D gray man lena lee and allen relationship

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d gray man lena lee and allen relationship

Lenalee's feelings are less clear, but Gray Ark's relationships chart lists Actually, I'd say the manga contains more Allen/Lenalee content than the . Man got very jealous about the suggestion Road has a history with Nea. Lenalee Lee is a fictional character in the manga series fabula-fantasia.info-man, created by Japanese The apparent romantic relationship that grows between Lenalee and Allen in the series led to a brief video clip where Christian acting as Lenalee. The relationship between Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee. Being a year older with a somewhat mature personality, Lenalee usually treats Allen like a younger.

Katsura Hoshino 's one shot Zone featured many characters similar to those that would appear in D. Many other characters are also "leftovers" from earlier, sometimes unpublished works. Hoshino based Lenalee on a real person, but has only shared her identity with her editor who laughed at the revelation.

Hoshino considers her to be an ideal girl. After considering this, she believed a short-haired girl would stand out more and be much cuter. As a result, Lenalee has long hair in the early chapters of the manga. As a result, her uniform included a mini-skirt.

d gray man lena lee and allen relationship

However, Hoshino notes that the design does not fit with the manga's setting and states that it is best to treat Lenalee's uniform as fan service. Gray-man character Yu Kanda 's hair impossible to top.

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She enjoyed drawing Lenalee because of her personality, and her relationship with other series' characters such as Komui and Reever Wenhamm. Because her hair grew longer as the series went on, the author gave her different hairstyles.

When the manga moved to Jump Squarea magazine for older readers, Hoshino decided to increase Lenalee's sex appeal by having her skirt shorter even though she is also wearing shorts beneath it. After Allen Walker became a fugitive from the Order, Hoshino wanted to have Lenalee chase after him, to the point where they would clash.

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Christian has stated she liked the character and was happy that Funimation intended to release the series' second half in so that she could voice her again. Gray-man[ edit ] Lenalee is introduced in D.

d gray man lena lee and allen relationship

Gray-man's sixth manga chapter when she shows exorcist newcomer Allen Walker the Black Order. Her parents were killed by an Akuma when she was very young, and she was forced to become an Exorcist as a child. Because she was separated from her brother, Komui Leeher only remaining family member, she tried repeatedly to escape but was restrained.

d gray man lena lee and allen relationship

As a result, she hated the Order and Innocence. When Komui joined the Order to be with her, she stopped trying to escape.

She now fights for her brother as well as her friends, knowing she has a home and family to return to. She then shuns him until he apologizes for raging at her, tearfully berating him for not considering her a friend and promising to always save his life. Around this time, Lenalee also starts having dreams of the Order in ruins and Allen's dead body sinking into a dark pool. Allen eventually sees this vision in his limbo after Tyki 's attack.

Lenalee and Allen?

The two also seem to share a telepathic connection, shown during Lenalee's fight with Eshi, with Allen hearing Lenalee's voice inside his head and seeing a faint image of the surrounding ocean overlapping with his own reality. The two then mutually reminisce a past memory; after waking from the nightmare one night, Lenalee went searching for Allen, who has disappeared from his bed. Upon finding Allen dealing with his swollen cursed eye, she threw herself at him and cried in relief.

She then asked him to consider what "the world" means to him, explaining that as her comrade, she considered him an important part of her "world", and cannot stand losing him.

Lenalee Lee

This recollection would lead to Lenalee finally beating Eshi and Allen truly understanding his Innocence. By the time of their reunion and imprisonment in Noah's Ark, Lenalee and Allen had come to understand each other very well, with Lenalee freeing Allen from his guilt of failing to save Suman, and accepting his decision to return and find Kanda and Krory.

d gray man lena lee and allen relationship

During their move to the new Order, Allen blushes when Lenalee airily remarks she "loves" it when he speaks casually. He also reacts strongly against inappropriate acts other men does towards her Viciously jump-kicking Lavi when he jokes about her never getting a boyfriend, yelling at Cross to stop touching her in the Akuma Egg Room and glaring when Cross tries to guess her bust size.