Doctor and patient relationship essay example

Doctor-Patient Communication: A Review

doctor and patient relationship essay example

View and download doctor patient relationship essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your doctor patient. The doctor–patient relationship has been and remains a keystone of care: the medium For example, a patient who does not trust or like the practitioner will not. Dr. Gregory House (of the show House) has an acerbic, is a good example of a physician with a bad bedside manner.

Freedom without moral responsibility is counterproductive to the goals and objectives of medicine. A better service could be rendered to patients by minimizing paternalism without so much compromise on the freedom of the patient.

The approach recognizes patients as having the final say in decision making as they are responsible for whatever outcome of their decision.

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It however emphasizes the duties of the patient and the professionalism of the medical team. A model like this that takes professional guidance into consideration is relevant for the computer age that we live where patients are equipped with medical information gotten from the internet even though the information is raw and invalidated.

There is therefore congruence between autonomy and baneficience. In this deliberative otherwise known as the shared model, there is a need for mutual trust between doctor and the patient Hard or absolute paternalism is no longer popular because of the waning public trust and regard for medicine.

The pluralistic society also sees paternalism as unethical and diabolic. The shared model of patient doctor relationship also has a lot of advantages and the patients and doctors should therefore first be educated on the enormity of the problem.

Patient-Physician Relationship Essay

Doctor- patient relationship should be a form of partnership. Under the shared model, Patients need to be enlightened on the importance of a good doctor patient relationship.

Time and finance has been a major drawback to shared decision making in health care system.

doctor and patient relationship essay example

Such problems need to be solved. The communication gap between patients and doctors should be bridged to allow for patient participation in decision making pertaining their health. Patient should learn to be responsible for their healthcare and they should comply with treatment and should not withhold their trust even in the presence of obvious medical uncertainty.

The drive behind paternalism is beneficence, seeking for the good of the patient. Autonomy on the other hand is based on the fact that patient are responsible for whatever decision they make and should face the consequence. The best approach therefore is the one that mingles Autonomy with beneficence.

Similarly; he is not just a mere technician with education. The doctor is indeed the friend of the patient. The doctor cares for the patient as they voyage towards comfort, cure, deliverance and relief.

doctor and patient relationship essay example

References Code of Ethics. American Medical Association, Practical decision making in health care ethics: Medical paternalism serves the patient best. S Med J ; 43 3: Introduction to Psychiatry, Oxford University Press.

The virtues in medical practice. This means the doctor does not recommend what the patient should do, rather the patient's autonomy is respected and they choose what medical treatment they want to have done. A practice which is an alternative to this is for the doctor to make a person's health decisions without considering that person's treatment goals or having that person's input into the decision-making process is grossly unethical and against the idea of personal autonomy and freedom.

A majority of physicians employ a variation of this communication model to some degree, as it is only with this technique that a doctor can maintain the open cooperation of his or her patient. This communication model places the physician in a position of omniscience and omnipotence over the patient and leaves little room for patient contribution to a treatment plan.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. June Learn how and when to remove this template message The physician may be viewed as superior to the patient simply because physicians tend to use big words and concepts to put him or herself in a position above the patient.

The physician—patient relationship is also complicated by the patient's suffering patient derives from the Latin patior, "suffer" and limited ability to relieve it on his or her own, potentially resulting in a state of desperation and dependency on the physician.

doctor and patient relationship essay example

A physician should be aware of these disparities in order to establish a good rapport and optimize communication with the patient.

Additionally, having a clear perception of these disparities can go a long way to helping the patient in the future treatment. It may be further beneficial for the doctor—patient relationship to have a form of shared care with patient empowerment to take a major degree of responsibility for her or his care.

Those who go to a doctor typically do not know exact medical reasons of why they are there, which is why they go to a doctor in the first place. An in depth discussion of lab results and the certainty that the patient can understand them may lead to the patient feeling reassured, and with that may bring positive outcomes in the physician-patient relationship.

Benefiting or pleasing[ edit ] A dilemma may arise in situations where determining the most efficient treatment, or encountering avoidance of treatment, creates a disagreement between the physician and the patient, for any number of reasons. In such cases, the physician needs strategies for presenting unfavorable treatment options or unwelcome information in a way that minimizes strain on the doctor—patient relationship while benefiting the patient's overall physical health and best interests.

When the patient either can not or will not do what the physician knows is the correct course of treatment, the patient becomes non-adherent. Adherence management coaching becomes necessary to provide positive reinforcement of unpleasant options.

For example, according to a Scottish study, [12] patients want to be addressed by their first name more often than is currently the case. In this study, most of the patients either liked or did not mind being called by their first names. Only 77 individuals disliked being called by their first name, most of whom were aged over Generally, the doctor—patient relationship is facilitated by continuity of care in regard to attending personnel.

Special strategies of integrated care may be required where multiple health care providers are involved, including horizontal integration linking similar levels of care, e. In most scenarios, a doctor will walk into the room in which the patient is being held and will ask a variety of questions involving the patient's history, examination, and diagnosis.

This can go a long way into impacting the future of the relationship throughout the patient's care. All speech acts between individuals seek to accomplish the same goal, sharing and exchanging information and meeting each participants conversational goals.

A question that comes to mind considering this is if interruptions hinder or improve the condition of the patient.

Constant interruptions from the patient whilst the doctor is discussing treatment options and diagnoses can be detrimental or lead to less effective efforts in patient treatment. This is extremely important to take note of as it is something that can be addressed in quite a simple manner. This research conducted on doctor-patient interruptions also indicates that males are much more likely to interject out of turn in a conversation then women.

These may provide psychological support for the patient, but in some cases it may compromise the doctor—patient confidentiality and inhibit the patient from disclosing uncomfortable or intimate subjects. When visiting a health provider about sexual issues, having both partners of a couple present is often necessary, and is typically a good thing, but may also prevent the disclosure of certain subjects, and, according to one report, increases the stress level.

Family members, in addition to the patient needing treatment may disagree on the treatment needing to be done.

Doctor–patient relationship

This can lead to tension and discomfort for the patient and the doctor, putting further strain on the relationship. Bedside manner[ edit ] The medical doctor, with a nurse by his side, is performing a blood test at a hospital in A good bedside manner is typically one that reassures and comforts the patient while remaining honest about a diagnosis.

doctor and patient relationship essay example

Vocal tones, body languageopenness, presence, honesty, and concealment of attitude may all affect bedside manner. Poor bedside manner leaves the patient feeling unsatisfied, worried, frightened, or alone.

Bedside manner becomes difficult when a healthcare professional must explain an unfavorable diagnosis to the patient, while keeping the patient from being alarmed.

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Rita Charon launched the narrative medicine movement in with an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association.