Divergent fanfiction tris and four relationship

divergent fanfiction tris and four relationship

Tris never cut her hair because I like her hair longer! And Tris and Tobias get married, have sex- (there will be lemons), And have a child. You two having a secret relationship?" I feel Tris lifting her head from my shoulder and her eyes seem sleepy so I can't tell how she will react if. I see the corners of Tobias' mouth twitch and hold back a smile of my own. "Get some It was my idea to keep our relationship sort of a secret from the initiates. "I know me When I pull away, he groans, "Tris, come back ".

I see that Uriah has gathered about 15 or 20 people, who are all laughing and goofing off as they wait for the train to come.

I spot Tobias near the back of the group and see his lips turn up slightly when he sees me.

divergent fanfiction tris and four relationship

I'm thankful that he's standing next to Uriah because it means I can approach him without drawing too much attention. The two of us have decided that we still don't want people to know about our relationship. Even though initiation is over, they could still draw conclusions about my high rank. Uriah greets me joyfully before running over to Zeke to tell him to announce the rules.

Zeke stands up on an empty wooden crate and shouts over the group. When we get on the train, we'll split up into random teams, and each person will get a paintball gun. Basically, the point is to shoot everyone on the other team before they shoot you.

Team with the last person standing wins! I walk quickly toward the tracks so I don't miss the train, but it doesn't help that I'm in the back of the group. Most of the group has already gotten on, and I see that Tobias and I, as well as two or three others, are the only ones still on the ground.

He grabs a handle and jumps up then smiles mischievously as he bends down to wrap an arm around my waist. His hand presses into my side and I can tell that he purposely takes his time in pulling him up and setting me down on the train. I wobble slightly and he doesn't hesitate to grab my waist with both hands, steadying me. He steps backward taking his hands from my waist, and gives a slight nod as I walk toward Christina on the other side of the train.

I've never seen him act as nice as I have today. I look up to see Tobias looking at me.

divergent fanfiction tris and four relationship

His face is serious, but his eyes are kind. We leave the dorms and head back to Tobias' apartment. I'm not sure why, but we seem to stay there most of the time. I think it's because it's where he feels most comfortable. I barely use my own apartment, but since we aren't married, we technically aren't supposed to share one.

I sleep at Tobias' almost every night and keep most of my clothes and things at his place, anyways. When we get there, I plop myself down on our-his bed. I turn over and prop my head up, staring into his eyes. It was my idea to keep our relationship sort of a secret from the initiates. As if reading my mind, Tobias says, "No matter how much taller they are than you, trust me, you for sure scare them.

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I lean forward and plant a kiss on his lips. When I pull away, he groans, "Tris, come back…" I smile and lean in again, closing the space between us.

Running my hand down his steady arm, I feel his biceps and then his firm forearms. I kiss him harder and he brushes over my hair and wraps his arm around me, pulling me even closer.

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We lounge around the apartment, not wanting any company other than each other's, but eventually, we have to leave for dinner. On the way there, I think aloud. I feel them eyeing Tobias' and my hands intertwined and I try not to be embarrassed.

I give Tobias a look as if to say, See, who was right? Almost a little too excited,I think. He lifts up the sleeve of his new, crisp, black t-shirt and reveals the masterpiece.