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The adversarial relationship between Lennie and Curley is rising action, leading to the climax of the accident between Lennie and Curley's wife. In Of Mice and. Free Essay: How strong is George and Lennie's relationship in Of Mice and Men. Also to stay away from Curley's wife and not talk a lot in front of the boss or. Of Mice and Men Quiz 1 The boss tells Curley to watch out for Lennie. kindly to one another if they have a tangible family connection.

Trust Who is Slim? The "prince of the ranch;" represents justice; has last say in things deciding factor What does Carlson ask Slim to do for Candy? What is George's first reaction? What is his final reaction? To pay for part of the house he and Lennie want to buy. At first George doesn't want to share it but they decide that they will all 3 move in at the end of the month.

Candy promises to give entire life savings if he could live there old- die in streets What does Candy say to George about his dog? Should have done it himself responsibility. Intentions; wishes someone would shoot him from being penned up on the farm Why does Curley attack Lennie? What is the result of his attack? He needs to take his anger out on someone and thinks Lennie is laughing at him Lennie was smiling at the thought of the rabbits At first Lennie doesn't know what to do and lets Curley bruise his face but breaks Curley's hand George tells him to.

What does Slim makes Curley agree to? That Curley will say he got his hand stuck in a machine instead of saying Lennie hurt him. What does this indicate to you about George's character?

George cares a lot about his reputation but is soft on the inside and will try to do the right thing. Slim remarks that Lennie is "Jes like a kid. What does this scene reveal about Carlson's character?

Carlson will do anything to get what he wants- he kept pushing Candy to let him get rid of the dog. Why do you think he does this? What does this suggest to you about Slim's character?

He's observant and fair. How does Crooks differ from other ranch hands? Accumulated a lot of things; likes to read and be educated; crippled.

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What, according to Crooks, happens to a man if he doesn't have somebody? What does Crooks say will happen to Lennie if George doesn't come back? Offers to work for nothing. He'd come and help out if they wanted and he'd lend a hand.

He does this to show that he acknowledges their kindness and doesn't want to be discriminated against for being black and crippled. What is Curley's wife's explanation for the reason guys won't talk unless the're alone? They're all scared of each other. They're afraid that another person they would talk would be trying to get info to use against them.

What does Curley's wife say she might have done instead of marrying Curley? Why does Curley's wife threaten Crooks? What does she threaten him with? Because he tried to stand up to her and say she had no right to come into his room.

She threatens to lynch him. What does Curley's wife say to Lennie about Curley? Cometiomes she wants to beat him up too. What does he now know? Didn't know the extent of racism. As kids, though, they just wanted to play Crooks says, "Everybody wants a little piece of lan' It's just in their head.

George, Lennie, and Candy have money, each other, are saving money, and already picked out a house. Curley's wife indicates that she doesn't like her husband. Why do you think she married him? Base your answer on what you know about her character. Money the story took place during the Depression Crooks tells George to forget what he said about hoeing and doing odd jobs on their dream ranch.

He says he didn't mean it and wouldn't want to go to a place like that. Do you believe that he didn't mean what he said? What reason might he have for changing his mind about joining the others? I think he's afraid of what will happen if he tries to assert his independence again Curley's wife threatened to lynch him JUST for telling her to leave his room What do mice represent Lennie?

He can't help having a mental disability Why do mice represent Crooks? He is black experiences racism and crippled can only do certain jobs on the farm Why do mice represent Candy? Old; can't do much more work on the farm; can't assert his opinion about his dog. Why do mice represent Curley's wife?

Married for money, no friends, Curley cheating on her she knows itand a woman was defined by her husband at the time Why does Lennie get angry at his dead puppy?

Tried to scold it for biting too hard. He is mad that he won't be able to tend the rabbits now that the dog "made him kill it" Why does Curley's wife say she wants to talk to Lennie? She's lonely and wants a friend What does Curley's wife give Lennie as the reason for her having married Curley?

To spite her mother and get away from her mother. Why does Lennie become angry at Curley's wife? What is the result of his anger? What does Candy tell George they should do about Lennie? Let him get away on his own What does George tell Candy he has known all along? He knew he would never get the dream ranch.

The story gave them false hope and comforted Lennie. What does Slim tell George might happen to Lennie if they bring him in? He'll be locked up in a cage like an animal What does Curley say he's going to do to Lennie? Shoot him in the gut. Candy knows that he and George won't get the place together. George and Lennie's dream.

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It was George's way of soothing Lennie, even thouhgh he knew they wouldn't actually get it. Slim tells George it wouldn't be good for Lennie to be locked up, strapped down, and put in a cage. What do you think he is suggesting to George? Do you agree or not? If he ran away he would end up in an institution: Carlson states Lennie stole his pistolthat it wasn't lost.

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Is there another possible explanation for the missing gun? Carlson's nature is to get what he wants: Another reason to kill Lennie: Test your English Literature skills in this quiz.

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George and Lennie travel for work while the remainder of the characters are more settled and are attached to the ranch. The arrival of the two friends brings disaster both to their friendship and to lives on the ranch. By innocently sharing his dream with Candy and with Crooks, Lennie encourages the other men on the ranch to begin to hope for a better, more companionable future.

We understand a character through their speech, their actions, and through narratorial descriptions. Of Mice and Men has an omniscient, third-person narrator. This technique makes the characters appear simultaneously easy to understand and yet fundamentally mysterious and unknowable. Answer the questions below to see how well you understand the characters in this novel. Click the button to sign up or read more.

Sign up here 1. In the opening chapter of the book, George asks Lenny what he has taken from his pocket. What does the reader learn about Lennie's character from the following response to George's question: Lennie is clever Lennie is dishonest Lennie is childlike Lennie's "clever" response is an indication of his childlike nature. He believes that by technically telling the truth he can persuade George that he doesn't have anything he shouldn't have. George, of course, sees through this childlike trick, responding, "I know there ain't.

You got it in your hand. Which of the following adjectives does NOT accurately describe George as he is characterised throughout the novel? Despairing Loyal Pragmatic George is hopeful rather than despairing.

His final act towards Lennie stems from his pragmatic and realistic understanding of his friend's certain death at the hands of Curley 3. George admits to Slim that he has not always been a good friend to Lennie. What does this episode tell the reader about George's character? George is just using Lennie in order to have a better chance of getting work His friendship to Lennie results merely from his faithfulness to a promise His friendship for Lennie is genuine His resentment towards Lennie outweighs his gratitude for the presence of the other man George is ashamed when Lennie thanks him for saving him from drowning, even though he was only in danger of drowning due to following George's instructions.