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dexter and lumen relationship

I thought everything we had been building toward over the course of the season -- the trust and connection between Lumen and Dexter -- was. Lumen Ann Pierce is a fictional character portrayed by Julia Stiles in the Showtime television To earn Lumen's trust, Dexter shows her the fate of Boyd's dead victims, tells her he saved They originally gave this character description: "She'll play a "mysterious young woman who forms a unique relationship" with the titular. That's here, too, when Dexter tells Lumen not to be sorry, that he's glad her dark passenger has gone and he will carry her darkness with him.

She identifies Cole Harmonself-help guru Jordan Chase's head of security, as one of her rapists and saves Dexter from a surprise attack by Harmon. Setting up base at the hotel where Chase is giving his seminar, she helps Dexter set up and prepare for the kill. Harmon spots her in the lobby and chases her; Dexter barely manages to save her.

Lumen Pierce

Unable to extract any information, Lumen watches while Dexter kills him. While they dump the body, Liddy photographs them going out on Dexter's boat.

dexter and lumen relationship

He then brings it to Lumen, who is afraid and ashamed at the prospect that the police and Dexter watched it. Dexter assures her that no one has seen it. Lumen then acknowledges that she knows what a risk he is taking by being with her, before tearfully telling him that he has been her only way through this. She then forces herself to watch her own rape, as Dexter listens from another room, clearly disturbed by what he hears.

Lumen proves instrumental in getting information from Emily Birch, the first victim of Chase's team and only other known survivor. This leads them to Alex Tilden, the first target. Tilden becomes Lumen's first victim, as Dexter allows her to make the killing blow at her request.

Afterward, they return to Dexter's apartment, where they sleep together. As they lay in each other's arms, Dexter reflects that she is the first person to truly see him for who he is and accept him for it. As Lumen and Dexter begin to plan how they will capture Chase, they realize they are being watched.

Once Dexter determines that they are under police surveillance, he attempts to convince Lumen to leave Miami for her own safety. However, Lumen refuses to abandon him, and Dexter ultimately admits that he wants her to stay.

dexter and lumen relationship

After receiving a distressed call from Emily, who says Chase contacted and threatened her, Lumen goes to Emily's house to reassure her, after unsuccessfully attempting to contact Dexter. This turns out to be a trap meant for Lumen and Dexter, however, and Chase kidnaps Lumen after murdering Emily. Dexter arrives later and can see that Lumen put up a fight, albeit unsuccessfully, and swears that he will not lose Lumen, too.

After Dexter shows up to rescue Lumen, she finally kills Chase. After she and Dexter dispose of Chase's body, she admits to Dexter that she did not think they would be able to pull it off, describing it as a miracle. The next day, she regretfully tells Dexter she has to leave Miami; her "Dark Passenger" has left her, and she no longer feels the need to kill.

She tells Dexter that she does not want to leave but has to, because his "Dark Passenger" has not left him. Dexter ultimately understands, tells her she should not be sorry that her darkness has left her, and promises that he will carry her darkness as well as his own. Reception[ edit ] Many critics have responded well to Stiles's portrayal of the character — so much so that her exit in " The Big One " was not well received. Contents [ show ] Description Lumen is a young woman in her early 30s with long blonde hair and a round, full face.

She is 5'3" with a lean, slender body. She has multiple scars on her back, caused by trauma suffered at the hands of the Barrel Girl Gang.

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In her initial appearance, she was dirty, and her clothing was ragged, a result of her confinement and abuse. After Dexter rescues her, she often wears her hair back in a ponytail with light makeup, along with various sets of clothes which Dexter presumably rescued from the motel storage.

This includes a hoodie used when she stalks Robert Brunner and later searches Alex Tilden 's house with Dexter. Her kill uniform is a navy blue long-sleeved shirt, dark jeans, and gloves that Dexter gave to her.

Lumen Pierce

To keep Dan Mendell from recognizing her, she wore a black wig and heavier makeup to mask her appearance. Personality When Dexter first finds her, she is quite fearful and thinks that Dexter is going to kill her just as he did Boyd Fowler.

As she is very distrustful of Dexter, she puts up a fight and attempts to flee multiple times. She believes he may be a member of the group that tortured her. Lumen eventually begins to trust Dexter after he confronts her with what would have happened to her had he not rescued her by taking her to the site where the barrels containing the previous victims of the group were dumped.

She heals his wound and informs Dexter that there are more people like Boyd. She is shown to have fierce determination and she takes direct action to kill all the men who brutally raped and tortured her. She feels that she can't find peace until she knows they are dead. The extent of this psychological damage can be seen whenever someone touches her or if she's confronted by multiple men, It reminds her of that time in her life when she was tortured and abused.

This occurs during her attempted escape from Dexter when she refuses to get into the car with the male teenagers and again when she's being searched at an airport, with people watching her. On these occasions, her vision blurs and sounds are muffled, she assumes everyone is watching her with the intent of rape.

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