerator and retrieving a yogurt.

He walked back over to her, standing across the workbench and scooping up a spoonful. Michael moved to stand next to her, holding out a spoonful of yogurt. This time she obliged him, though she continued working. Michael remained next to her, eating the remainder of the yogurt, offering her spoonfuls from time to time. After what seemed like an eternity the yogurt was long gone and Fiona finally declared her "bomb" finished.

She tidied up a bit, brushed her hands together, and paused to admire her handiwork. She felt Michael move from her side. He stood behind her, turning her so she faced him, still sitting on the stool. He took a step forward and leaned against the workbench, one arm on either side of her body, effectively trapping her. She looked up at him, amused. They had barely touched but already their breathing was becoming deeper as their bodies began to heat up.

This was what they had missed most—their closeness and the anticipation of what was surely to come. Michael leaned his head towards hers, keeping his arms on either side of her. She watched him, tilting her chin up just slightly. He pressed a tiny kiss to her lips, just barely brushing them with his own as he whispered her name.

She brought her free hand to his waist, gently stroking his side to affirm that he was forgiven and all was right with them again. He placed his forehead against hers and inhaled her scent—the scent he had dearly missed the past few days.

He hadn't realized how much until just that moment. He leaned in for another kiss, lingering longer against her mouth this time. Fiona shifted on the stool, bringing one of her legs between Michael's thighs. He moaned against her mouth as she brushed against him. He moved one hand off of the workbench to the hem of her tank top.

He gathered the material in his fingers, stroking the bare skin of her back.

She sighed against his mouth as he continued kissing her. Michael ran his hand up the back of her tank top, tracing circles on her back as he pulled her hair free of the elastic with his other hand. He placed the elastic on the workbench and ran his fingers through her hair. His tongue reached out to gently trace her lips.

She lightly rubbed her knee between his thighs as she ran her hand under his shirt. She reveled in the feel of his hardening erection as his tongue continued to caress her lips. She moved her hand from his arm, bringing it to rest on the waist of his jeans as she lightly scratched up and down his back with her other hand.

Fiona parted her teeth, allowing Michael's tongue to meet her own, sighing as she realized how much she had missed him. His hand traveled from her back to her breast, lightly cupping it as his thumb flicked over her hardening nipple. She shivered under his touch. They were fast approaching the point of no return as Fiona began to caress Michael's hardening cock through his jeans, his hips involuntarily thrusting towards her with every stroke of her hand.

His kisses deepened and became more urgent as he caressed her breasts with one hand, his other hand traveling down to reach under her skirt. They figured their best bet would be to drive up north where no one would know them, and try to pay someone off to transport them under the radar. Just then there were three rapid knocks on the door and Jesse walked in, carrying Charlie on one arm and an overstuffed duffle bag on the other.

Charlie looked like he had fallen asleep in the car, but as soon as he saw Michael he was wide awake and smiling.

Michael swept the little boy up in his arms, trying to hold in his tears. Michael's breath caught and he looked towards Fiona, unable to speak. She saved us all and now she's in Heaven. Did Grandma go to visit Daddy? He had to wait a minute for an answer, as none of the adults around him seemed to know what to say.

Jesse finally brushed away a tear and spoke. Grandma has to stay in Heaven. But she'll watch over you, and you can talk to her whenever you like. Having lost his mother early in life, he was perhaps best qualified to explain things to Charlie. Charlie looked thoughtful for a moment, then said, "Am I gonna live at Heaven now too? What if Charlie didn't want to live with them?

The other adults in the room turned towards Sam, impressed with his parenting skills. Fiona made a mental note to remember and use all of the parenting techniques she had observed during her weekly visits to Madeline's house.

Once Charlie was settled in front of his makeshift dinner, Sam announced that it would be wise for Jesse and himself to leave, so they could deal with the fallout from the day. It's hidden behind a false back in the cabinet under the sink," Michael informed him.

Be back for you in an hour Jess? It'll give you a chance to say goodbye. Besides, you'd be too tempted to pick up beer on the way back. Sam turned to face his two best friends, trying to ignore the painful lump in his throat.

Michael was the first to speak. I doubt the CIA will go easy on you and Jesse. You can come along with us. And if we disappear at the same time you supposedly died, it'll look pretty suspicious. Jesse and I will be fine, don't worry. Fiona seemed to sense this and turned to look into his eyes before speaking in a calm tone. I have what I want now and I'm not risking it, ever again. They walked over to the table, where Charlie was finishing up the snacks that were serving as his dinner.

He went over to the bag to retrieve the crayons and coloring books as Michael and Fiona settled in chairs at the rickety old table. Michael, Fiona, and Sam sat watching the little boy color, helping occasionally when asked, but mostly enjoying each other's company.

When Jesse walked through the door a half hour later with a small safe and an armful of Michael and Fiona's clothing, Charlie was just starting to rub his eyes and yawn. You're not going to see them for a long time. Grandma always lets me. Michael walked Charlie over to the couch and lay a blanket over him. Then he followed his friends to the front door of the beach house. I never meant for it to be your battle Finally, with red-rimmed eyes, Sam and Jesse walked out the door.

Fiona let out a small sob, and Michael embraced her tightly. After the tears slowed to a stop Michael began to set up a makeshift bed on the floor in the living room. He dragged an old mattress from one of the bedrooms and draped it in dusty sheets he found in the linen closet.

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Then he moved to stand beside Fiona, who was watching Charlie sleep. Michael looked at her, concerned. I'm sure I could manage by myself. You should live your own life, don't worry about me.